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A to Z Index of Authors
Abe , Masao and edited by William LaFleur (1 titles)
Abels, Birgit (1 titles)
Abhinavagupta and translated by Gautam Chatterjee (2 titles)
Acho Rinpoche (1 titles)
Adams, Jad (1 titles)
Adderson, Caroline (1 titles)
Addiss, Stephen (2 titles)
Addiss, Stephen and Audrey Yoshiko Seo (1 titles)
Addiss, Stephen and Chaves, Jonathan (1 titles)
Addiss, Stephen with Fumiko and Akira Yamamoto (1 titles)
Adyashanti (9 titles)
Ahmet Hilmi and translated by Refik Algan and Camille Helminski (1 titles)
Aitchison, Martha (2 titles)
Aitken, Robert and Steindl-Rast, Brother David (2 titles)
Aiyaswami Sastri, N (1 titles)
Ajahn Brahm (6 titles)
Ajahn Chah (4 titles)
Akanuma, Chizen (1 titles)
Akester, Matthew (1 titles)
Akya Yongdzin Yangchen Gawai Lodro and Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey (1 titles)
Alasinga Perumal, M C (1 titles)
Alldritt, Leslie D (1 titles)
Allen, Charles (7 titles)
Allende, Isabel (1 titles)
Allione, Constanzo and Ginsberg, Allen (1 titles)
Anam Thubten (3 titles)
Ananda Maitreya, Ven (1 titles)
Anderson, Carol (2 titles)
Anderson, Reb (3 titles)
Andrico, Fabio and Yamila Diaz (1 titles)
Annaud, Jean-Jacques and Laurence B.Chollet and screenplay by Becky Johnston (1 titles)
Antonelli, John and Kerouac, Jack and Coyote, Peter (1 titles)
Anyen Rinpoche (1 titles)
Apte, Vaman Shivaram (3 titles)
Apte, Vasudeo Govind (1 titles)
Arai, Paula Kane Robinson (3 titles)
Armstrong, Don (1 titles)
Arvidsson, Fredrik and Moran, Kerry (1 titles)
Ashby, Elizabeth and Fawcett, Brian (1 titles)
Ashkenazi, Michael (1 titles)
Asma, Steven (1 titles)
Association Japanese Language Teaching (3 titles)
Asvaghosha and translated by Linda Covill (1 titles)
Atkins, Charles (1 titles)
Atone, Joji and Yoko Hayashi (2 titles)
Atreya (1 titles)
Aung San Suu Kyi (3 titles)
Aung, S Z and Caroline Rhys Davids (1 titles)
Aveling, Harry (1 titles)
Ayya Khema (7 titles)
Ayya Khema and Kohn, Sherab Chodzin (1 titles)
Bairachnyi, Dmitry (1 titles)
Baisao and translated by Norman Waddell (1 titles)
Baker, Deborah (2 titles)
Baker, Ian and Photographs by Thomas Laird (1 titles)
Baker, Janet (1 titles)
Balaban, John (1 titles)
Bancroft, Anne (2 titles)
Baptiste, Baron and Fatus, Sophie (1 titles)
Baratz, Nati (1 titles)
Barber, Kimiko (1 titles)
Barborka, Geoffrey A (1 titles)
Barnstone, Willis (1 titles)
Baroetto, Giuseppe (1 titles)
Baroni, Helen J (5 titles)
Barrett, David (1 titles)
Barrett, Ron L (1 titles)
Barrett, T H (1 titles)
Barron, Richard (1 titles)
Barua, Sudhansu Bimal and Tagore, Rabindranath (1 titles)
Basham, A L (2 titles)
Basho, Matsuo and Barnhill, David Landis (1 titles)
Basho, Matsuo and Sato, Hiroaki (1 titles)
Basho, Matsuo and translated by Donald Keene (1 titles)
Basho, Matsuo and translated by Jane Reichhold (1 titles)
Batchelor, Stephen (5 titles)
Bauer, Kenneth M (1 titles)
Bayda, Ezra (9 titles)
Beck, Charlotte Joko (3 titles)
Bedi, Kiran (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Cho Tsering (2 titles)
Beer, Robert and Gega Lama (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Pemba (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Shreshta, Uday and Shrestha, Dinesh (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Sunlal Tamang (2 titles)
Bekoff, Marc (1 titles)
Bell, Sir Charles (6 titles)
Bendall, Cecil and Rouse, W H D and Shantideva (1 titles)
Benn, James A (1 titles)
Benoit, Hubert (1 titles)
Bentor, Yael (1 titles)
Bercholz, Sam and Sherab Chodzin Kohn (2 titles)
Berkwitz, Stephen C (2 titles)
Berman, Bob (1 titles)
Berry, Scott and Rashmila Shakya (2 titles)
Bersma, Danielle and Visscher, Marjoke (1 titles)
Bertolucci, Bernardo (1 titles)
Bertsch, Wolfgang (1 titles)
Bhagwat, N K (1 titles)
Bhante Bodhidhamma (1 titles)
Bhattacharya, Vidhushekhara and Sujitkumar Mukhopadh (1 titles)
Bhushan, Nalini and Jay Garfield and Abraham Zablocki (1 titles)
Bich Minh Nguyen (1 titles)
Biddulph, Desmond and Darcy Flynn with photographs by John Cleare (1 titles)
Bielgel, Gina M (1 titles)
Bien, Tom and Steven F.Hick (1 titles)
Binh Nhu Ngo (1 titles)
Birx, Ellen (1 titles)
Bishop, Donald H (1 titles)
Bisong Guo and Andrew Powell (1 titles)
Blackmore, Susan (2 titles)
Blackstone, Judith and Josipovic, Z (1 titles)
Blair, Lawrence (1 titles)
Blofeld, John (4 titles)
Bobrow, Joseph (1 titles)
Bocking, Brian (1 titles)
Bogoda, Robert (2 titles)
Boisvert, Mathieu (1 titles)
Bokar Rinpoche and Khenpo Donyo (1 titles)
Bollas, Christopher (1 titles)
Bollee, W B (1 titles)
Bonner, Barbara (1 titles)
Boorstein, Sylvia (7 titles)
Boorstein, Sylvia and Norman Fischer and Tsoknyi Rinpoche (2 titles)
Borges, Phil (1 titles)
Boucher, Daniel (1 titles)
Bowers, Faubion (1 titles)
Bowman Thurston, Bonnie (1 titles)
Boyce, Barry (2 titles)
Bradburn, Leslie (1 titles)
Brauen, Martin (1 titles)
Breen, John and Teeuwen, Mark (1 titles)
Bremness, Lesley (1 titles)
Brenner, Paul (1 titles)
Briggs, George Weston (1 titles)
Bright-Fey, John (2 titles)
Broman, Barry and William Warren (1 titles)
Brother Lawrence (1 titles)
Broughton, Jeffrey L (2 titles)
Brown, Byron (1 titles)
Brown, Carrie C (1 titles)
Brown, Joey (1 titles)
Brugom Gyalwa Yungdrung and Kvaerne, Per and Thubten K Rikey (1 titles)
Bruner, H, Oberhammer G, and Padoux A (2 titles)
Brunnholzl, Karl (13 titles)
Brunton, Paul (6 titles)
Bryan, Clarice (1 titles)
Buddhadatta, A P (6 titles)
Buddhadatta, A P and Warder, A K (1 titles)
Buddharakkhita Thera (5 titles)
Bultrini, Raimondo (1 titles)
Burde, Jayant (4 titles)
Burdett, John (8 titles)
Burnouf, Eugene and translated by Katia Buffetrille and Donald S.Lopez (1 titles)
Burton, David F and Nagarjuna (2 titles)
Bush, John (4 titles)
Busia, Kofi (2 titles)
Buswell, Robert E (8 titles)
Buzo, Adrian and Prince, Tony (1 titles)
Byron, Robert (1 titles)
Cabezon, Jose Ignatius and Khedrup Je (1 titles)
Caillat, Colette (1 titles)
Campany, Robert Ford (1 titles)
Campbell, Joseph and Bill Moyers (1 titles)
Campoli, Alessandra (1 titles)
Canfor-Dumas, Edward (2 titles)
Capacchione, Lucia (1 titles)
Captain Joshua Slocum with foreword by William Gilkerson (1 titles)
Carter, John Ross and Palihawadana, Mahinda (2 titles)
Causton, Richard (1 titles)
Chagdud Tulku (10 titles)
Chagdud Tulku and illustrated by Alan Capetilla (1 titles)
Chagdud Tulku and Tromge, Jane (1 titles)
Chahryar Adle and Irfan Habib (1 titles)
Chakrabarti, Sitansu S (1 titles)
Chakraburtty, Sneh (1 titles)
Abe , Ryuchi and Haskel, Peter and Ryokan, Taigu (1 titles)
Achard, Jean-Luc (1 titles)
Acharn Kor Khao-Sung-Luang (1 titles)
Achterberg, Jean (1 titles)
Adamek, Wendi (2 titles)
Adams Helminski, Camille (1 titles)
Adiele, Faith (1 titles)
Adler, Joseph and Smart, Ninian (1 titles)
Adolphson, Mikael S (2 titles)
Agarwal, Satya P (4 titles)
Akong Rinpoche (3 titles)
Akutagawa, Ryunosuke (1 titles)
Ambros, Barbara (1 titles)
Anacker, Stefan (1 titles)
Analayo, Ven. (3 titles)
Anaryan (1 titles)
Andersen, Dines and Helmer Smith (2 titles)
Anthony, Carol K (1 titles)
Anthony, Tony (1 titles)
Anyen Rinpoche and translated by Allison Grabowski (4 titles)
Appleton, Naomi (2 titles)
Ardley, Jane (1 titles)
Aris, Michael with a Historical Introduction by John Ardussi (1 titles)
Arjava Petter, Frank (1 titles)
Arjuna Ardagh (1 titles)
Armington, Stan (1 titles)
Arpaia, Joseph with Lobsang Rapgay (1 titles)
Aryasura and Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey (1 titles)
Ashby, Elizabeth (2 titles)
Asian Art Museum (5 titles)
Assavavirulhakarn, Prapod (1 titles)
Aung, S Z and Rhys Davids, Caroline (1 titles)
Aung-Thwin, Michael (2 titles)
Aurobindo, Sri and Heehs, Peter (1 titles)
Austin, James H (7 titles)
Aylward, Thomas F (1 titles)
Azuki (1 titles)
Baas, Jacquelynn (1 titles)
Babaji Nagaraj and V.T.Neelakantan and S.A.A.Ramaiah (1 titles)
Babasaki, Kenji (1 titles)
Bachman, Nicolai (1 titles)
Bachmann, Gideon (1 titles)
Badarch, Deneviin and Zilinskas, Raymond and Balint, Peter J (1 titles)
Bailey, Greg and Mabbett, Ian (1 titles)
Baker, Ian (1 titles)
Baldock, John (1 titles)
Balsys, Bodo (1 titles)
Bancroft, Anne and Roger England (1 titles)
Bandarage, Asoka (1 titles)
Bandlamudi, Lakshmi (2 titles)
Bansal, B L (1 titles)
Barash, David P (1 titles)
Baraz, James and Shoshanna Alexander (4 titles)
Bardor Tulku (1 titles)
Barnstone, Tony (2 titles)
Barnstone, Willis and Marvin Meyer (1 titles)
Barnstone, Willis and Meyer, Marvin (2 titles)
Barry, Desmond (1 titles)
Barth, Peter F (1 titles)
Bash, Barbara (1 titles)
Basho, Matsuo and translated by Nobuyuki Yuasa (1 titles)
Bawden, C R (1 titles)
Bazzano, Manu (1 titles)
Beattie, Antonia (1 titles)
Beauvois, Xavier (1 titles)
Bechert, Heinz and Gombrich, Richard F (1 titles)
Beckerlegge, Gwilym (1 titles)
Beeken, Jenny (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Aja Lama (2 titles)
Beer, Robert and Beresford, Brian (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Jamyang (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Kungchang Lama (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Lama Siddhimuni Shakya (5 titles)
Beer, Robert and Shanker Sharma, Jai (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Shreshta, Uday (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Shrestha, Dinesh and Shreshta, Uday (2 titles)
Beer, Robert and Shrestha, Sundar (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Sundar Singwal (2 titles)
Bell, Charlotte (1 titles)
Benard, Elisabeth Ann (1 titles)
Benazzo, Maurizio and Nick Day (1 titles)
Benton, Catherine (1 titles)
Berkin, Martyn (1 titles)
Bernard, Trisha (1 titles)
Bernstein, Richard (1 titles)
Berriedale Keith, Arthur (2 titles)
Bertelsen, Jes (1 titles)
Bhaiyaram Sarma and Prasad, R C (1 titles)
Bhatt, N R (1 titles)
Bhattacharya, Kamaleswar and Johnston, E H and Kunst, Arnold (1 titles)
Bhava Ram (1 titles)
Bhuchung D Sonam (1 titles)
Bielecki, Tessa and translated by Mirabai Starr (1 titles)
Bielefeldt, Carl and Dogen, Eihei (1 titles)
Bien, Tom (2 titles)
Billington, Ray (1 titles)
Bird, Isabella (1 titles)
Bishop, Isabella Bird (1 titles)
Blackman, Shushila (1 titles)
Blaine, Sandy (2 titles)
Blair, Lorne and Blair, Lawrence (2 titles)
Blezer, Henk (2 titles)
Blocker, H Gene and Starling, Christopher L (1 titles)
Blom Nygren, Viveka (1 titles)
Blondeau, Anne-Marie and Katia Buffetrille (1 titles)
Bloom, Pamela (2 titles)
Bluck, Robert (1 titles)
Blum, Mark L (1 titles)
Blum, Mark L and Robert F.Rhodes (2 titles)
Bode, Mabel (1 titles)
Bodhesako, Samanera (4 titles)
Bodhidharma and translated by Red Pine (1 titles)
Bogel, Cynthia J (1 titles)
Bokar Rinpoche and Karmapa [Ninth] (1 titles)
Bondronpa (1 titles)
Boord, Martin (4 titles)
Boriharnwanaket, Sujin (1 titles)
Boriharnwanaket, Sujin and translated by Nina Van Gorkom (2 titles)
Borody, W A (1 titles)
Borris-Dunchunstang, Eileen (1 titles)
Bortolin, Matthew (1 titles)
Bosson, James E (1 titles)
Bowker, John (1 titles)
Boykin, Kim (1 titles)
Bradley, Dr Tamdin Sither (2 titles)
Bramble, Charles and Martin Brauen (1 titles)
Brantley, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Brautigam, Uwe with Gunnar Walther (1 titles)
Brazier, Caroline (2 titles)
Brazier, David (1 titles)
Brecher, Paul (1 titles)
Brinker, Helmut (1 titles)
Bristow, Sujata (1 titles)
Brook, Peter (1 titles)
Brown, Edward Espe (3 titles)
Browne, Peter Francis (1 titles)
Brunnholz, Karl (1 titles)
Bryant, Barry (1 titles)
Buckley, Martin (1 titles)
Budilovsky, Joan and Eve Adamson with Carolyn Flynn (1 titles)
Buhnemann, Gudrun (2 titles)
Bunnag, Jane (1 titles)
Burch, Vidyamala and Danny Penman (1 titles)
Burl, Aubrey (1 titles)
Burnhill, David Landis and Gottlieb, Robert S (1 titles)
Burns, Sara (1 titles)
Burroughs, William S (5 titles)
Burrows (Shingen), Chris (1 titles)
Buson, translated by Edith Shiffert and Yuki Sawa (1 titles)
Buswell, Robert E and Gimello, Robert M (1 titles)
Caldwell, Christine (1 titles)
Campbell, Joseph and Henry Morton Robinson (1 titles)
Campbell, June (1 titles)
Cantwell, Cathy (1 titles)
Canyon Sam (1 titles)
Capra, Frank (1 titles)
Capra, Fritjof (4 titles)
Capra, Fritjof and Panikkar, Raimundo and Abramovic, Marina (1 titles)
Cardona, George and Dhanesh Jain (2 titles)
Carr, Kevin (1 titles)
Carrithers, Michael (1 titles)
Carroll, Cain and Revital Carroll (3 titles)
Carroll, Michael (5 titles)
Carter, John Ross (2 titles)
Carter, Robert E (2 titles)
Carter, Stephen D (2 titles)
Case, Margaret H (1 titles)
Castaneda, Carlos (9 titles)
Cayton, Pam (1 titles)
Chagdud Khadro (1 titles)
Chagdud Tulku and read by Lama Yontan Gonpo (1 titles)
Chakravarty, Kalyan Kumar and Bednarik, Robert G (1 titles)
Chalmers, Lord R and Cowell, E B and Rouse, W H D (1 titles)
Chaman Lal (1 titles)
Chandler, Stuart (2 titles)
Chandrakirti and Commentary by Mipham Rinpoche, translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Chang Po-Tuan and Liu I-Ming and translated by Thomas Cleary (1 titles)
Abe , Masao and Heine, Steven (3 titles)
Abels, Janet Jiryu (1 titles)
Addiss, Stephen and John Daido Loori (3 titles)
Agarwal, Satya P and Urmila Agarwal (1 titles)
Ahir, D C (1 titles)
Aiken, Molly Emma (1 titles)
Ajahn Brahm and read by Francis Greenslade (1 titles)
Ajahn Chah and Kornfield, Jack and Breiter, Paul (1 titles)
Alackapally, Sebastien (1 titles)
Albahari, Miri (1 titles)
Albers, Susan (1 titles)
Alderfer, Lauren and illustrated by Kalsang Dickyi (1 titles)
Alderfer, Lauren and illustrated by Kerry Lee Maclean (1 titles)
Aldhouse-Green, Miranda and Stephen Aldhouse-Green (1 titles)
Alexander, Jane (1 titles)
Allan, Nigel (2 titles)
Allen, Pat B (1 titles)
Allione, Tsultrim (4 titles)
Allix, Simon and De Vilmorin, Benoit (1 titles)
Allyn, John (1 titles)
Almaas, A H (1 titles)
Ama Adhe (1 titles)
Ames, Roger T (1 titles)
Anal Bhakta (1 titles)
Anderson, Sandra and Sovik, Rolf (1 titles)
Andrews, F.H. (1 titles)
Ani Jinba Palmo (2 titles)
Anvita Abbi and Gupta, R S (1 titles)
Aoyama, Shundo (1 titles)
Apple, James (1 titles)
Appleton, Naomi and Sarah Shaw and Toshiya Unebe (1 titles)
Araoz, Daniel L (1 titles)
Ariyadhamma Thera, Nauyame (2 titles)
Armstrong, Karen (10 titles)
Arnold, Sir Edwin (1 titles)
Aronson, Harvey B (3 titles)
Arrowsmith, Clive (1 titles)
Aryadeva and Gyeltsap, additional commentary by Geshe Sonam Rinchen, translated by Ruth Sonam (2 titles)
Aryasura and translated by Justin Meiland (1 titles)
Asanga and translated by Sara Boin Webb and Walpola Rahula (1 titles)
Ash , Mel (1 titles)
Ash , Niema (1 titles)
Austin, Jack (1 titles)
Avalon, Arthur (Sir John Woodrolffe) (1 titles)
Avery, Samuel (1 titles)
Ayya Medhanandi (1 titles)
Baas, Jacquelynn and Jacob, Mary Jane (1 titles)
Badiner, Allan Hunt (2 titles)
Baker, Colin F (1 titles)
Bakhtiar, Laleh (1 titles)
Balcerowicz, Piotr (1 titles)
Bancroft, Anne and England, Roger (1 titles)
Bansal, Sunita Pant (1 titles)
Bardor Tulku Rinpoche (6 titles)
Bareau, Andre and translated by Sara Boin-Webb and edited by Andrew Skilton (1 titles)
Barker, Carol (1 titles)
Barry, Catherine and Dalai Lama (1 titles)
Bartholomeusz, Tessa (2 titles)
Bartley, Trish (1 titles)
Barua, A (1 titles)
Barua, Dipak Kumar (1 titles)
Basho, Matsuo and Hamill, Sam (1 titles)
Batchelor, Martine (2 titles)
Batchelor, Martine and Son'Gyong Sunim (1 titles)
Bath, Robin (5 titles)
Batt, Herbert J and Tsering Shakya (1 titles)
Baumann, Bruno (7 titles)
Beal, Samuel (1 titles)
Bechert, Heinz (2 titles)
Bechert, Heinz and Braun , H (1 titles)
Beckwith, Christopher I (3 titles)
Beer, Robert (295 titles)
Beer, Robert and Chewang Lama (12 titles)
Beer, Robert and Devendra Man Sinkhwal (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Pema Dorje (2 titles)
Beer, Robert and Singwal, Sundar (3 titles)
Begley, Sharon (1 titles)
Beguin, Giles (1 titles)
Behari, Bepin (2 titles)
Bein, Andrew (1 titles)
Bellezza, John Vincent (5 titles)
Belmer, Scott (1 titles)
Benedict, Gerald (2 titles)
Benn, James A and Lori Meeks and James Robson (1 titles)
Bennett-Goleman, Tara (2 titles)
Benson, Herbert and William Proctor (1 titles)
Beresford, Brian (3 titles)
Berkley, Brenda and Anulka Kitamura (1 titles)
Berkwitz, Stephen C with Juliane Schober and Claudia Brown (1 titles)
Berliner, Nancy (1 titles)
Bernard, Theos (1 titles)
Bernhard, Toni (2 titles)
Beyer, Stephan (1 titles)
Bharucha, Erach (1 titles)
Bhikkhu Hiriko Nanasuci (1 titles)
Bimal Dey (1 titles)
Bin Yang (1 titles)
Bing, Stanley (2 titles)
Birnbaum, Raoul (1 titles)
Birx, Ellen and Birx, Charles (2 titles)
Bishop, Peter (2 titles)
Blackburn, Anne M (1 titles)
Blackburn, Anne M and Samuels, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Blackstone, Kathryn R (2 titles)
Blomberg, Catharina (1 titles)
Bloom, Alfred (3 titles)
Boccio, Frank Jude (1 titles)
Bodhipaksa (10 titles)
Bodhipaksa and Sunada (1 titles)
Bodian, Stephan (2 titles)
Bodiford, William M (2 titles)
Boehme, Jakob and translated by Micheal L.Birkel and Jeff Bach (1 titles)
Bogart, Greg (1 titles)
Boisellier, Jean (1 titles)
Bolelli, Daniele (1 titles)
Bolleter, Ross (1 titles)
Booth, Alan (2 titles)
Boyer, Arynda Lee (1 titles)
Brach, Tara (9 titles)
Brahmavamso, Ajahn (2 titles)
Brahmavamso, Ajahn with Ajahn Nyanadhammo and Dharma Dorje (1 titles)
Brailey, Nigel (1 titles)
Brantley, Jeffrey and Wendy Millstine (1 titles)
Brassard, Francis (1 titles)
Braun, Erik (1 titles)
Brautigam, Uwe and Ribowski, Alexander (1 titles)
Bray, John (1 titles)
Brekke, Torkel (1 titles)
Brewster, E A (1 titles)
Bridges, Jeff and Bernie Glassman (2 titles)
Brilliant, Jennifer and Berloni, William (1 titles)
Broad, William J (1 titles)
Bronkhorst, Johannes (5 titles)
Bronkhorst, Johannes and Karin Preisendanz (1 titles)
Brooks, E Bruce and Brooks, A Taeko and Confucius (1 titles)
Brough, John (1 titles)
Broughton, Jeffrey L and Elise Yoko Watanabe (1 titles)
Brown, Daniel (1 titles)
Brown, Mick (2 titles)
Brown, Richard and Patricia Gerbarg (1 titles)
Brown, Sid (2 titles)
Bruun, Ole (3 titles)
Bruun, Ole and Odgaard, Ole (1 titles)
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (2 titles)
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and edited with an introduction by Donald K Swearer (1 titles)
Buddhasukh, Siri (1 titles)
Buddhist Society (1 titles)
Bueler, William M (1 titles)
Buescher, John B (1 titles)
Buksbazen, John (1 titles)
Bullen, Leonard A (3 titles)
Bunce, Frederick W (2 titles)
Bunnag, Tew (1 titles)
Burch, Vidyamala (1 titles)
Burlingame, E W and Khantipalo Bhikkhu (4 titles)
Burton, Sir Richard and F.F.Arbuthnot (1 titles)
Buson, Yosa and translated by W.S.Merwin and Takako Lento (1 titles)
Butalia, Romola (1 titles)
Buton Rinpoche and translated by Lisa Stein and Ngawang Zangpo (1 titles)
Caillat, Colette and Nalini Balbir (1 titles)
Calasso, Roberto (1 titles)
Callan, Jamie Cat (1 titles)
Cameron, Miriam (1 titles)
Campbell, Joseph (17 titles)
Cardelli, Claudio (1 titles)
Carew-Miller, Anna and Paolo d'Altan (1 titles)
Carlson, Richard (1 titles)
Carpenter, Russ and Carpenter, Blyth (1 titles)
Carter, James (2 titles)
Cavalli, Angelo (1 titles)
Chade-Meng Tan with a foreword by Daniel Goleman and introduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn (2 titles)
Chagdud Tulku and illustrated by Susan Alexander (1 titles)
Chambers, James (1 titles)
Chandra, D K (1 titles)
Chandra, Lokesh and Bunce, Frederick W (1 titles)
Abdul Wahid Radhu and Cabezon, Jose Ignatius (1 titles)
Abela, Jean-Marc and Mark Patrick McGuire (1 titles)
Abeysekara, Ananda (1 titles)
Acharya Tashi Wangchuk (1 titles)
Adams, Bill (1 titles)
Addiss, Stephen with Stanley Lombardo and Judith Roitman (1 titles)
Adeu Rinpoche and translated by Erik Pema Kunsang (1 titles)
Adler, Judith and Coughlin, Paul (1 titles)
Ahlquist, Diane (2 titles)
Aitken, Robert (5 titles)
Ajahn Chah and Breiter, Paul (2 titles)
Ajahn Punnadhammo (1 titles)
Akuppa (1 titles)
Al-Khalili, Jim (1 titles)
Alderfer, Lauren (1 titles)
Alderfer, Lauren and illustrated by Vandana Bist (1 titles)
Alexander, William (2 titles)
Alidana, Shamash (1 titles)
Alka Pande (1 titles)
Allen, G F (1 titles)
Almond, Philip C (1 titles)
Alper, Harvey P (1 titles)
Altman, Donald (1 titles)
Amir-uddin Nadwi, Abu Bakr (1 titles)
Amodeo, John (1 titles)
Andreason, Esben (1 titles)
Anthony, Carol K and Hanna Moog (1 titles)
Anyen Rinpoche and Allison Choying Zangmo (1 titles)
Archambeault, Marci (2 titles)
Arguelles, Jose (1 titles)
Arguelles, Jose and Nidle, Sheldon (1 titles)
Armington, Stan with Lidsay Brown, Bradley Mayhew and Richard Whitecross (1 titles)
Arnold, Dan (4 titles)
Arnold, Edward A (2 titles)
Arpa, Maria (2 titles)
Arrien, Angeles (2 titles)
Artus-Bertrand, Yann (1 titles)
Aryasura (1 titles)
Asma, Steven T (2 titles)
Association Of Nepalis In The Americas (1 titles)
Asvaghosha and translated by Patrick Olivelle (1 titles)
Augustine, Jonathan Morris (2 titles)
Baba Phuntsok Wangyal (1 titles)
Baggini, Julian (1 titles)
Bagley, Robert (1 titles)
Bailey, Christine (1 titles)
Balsekar, Ramesh (1 titles)
Bapat , P V (2 titles)
Bapu Padmanabha (1 titles)
Baran, Josh (1 titles)
Barbey, Beatrice and illustrated by Philippe Ames (1 titles)
Bardor Tulku Rinpoche with translation by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Barker, Diane (2 titles)
Barks, Coleman (2 titles)
Barnett, Robbie (1 titles)
Barnett, Robbie and Akiner, Shirin (1 titles)
Barnhart, Bruno and Wong, Joseph (1 titles)
Bartok, Josh (4 titles)
Barua, D L (1 titles)
Basho, Matsuo (1 titles)
Bassui, Tokusho and translated by Arthur Braverman (1 titles)
Bates, Evan (1 titles)
Bauer, Manuel with text by Matthieu Ricard and Christian Schmidt (1 titles)
Baumer, Christoph (3 titles)
Bayda, Ezra with Bartok, Josh (1 titles)
Bays, Jan Chozen (5 titles)
Beer, Robert and Lalman Lama (1 titles)
Beer, Robert and Shrestha, Dinesh (2 titles)
Bellah, Robert N (1 titles)
Bellebuono, Holly (1 titles)
Belling, Noa (1 titles)
Benisti, Mireille (1 titles)
Benson, Sandra (1 titles)
Berger, Barbara Helen (1 titles)
Berger, Susan (2 titles)
Bering, Jesse (1 titles)
Bernstein, Anya (1 titles)
Berry, Scott (2 titles)
Berry, T Sterling (1 titles)
Berry, Thomas (1 titles)
Bertschinger, Richard (2 titles)
Berzin, Alexander (5 titles)
Besserman, Perle (1 titles)
Besserman, Perle and Manfred Steger (2 titles)
Besson, Luc (1 titles)
Bhagavan Das (1 titles)
Bharati Krsna Tirthaji and Jagadguru Swami Sri (1 titles)
Bharati Puri (1 titles)
Bhattacharyya, Benoytosh (1 titles)
Bien, Tom and Beverley Bien (1 titles)
Bimal Chhajer (1 titles)
Binder Schmidt, Marcia (2 titles)
Bjorkegren, Karin (1 titles)
Black, Bruce (1 titles)
Blacker, Carmen (1 titles)
Blofeld, John and translated by Daniel Reid (1 titles)
Bloom, William and Judy Hall and Professor David Peters (1 titles)
Bloomfield, Andrew and Tshering, Yanki (1 titles)
Blum, Mark L and Shinya Yasutomi (1 titles)
Bo Mou (1 titles)
Bodewitz, H W (1 titles)
Bodhi, Bhikkhu (30 titles)
Bodrov, Sergei (1 titles)
Bogin, Benjamin (1 titles)
Bogoda, Robert and Jootla, Susan Elbaum and Walshe, Maurice O'C (1 titles)
Bokar Rinpoche (5 titles)
Boldt, L G (1 titles)
Boldt, Laurence G (1 titles)
Boner, Alice and Rath Sarma, Sadasiva and Baumer, Bettina (1 titles)
Borenstein, David (1 titles)
Bose, M M (1 titles)
Botrul and translated by Douglas Samuel Duckworth (2 titles)
Bouchard, David and Huang, Zhong-Yang (1 titles)
Boucher, Sandy (4 titles)
Bower, Hamilton (1 titles)
Bowring, Richard (1 titles)
Bradbury, Ray (1 titles)
Brady, Mark (1 titles)
Brazier, David (Dharmavidya) (1 titles)
Brearley, Erica (1 titles)
Breaux, Charles (1 titles)
Brennan, J H (1 titles)
Brianchaninov, Ignatius (1 titles)
Briigs Martin, Jacqueline and Ilustrated by Linda Wingerter (1 titles)
Britton, Jade (1 titles)
Brown, Brian Edward (1 titles)
Brown, Simon G (1 titles)
Bucknell, Roderick S (2 titles)
Bucknell, Roderick S and Kang, Chris (1 titles)
Buddhist Publication Society (44 titles)
Buescher, Harmut (1 titles)
Bullis, Douglas (1 titles)
Burgan, Michael and Melton, Gordon (1 titles)
Burger, Edward and produced by Chad Pankewitz (1 titles)
Burgess, John (1 titles)
Burke, Andrew and Cummings, Joe (1 titles)
Burlingame, E W (2 titles)
Burns, Douglas M (3 titles)
Burrow, T (1 titles)
Buswell, Robert E and Donald S.Lopez (1 titles)
Buttner, Werner (1 titles)
Byrom, Thomas (4 titles)
Cabezon, Jose Ignatius (4 titles)
Cabezon, Jose Ignatius and Geshe Lobsang Dargyay (1 titles)
Cabrera, Nora (1 titles)
Cadge, Wendy (1 titles)
Cali, Joseph (1 titles)
Cameron, Sharon (1 titles)
Campbell, Joseph with Bill Moyers (1 titles)
Campbell, Patricia Q (2 titles)
Candy, Dennis (1 titles)
Cantwell, Cathy and Rob Mayer (1 titles)
Caplow, Florence with Susan Moon (1 titles)
Cardona, George (1 titles)
Carew-Miller, Anna and Zhang Shi-ming (1 titles)
Carlson, Linda E (1 titles)
Carmody, Denise Lardner and John Tully Carmody (1 titles)
Carnevali, Roberto and Alessandro Giannandrea (1 titles)
Cartier, Jean-Pierre and Cartier, Rachel (1 titles)
Carus, Paul (3 titles)
Cate, Sandra (1 titles)
Catherine, Shaila (1 titles)
Catherine, Shaila with a foreword by Burmese Buddhist master Pa Auk Sayadaw (1 titles)
Cayton, Karuna (1 titles)
Cerulli, Tovar (1 titles)
Chadwick, David (3 titles)
Chagdud Tulku and Chagdud Khadro (1 titles)
Chagdud Tulku and Lama Shenpen Drolma (1 titles)
Chamberlain, Basil Hall (1 titles)
Champakalakshmi, R and Usha Kris (1 titles)
Chan Khong (1 titles)
Chanchaochai, Danai (1 titles)
Chandra, Lokesh with Musashi Tachikawa and Sumie Watanabe (1 titles)
Chandrakirti and the Eighth Karmapa (1 titles)
Chang Po-Tuan and translated by Thomas Cleary, Thomas and comentary by Liu I-Ming (1 titles)
Chang Sen Feng and translated by Shifu Hwang and Cheney Crow (1 titles)
Chakravarti, Mahadev (1 titles)
Chan Baidjnath Misier, Dr (1 titles)
Chandra Mauli Mani (1 titles)
Chandra Pande, Govind (1 titles)
Chandra, Lokesh (5 titles)
Chandradhar Sharma (1 titles)
Chang, Garma C C and Milarepa (1 titles)
Chang-Qing Shih (1 titles)
Chaoul, Alejandro (1 titles)
Chapman, Aidan (1 titles)
Chapman, Philip and the BBC Wild China Team (1 titles)
Chapple, Christopher Key (2 titles)
Chatterji, Jagadish Chandra (1 titles)
Cheah, Joseph (1 titles)
Chen-Hua and Mair, Denis C (1 titles)
Cheng Man-Ch'Ing and Smith, Robert (1 titles)
Chia Tao and translated by Mike O'Connor (1 titles)
Chian Zettersan, Master (1 titles)
Child, Louise (1 titles)
Childs, Geoff (1 titles)
Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche and commentary by James Low (1 titles)
Chogay Trichen Rinpoche (2 titles)
Choong Mun-Keat (1 titles)
Chuang Tzu and translated by Solala Towler (2 titles)
Clark, Timothy and C.Andrw Gerstle, Aki Ishigami and Akiko Yano (1 titles)
Clayton, Barbra R (2 titles)
Clear Vision (5 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Cheng Yi (1 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Segel, Joel (1 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Sun Tzu (1 titles)
Clegg, Brian (1 titles)
Clementin-Ojha, Catherine (1 titles)
Clements, Jonathan (1 titles)
Coberly, Margaret (1 titles)
Cohen, Gabriel (1 titles)
Coleman, Graham (1 titles)
Collett, Alice (1 titles)
Columbus, Peter J and Donadrian L.Rice (1 titles)
Combs, Steven C (1 titles)
Conder, Josiah (1 titles)
Cone, Margaret and Richard F Gombrich (1 titles)
Conklyn, Gary (1 titles)
Connelly, Karen (1 titles)
Constance, Mark (1 titles)
Cook, Francis H and Dogen, Eihei (1 titles)
Coomaraswamy, Ananda K and Horner, I B (1 titles)
Cooper, Andrew (1 titles)
Cooper, Maureen (1 titles)
Coulter, H David (1 titles)
Coupey, Philippe (1 titles)
Courtin-Wilson, Amiel (1 titles)
Courtright, Paul B (1 titles)
Cousin, Pierre Jean and Kirsten Hartvig (1 titles)
Cousineau, Phil (1 titles)
Cousins, L (1 titles)
Covill, Linda and Ulrike Roesler and Sarah Shaw (1 titles)
Cowell, E B and Muller, F Max and Takakusa, Junjiro (1 titles)
Cox, Jeff (1 titles)
Crane, George (2 titles)
Crane, Rebecca (1 titles)
Crook, John and Low , James (1 titles)
Crosby, Kate (1 titles)
Crowther, Ann (1 titles)
Cruickshank, Dan (1 titles)
Csikszentmihalyi, Mark and Ivanhoe, Philip J (1 titles)
Cummings Neville, Robert (1 titles)
Cuppers, Christoph and Robert Mayer and Michael Walter (1 titles)
Cutz, Gustavo and Josh Bartok (2 titles)
Dakpo Tashi Namgyal and translated by Lobsang P.Lhalungpa (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and edited by Nicholas Vreeland (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and edited by Rajiv Mehrotra (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and edited by Renuka Singh (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Gee , Margaret (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and read by Richard Gere (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Thubten Chodron (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins (6 titles)
Dalai Lama in conversation with Noriyuki Ueda (1 titles)
Dalai Lama, translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins (1 titles)
Davaa, Byambasuren (1 titles)
Davis, Deborah (1 titles)
Davis, Leesa S (1 titles)
Dawson, Simon (1 titles)
De Bary, William Theodore (2 titles)
De Charmes, Christopher (1 titles)
De La Vallee Poussin, Louis and E.J. Thomas, Edward J, W.Stede, and L.S.Cousins (1 titles)
De La Vallee Poussin, Louis and translated into English by Gelong Lodro Sangpo (1 titles)
De Ruiter, Dick (3 titles)
De Salzmann, Jeanne (1 titles)
Dechen Wangmo, Marcia (1 titles)
Delaney DeAngelis, Gary and Warren G.Frisina (1 titles)
Denaud, Patrick (1 titles)
Desmarais, Michele Marie (1 titles)
Dewar, Tyler (1 titles)
Dewatshang, Kunga Samten (1 titles)
Dhammavihari Thera (2 titles)
Dhammika, Ven S (4 titles)
Dhammika, Ven S and illustrated by Winnie Hettigoda (1 titles)
Dharma Publishing and illustrated by Julia Witwer (1 titles)
Dharma Publishing and Ilustrated by Anne Christman (2 titles)
Dharma Publishing and translated by Gwendolyn Bays (1 titles)
Dharmarakshita and Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey (1 titles)
Dhonden, Dr Yeshe (1 titles)
Dhondup, K (1 titles)
Dhondup, K and Dalai Lama [Sixth] (1 titles)
Dhongthog, T G (1 titles)
Diehl, Keila (1 titles)
Digby, Simon (1 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and translated by Ani Jinba Palmo (1 titles)
Dimidjian, Victoria (3 titles)
Dirk Simon (1 titles)
Dixon, Nicola (2 titles)
Dobbins, James C (2 titles)
Dobbs, Michael (1 titles)
Dobisz, Jane (2 titles)
Dogen, Eihei and edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt (1 titles)
Dogen, Eihei and Okumura, Shohaku (1 titles)
Dogen, Eihei and Tanahashi, Kazuaki (3 titles)
Dolma Khanghar, Dr (1 titles)
Donegan, Patricia and Yoshie Ishibashi (2 titles)
Doniger O'Flaherty, Wendy (2 titles)
Doris, Dorrie (1 titles)
Douglas, Nik (1 titles)
Dowman, Keith and Bubriski, Kevin (1 titles)
Dowman, Keith with foreword by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche (1 titles)
Dowman, Meryl (1 titles)
Drew-Wills, Edith (1 titles)
DuBois, Thomas David (1 titles)
Duff, Tony and Tamas Agocs (1 titles)
Duka, Theodore (1 titles)
Dundas, Paul (1 titles)
Dunlap, Susan (4 titles)
Dunnell, Ruth W (1 titles)
Duo Bujie and Zhang Lei (1 titles)
Duran, Magdalena (4 titles)
Durruty, Veronique (1 titles)
Dusana Dorjee (1 titles)
Dutt, Sukumar (2 titles)
Dutta, Sristidhar and Byomakesh Tripathy (1 titles)
Dyer, Wayne (2 titles)
Dylan, Bob and illustrated by Jon J Muth (1 titles)
Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche (1 titles)
Easwaran, Eknath (5 titles)
Edou, Jerome and Decleer, Hubert (1 titles)
Edwards, David (1 titles)
Egenes, Thomas and Kumuda Reddy (1 titles)
Egge, James R (1 titles)
Ehrhard, Franz-Karl (1 titles)
Eisen, Keisai (3 titles)
Ekman, Paul (1 titles)
Elchert, Carole (1 titles)
Eliade, Mircea and Ioan P.Couliano with Hilary S.Wiesner (1 titles)
Eliot, Sir Charles (1 titles)
Epstein, Perle (1 titles)
Epstein, Rob and Jeffrey Friedman (1 titles)
Epstein, Ronald B (1 titles)
Erickson, Barbara (1 titles)
Ernst, Carl W (2 titles)
Erricker, Clive (2 titles)
Esbjorn-Hargens, Sean and Michael E.Zimmerman (3 titles)
Evola, Julius (1 titles)
Fahr-Becker, Gabrielle (1 titles)
Farhi, Donna (3 titles)
Farrer-Halls, Gill (4 titles)
Faulkner, Rupert (1 titles)
Faulks, Martin and Philippa Faulks (2 titles)
Faure, Bernard (11 titles)
Felder, Leonard (1 titles)
Feldman, Joel and Stephen Phillips (1 titles)
Chappell, David W (1 titles)
Chating Jamyang Lama (2 titles)
Chaturvedi, B K (1 titles)
Cheng Man-Ch'Ing (1 titles)
Chesne, Steven (1 titles)
Cheung, Theresa (1 titles)
Chewang Lama (1 titles)
Choegyal, Lisa with Craig Potton and Gautam SJB Rana (1 titles)
Chogyam Trungpa and edited by Carolyn Rose Gimian (1 titles)
Chogyam Trungpa and Fremantle, Francesca (1 titles)
Chogyam Trungpa and Herbert V Guenther (1 titles)
Chokgyur Lingpa (1 titles)
Chokling Dewey Dorje, Dudjom Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche (1 titles)
Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche with Dr David R Schlim (1 titles)
Chongsan and translated by Bongkil Chung (2 titles)
Choying Drolma (1 titles)
Chung-Yuan Chang (1 titles)
Clements, Alan (1 titles)
Clemmons, Bradley and illustrated by Julia Witwer (2 titles)
Clennell, Bobby (1 titles)
Coakley, Sarah (1 titles)
Cohen, Richard (2 titles)
Cohen, S S (1 titles)
Cole, Alan (3 titles)
Coleman, Graham and translated by Gyurme Dorje (3 titles)
Como, Michael I (1 titles)
Constans, Gabriel (1 titles)
Contzen, Conrad (3 titles)
Conze, Edward (11 titles)
Cook, Diane and Robert Ingpen (1 titles)
Cook, Doug (1 titles)
Cook, Francis H (2 titles)
Cook, Joanna (1 titles)
Cook, Scott (1 titles)
Cooper, David E and James, Simon P (1 titles)
Copleston, Reginald S and Singh Sobti, Harcharan (1 titles)
Corsi, Enrico and Elena Fanfani (1 titles)
Cotterell, Arthur (1 titles)
Council For Religious & Cultural Affairs (1 titles)
Covill, Linda (1 titles)
Craig, Darrell Max (2 titles)
Craig, Sienna (2 titles)
Crook, John (1 titles)
Crow, David (2 titles)
Cuevas, Bryan J (2 titles)
Cumming, Ian (6 titles)
Cuong Tu Nguyen (2 titles)
Cushman, Anne (1 titles)
D'Amato, Mario (1 titles)
Daehaeng Sunim (2 titles)
Dahl, Cortland (2 titles)
Daja Wangchuk Meston with Clare Ansberry (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Bohm, David (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Compiled and Edited by Mary Craig (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and Cutler, Howard C (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and Cutler, Howard C and Wong, B D (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and edited by Anne Harrington and Arthur Zajonc (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Hopkins, Jeffrey (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler and read by Marc Cashman (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Laurens van den Muyzenberg (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Rowell, Galen (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Sofia Stril-rever (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated and edited by Guy Newland (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and Zajonc, Arthur and Houshmand, Zara (1 titles)
Dalai Lama edited by Rajiv Mehrotra (3 titles)
Dalai Lama with Jeffrey Hopkins (1 titles)
Dallmayer, Fred (1 titles)
Dang Thuy Tram (1 titles)
Darian, Steven G (1 titles)
Darlington, Susan M (2 titles)
Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan (1 titles)
Davaa, Byambasuren and Lisa Reisch (1 titles)
David-Neel, Alexandra (4 titles)
David-Neel, Alexandra and Lama Yongden (1 titles)
Davies, Stevan (1 titles)
De Fouw, Hart and Svoboda, Robert E (1 titles)
De Hartog, Leo (1 titles)
De Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Rene (1 titles)
De Silva, Lily (8 titles)
Deepak Chopra (6 titles)
Dehejia, Harsha V (4 titles)
Dehejia, Harsha V and Shankar Jha, Prem and Hoskote, Ranjit (1 titles)
Deng Ming Dao (3 titles)
Deshikacher, T K V (1 titles)
Deshimaru, Taisen and revised and reedited by Richard Collins (1 titles)
Desideri, Ippolito and edited by Filippo De Filippi (1 titles)
Designwallas (3 titles)
Desjardins, Arnaud (5 titles)
Desjarlais, Robert (1 titles)
Deussen, Paul (1 titles)
Deussen, Paul and Geden, A S (1 titles)
Devadhar, C R (1 titles)
Devido, Elise Anne (1 titles)
Dhammapala and Masefield, Peter (2 titles)
Dhammapala and translated by Peter Masefield (1 titles)
Dharma Publishing and adapted by Grania Davis and illustrated by Sheila Johnson (1 titles)
Dhavalikar, M K (1 titles)
Dhiravamsa, V R (2 titles)
Dhonden, Dr Yeshe and Wallace, B Allan (1 titles)
Dhondup Tsering (1 titles)
Discovery Channel (1 titles)
Doctor, Andreas (2 titles)
Dogen, Eihei and translated by Kazuaki Tanahashi (1 titles)
Donovan, Anne (1 titles)
Dorje Yudon Yuthok (1 titles)
Dowling Singh, Kathleen (1 titles)
Draeger, Donn F and Robert W.Smith (1 titles)
Drage Hale, Rosemary (1 titles)
Dreyfus, Georges B J and Sara McLintock (1 titles)
Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche (1 titles)
Driscoll, Jeremy (1 titles)
Droit, Roger-Pol and Streight, David (1 titles)
Dror, Olga (1 titles)
Duckworth, Douglas S (2 titles)
Dudjom Lingpa (1 titles)
Dudjom Lingpa and Dudjom Rinpoche and translated by Dylan Esler and Nicholas Chong (1 titles)
Dudjom Lingpa and translated by Chonyi Drolma (1 titles)
Duncan Oliver, Joan (4 titles)
Dunham, Mikel (1 titles)
Dunkenberger, Thomas (1 titles)
Dutt, Nalinaksha (1 titles)
Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and Pema Chodron (1 titles)
Dzogchen Pema Kalsang Rinpoche and translated by Christian A.Stewart (1 titles)
Earthlyn Manuel, Zenju (1 titles)
Eberhardt, Nancy (1 titles)
Eddy, Glenys (1 titles)
Edinger, E F (1 titles)
Egan, Charles (1 titles)
Elffers, Joost (1 titles)
Elliot, Marion (1 titles)
Ellis, Everada (2 titles)
Elverskog, Johan (2 titles)
Emerson, David and Dr.Elizabeth Hopper (1 titles)
Emmanuel, Steven M (1 titles)
Epstein, Lawrence (1 titles)
Epstein, Mark (8 titles)
Erricker, Clive and Erricker, Jane (1 titles)
Evans, John Maki (2 titles)
Evans, Mike (1 titles)
Falk, Maryla (1 titles)
Farber, Monte (1 titles)
Farrer, D S and John Whalen-Bridge (1 titles)
Farthing, Bill (1 titles)
Fauliot, Pascal (1 titles)
Faulkner, Gordon (1 titles)
Feldman, Christina (4 titles)
Fenton, Peter (1 titles)
Ferguson, Andrew (3 titles)
Field, Lloyd (2 titles)
Fields, Rick (1 titles)
Finckh, Elizabeth (1 titles)
Finger, Hans W (1 titles)
Fischer, Norman (5 titles)
Fleming, Zara and Lkhagvademchig Shastri (1 titles)
Flores, Ralph (1 titles)
Follmi, Olivier (11 titles)
Ford, Adam (2 titles)
Ford, James Ishmael (2 titles)
Ford, James L (1 titles)
Forni, P M (1 titles)
Frawley, David and Subhash Ranade (2 titles)
Freeman, Laurence (1 titles)
Freeman, Michael and Selena Ahmed (1 titles)
Freeman, Michael and Shearer, Alistair (1 titles)
Freer, L (1 titles)
Fricke, Ron and Mark Magidson (1 titles)
Friedeberger, Julie (1 titles)
Friedman, Suzanne (1 titles)
Ga Rabjampa and translated by Rigpa Translations, foreword by Khenpo Appey (1 titles)
Gair, James W and Karunatillake, W S (1 titles)
Galef, David (1 titles)
Galland, China (1 titles)
Chandragomin and translated by Michael Hahn (1 titles)
Chandrakirti and translated by Mervyn Sprung with T.R.V.Murti and U.S.Vyas (1 titles)
Chang, Garma C C (2 titles)
Chanju Mun (1 titles)
Chat Mingkwan (1 titles)
Chatral Rinpoche and edited by Zach Larson (2 titles)
Chaudhuri, Amla (1 titles)
Chen Wei-Ming and Davis, Barbara (1 titles)
Chen, Kenneth (1 titles)
Chen, Nancy (1 titles)
Cheng, Francois and Verdier, Fabienne (1 titles)
Chin, Frank (1 titles)
Chinchore, Mangala R (1 titles)
Chittadhar Hrdaya with Todd T Lewis and Subarna Man Tuladhar (1 titles)
Chogyam Trungpa and edited by Judith Lief (5 titles)
Christopher, Todd (1 titles)
Chun-Fang Yu (2 titles)
Clampett, Cheri and Bill Mithoefer (1 titles)
Claridge, C L (1 titles)
Clark, Barry (1 titles)
Clausen, Gerard and Bosworth, C Edmund (1 titles)
Claxton, Guy (1 titles)
Cleary, Thomas (54 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Aziz, Sartaz (1 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Hakuin (1 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Liu I-Ming (1 titles)
Clemente, Adriano (1 titles)
Coates, Deborah (1 titles)
Coblin, W South (1 titles)
Coburn, Thomas B (1 titles)
Cohen, Kenneth (2 titles)
Coleman, Graham and translated by Gyurme Dorje, Read by Stephen Hoye (1 titles)
Coleman, James William (1 titles)
Collinge, William (1 titles)
Connor, Nancy with Bradford Keeney (1 titles)
Coseru, Christian (1 titles)
Coutinho, Steve (1 titles)
Covell, Stephen G (1 titles)
Cowherds (1 titles)
Cox, Laurence (1 titles)
Cozort, Daniel (2 titles)
Craig, Thomas D (1 titles)
Crompton, Paul (1 titles)
Crowley, Vivianne (1 titles)
Cuevas, Bryan J and Jacqueline Stone (3 titles)
Cush, Denise and Catherine A.Robinson and Michael York (1 titles)
D'Amato, Mario and Jay Garfield and Tom Tillemans (1 titles)
Dahlke, Paul (2 titles)
Dalai Lama (78 titles)
Dalai Lama and Cabezon, Jose Ignatius (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and compiled by Rajiv Mehrotra (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and edited by Matthew Bunson (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Felizitas Von Schoenborn (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Geshe Thubten Jinpa (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and Jose Ignatius Cabezon (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Kalu Rinpoche and Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Khonton Peljor Lhundrub and Jose Ignacio Cabezon (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and Lama Tsong Khapa, translated by Jeffrey Hopkins (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Paul Ekman (4 titles)
Dalai Lama and Read by Laurie Anderson, Robert Thurman, and B.D.Wong (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins (6 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated and introduced by Donald Lopez (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated and read by Jeffrey Hopkins (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated by Geshe Graham Woodhouse (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Victor Chan (4 titles)
Dalai Lama with Alex Norman (2 titles)
Dalai Lama with Fabian Ouaki (2 titles)
Dalai Lama, and directed by Mickey Lemle (1 titles)
Dalby, Liza (1 titles)
Dalrymple, William (1 titles)
Danaan, Clea (2 titles)
Danaos, Kosta (2 titles)
Danziger, Nick (2 titles)
Dasgupta, Surendranath (2 titles)
Dattatray Lad, Vasant (1 titles)
Davidson, Richard J and Harrington, Ann (1 titles)
Davidson, Ronald M (3 titles)
Dawa Norbu (1 titles)
De La Vallee Poussin, Louis and Leo Pruden (4 titles)
De Smedt, Marc (1 titles)
De Wilde, Mironel and Julien L.Balmer (1 titles)
Decaroli, Robert (1 titles)
Deepak Kashyap (1 titles)
Delgado, Aidan (2 titles)
DeMasco, Steve (1 titles)
Desjardins, Denise (1 titles)
Devi, Nischala Joy (1 titles)
Dewaraja, L S (1 titles)
Dhammaratana, U (1 titles)
Dickinson, Emily (3 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (5 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Ricard, Matthieu (1 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and translated by Glenn Mullin with a foreword by Matthieu Ricard (1 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and translated by the Padmakara Group (3 titles)
Dillard-Wright, David B and Dr Ravinder Jerath (1 titles)
Doboom Rinpoche (1 titles)
Dogen, Eihei and Uchiyama, Kosho and Leighton, Taigen Dan (1 titles)
Dotson, Brandon (1 titles)
Draeger, Donn F (4 titles)
Drew, Rose (1 titles)
Dreyfus, Georges B J (2 titles)
Dudjom Rinpoche and translated by Ron Garry (1 titles)
Duerlinger, James (2 titles)
Duff, Tony (45 titles)
Dugdale, Joshua (1 titles)
Dummer, Tom (2 titles)
Dumoulin, Heinrich (5 titles)
Dunne, Claire (1 titles)
Dunne, John D (1 titles)
Dunnington, Jacqueline (1 titles)
Dunuwilla, Rohan A (1 titles)
Dyer, Graham (4 titles)
Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and edited by Marcia Binder Schmidt (1 titles)
Dzogchen Rinpoche [Third] and translated by Cortland J.Dahl (2 titles)
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche (3 titles)
Eckhart, Meister and translated by David O'Neill (1 titles)
Eden, Philip M (1 titles)
Edited with an introduction by Harold Bloom (1 titles)
Egenes, Thomas (2 titles)
Ekiken, Kaibara and translated by William Scott Wilson (1 titles)
Eliade, Mircea (1 titles)
Eller, Greg (1 titles)
Elliot, Sanje (1 titles)
Elliott, Mark (2 titles)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1 titles)
Emet, Joseph (1 titles)
Eng , Paul (1 titles)
Engelmajer, Pascale (1 titles)
Eubanks, Charlotte D (1 titles)
Evans-Wentz, Walter Y (2 titles)
Existence (1 titles)
Falla, Jonathan (1 titles)
Farber, Don (6 titles)
Ferne, Freda (1 titles)
Feuerstein, Georg and Kak , Subhash and Frawley, David (1 titles)
Feyerer, Gabriele (1 titles)
Fields, Rick and Glassman, Bernard (1 titles)
Fischer, Andrew Martin (2 titles)
Fisher, Charles S (1 titles)
Flanagan, Owen (2 titles)
Fleischman, Paul R (6 titles)
Fleming, Peter (2 titles)
Flickstein, Matthew (4 titles)
Flood, Gavin (4 titles)
Follmi, Olivier and Follmi, Danielle (3 titles)
Forbes, Duncan (1 titles)
Ford, Arielle (1 titles)
Ford, James Ishmael and Melissa Myozen Blacker (1 titles)
Foucher, Alfred C A and Brangier Boas, Simone (1 titles)
Fpmt (20 titles)
Fpmt and translated by Lama Thubten Yeshe with George Churinoff and Martin Willson (1 titles)
Francis, T H and Cowell, E B and Rouse, W H D (1 titles)
Franco, Eli and Karin Preisendanz (1 titles)
Frankel, Estelle (1 titles)
Franklin, J Jeffrey (2 titles)
Frauwallner, Eric and translated from German by Gelong Lodro Sangpo (1 titles)
Frawley, David and Dr.Vasant Lad (1 titles)
Frawley, David and Feuerstein, Georg and Kak , Subhash (1 titles)
Freeman, Lesley (1 titles)
Freeman, Mara (1 titles)
Freeman, Michael and Jacques, Claude (1 titles)
Freshfield, Douglas W (1 titles)
Chaves, Jonathan (1 titles)
Chavez-Segura, Alejandro (1 titles)
Chen Kaiguo and Zheng Shunchao and Cleary, Thomas (1 titles)
Cherrett, Pauline (1 titles)
Chesshire, Charles (1 titles)
Chia, Mantak and Juan Li (1 titles)
Chilson, Clark and Knecht, Peter (1 titles)
Cho Eun-su (1 titles)
Chogyam Trungpa (39 titles)
Chokyi Dragpa and translated by Heidi Koppl (1 titles)
Christensen, Alice (1 titles)
Chung, Bongkil (1 titles)
Claremon, N (1 titles)
Clark, John R K (1 titles)
Clarke, Graham E (1 titles)
Clarke, J J (2 titles)
Cleary, J C (4 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Cleary, J.C. (1 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Wen-Siang (1 titles)
Cleary, Thomas and Yuzan, Daidji (1 titles)
Cody Kimmel, Elizabeth (2 titles)
Coedes, George (1 titles)
Cohen, Darlene (2 titles)
Cohen, Kenneth and Illustrated by Joan Hyme (1 titles)
Cohen, Richard S (1 titles)
Coleman, Graham, and produced by David Lascelles (1 titles)
Coleman, John (2 titles)
Coleman, Mark (1 titles)
Collins, Steven (4 titles)
Combe, G A (1 titles)
Conboy, Kenneth and Morrison, James (1 titles)
Cone, Margaret (2 titles)
Connelly, Ben and foreword by Taigen Dan Leighton (1 titles)
Conradi, Peter J (1 titles)
Coomaraswamy, Ananda K and Nivedita, Sister (1 titles)
Cooper, Paul C (2 titles)
Cope, Stephen (1 titles)
Corrigan, Michelle (1 titles)
Costello, Judith and Haver, Jurgen (1 titles)
Couch, Jean (1 titles)
Coulson, Michael (1 titles)
Cowan, James (3 titles)
Cowell, E B and R.Chalmers, W.H.D.Rouse, and H.T.Francis (1 titles)
Cozort, Daniel and Preston, Craig (1 titles)
Cross, Stephen (1 titles)
Cummings, Alan (1 titles)
Cummings, Joe and Clark, Michael (1 titles)
Dagsay Tulku (1 titles)
Dahong Zhu and A.R.Lade and J.Wong (1 titles)
Dalai Lama [Fifth] and Cordell, Dennis (1 titles)
Dalai Lama [Fifth] and translated by John Newman (1 titles)
Dalai Lama [Seventh] and translated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and George Churinoff (1 titles)
Dalai Lama [Sixth] and translated by Geoffrey Waters (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Alexander Berzin (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Daniel Goleman (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and edited by Ven.Nicholas Vreeland. Afterword by Richard Gere (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Houshmand, Zara and Wallace, B Allan and Livingston, Robert B (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Howard C.Cutler (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated by B Allan Wallace (2 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated by Geshe Thubten Jinpa (7 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated by Glenn H Mullin (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated by Sonam Gyatso (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and translated by Tsepak Rigzin and Jeremy Russell (1 titles)
Dalai Lama and Varela, Francisco J (1 titles)
Dalai Lama with Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman and Herbert Benson (1 titles)
Dalai Lama with Sofia Stril-Rever (1 titles)
Dalton, Jacob P. (1 titles)
Damdinsuren, T S and Bawden, C R (1 titles)
Darmon, Reed and Kalim Winata (1 titles)
Darton, Mike (1 titles)
Das , Sarat Chandra (4 titles)
Das, Rahul Peter (1 titles)
Dasgupta, Debendra Chandra (1 titles)
Dasgupta, S (1 titles)
Dasgupta, S N (1 titles)
Dash, Narendra Kumar (2 titles)
Daswani, Rekha (1 titles)
Davaa, Byambasuren and Falorni, Luigi (1 titles)
Davis, Richard H (2 titles)
De Guerny, Jacques (1 titles)
De La Vallee Poussin, Louis (1 titles)
De La Vallee Poussin, Louis and Thomas, Edward J (1 titles)
De Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Rene and edited by Christoph Von Furer-Haimendorf (2 titles)
De Silva, Padmasiri (3 titles)
Deal, William E (1 titles)
Dean Moore, Kathleen (1 titles)
Dear, John (1 titles)
Debreczeny, Karl (1 titles)
Dehaene, Stanislas (1 titles)
Deida, David (1 titles)
Demetrakas, Johanna (1 titles)
Deschene, Lori (1 titles)
Dhammapala Bhikkhu (Henri Van Zeyst) (1 titles)
Dhammaratana, Thera H (1 titles)
Dharma Publishing (84 titles)
Dharma Publishing and Illustrated by Deborah Black (1 titles)
Dharma Publishing and illustrated by Zohra Kalinkowitz (1 titles)
Dhonden, Dr Yeshe and Hopkins, Jeffrey (2 titles)
Diemberger, Hildegard (2 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Padampa Sangye (1 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Patrul Rinpoche (1 titles)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Dilwali, Ashok (1 titles)
Dinwiddie, Donald (2 titles)
Doctor, Thomas (1 titles)
Dodrupchen Rinpoche (Third) and translated by Lama Chonam and Sangye Khandro (1 titles)
Dogen, Eihei (2 titles)
Donegan, Patricia (3 titles)
Dong, Paul and Rafill, Thomas (1 titles)
Donohue, John H (1 titles)
Doo Young Lee, Kenneth (1 titles)
Dossey, Dr Larry (2 titles)
Dosung Yoo (1 titles)
Dotson, Brandon with Kalsang Norbu Gurung, Georgios Halkias, and Tim Myatt (1 titles)
Dowman, Keith (11 titles)
Dresser, Marianne (1 titles)
Druda, Angelo (1 titles)
Dubrin, Beverly (1 titles)
Dudjom Rinpoche (1 titles)
Dudjom Rinpoche and translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Dudjom Rinpoche, Translated by Gyurme Dorje and Matthew Kapstein (1 titles)
Duncan Baird Publishers (1 titles)
Dupont, Caroline Marie (1 titles)
Dylan, Bob (2 titles)
Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche (6 titles)
Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche (41 titles)
Eckel, Malcolm David (5 titles)
Eckman, Peter (1 titles)
Edelstein, Scott (1 titles)
Eden, Ashley (1 titles)
Edgerton, Franklin (2 titles)
Ehrlich, Carl S (1 titles)
Ehrman, Bart D (1 titles)
Ekken, Kaibara and translated by Mary Evelyn Tucker (1 titles)
Elihu Genmyo Smith (2 titles)
Elinwood, Ellae (1 titles)
Ellis, Richard (1 titles)
Ellwood, Robert (1 titles)
Emmerick, Ronald E (1 titles)
Engle, Artemus B (1 titles)
Englehardt, Isrun (1 titles)
English, Jane with Calligraphy by Gia-Fu Feng (2 titles)
Erhlich, Dimitri (1 titles)
Ermakov, Dmitry (1 titles)
Eskildsen, Stephen (2 titles)
Estay, Patricio (1 titles)
Evans-Wentz, Walter Y and Kazi Dawa Samdup (3 titles)
Fausboll, V (1 titles)
Ferraro, Dominique (1 titles)
Feuerstein, Georg (10 titles)
Feuerstein, Georg and Brenda Feuerstein (1 titles)
Field, Stephen L (1 titles)
Figueroa, Jose and Stephen Berwick (1 titles)
Fincher, Susanne F (1 titles)
Finger, Alan and Katrina Repka (1 titles)
Fisher, James F (1 titles)
Fisher, Mike (1 titles)
Fisher, Robert E (3 titles)
Fjeld, Heidi (1 titles)
Flugel, Peter (1 titles)
Foard, James, with Michael Soloman and Richard K Payne (1 titles)
Fogelin, Lars (1 titles)
Foley, Caroline (3 titles)
Fontana, David (5 titles)
Forbes, David (1 titles)
Fowler, Merv (1 titles)
Fowler, Sherry (2 titles)
Fenner, Peter (3 titles)
Ferguson, Gaylon and Foreword by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche (3 titles)
Fermor, Patrick Leigh with a foreword by Karen Armstrong (1 titles)
Fewkes, Jacqueline (1 titles)
Fischer, Louis (1 titles)
Fitzgerald, Joseph A (1 titles)
Fletcher, Joann (1 titles)
Flickstein, Matthew and Carol Flickstein (1 titles)
Forbes, Bo (1 titles)
Forbes, William (1 titles)
Forest, Jim (1 titles)
Forty, Sandra (2 titles)
Francis, T H and Cowell, E B and Neil, R A and Rouse, W H D (1 titles)
Franck, Frederick (1 titles)
Francke, A H and Thomas, F W (1 titles)
Franco, Eli with Dagmar Eigner (1 titles)
Fraser, Sarah E (1 titles)
Fraser, Tara (1 titles)
Frawley, David (13 titles)
Fredericks, Gay and Ludeman, Kate (1 titles)
Fredericks, James L (1 titles)
Freeman, Richard (3 titles)
Friday, Karl (1 titles)
Friday, Karl with Seki Humitake (1 titles)
Frischknecht, Johannes (3 titles)
Fromm, Eric (1 titles)
Frye, Stanley (1 titles)
Fu Zhongwen and translated by Louis Swaim (1 titles)
Fuller, Paul (2 titles)
Furey, Leo (1 titles)
Furlong, Monica (2 titles)
Furuya, Mitsutoshi (1 titles)
Gabaude, Louis (2 titles)
Gampopa and Khenpo Konchog Gyeltsen Rinpoche (1 titles)
Ganguly, Swati (1 titles)
Garson, Sandra (2 titles)
Gascoigne, Dr Stephen (1 titles)
Gauding, Madonna (5 titles)
Gawain, Shakti (1 titles)
Gaynor, Mitchell L (1 titles)
Geary, David and Matthew R.Sayers and Abhishek Singh Amar (1 titles)
Geaves, Ron (1 titles)
Gedun Chopel and Huber, Toni (1 titles)
Gellner, David N and Sarah Levine (1 titles)
Gen Lamrimpa and translated by B.Alan Wallace (1 titles)
Gendun Chopel and translated by Donald Lopez (1 titles)
Genelli, Tom and Lyn Genelli (1 titles)
Genoud, Charles (1 titles)
Germano, David and Trainor, Kevin (1 titles)
Germer, Christopher K and Ronald D.Siegel with a foreword by the Dalai Lama (1 titles)
Geshe Jampa Tegchok and edited by Thubten Chodron (1 titles)
Geshe Lhundup Sopa and Hopkins, Jeffrey (2 titles)
Geshe Namgyal Wangchen (4 titles)
Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey (1 titles)
Geshe Rabten and translated by Stephen Batchelor (2 titles)
Geshe Tashi Tsering (6 titles)
Getty, Anna (1 titles)
Ghosh, Krishna (1 titles)
Gifford, Julie (1 titles)
Gilbert, Donald (1 titles)
Gilbert, Elizabeth (1 titles)
Gilbert, Paul and Choden (Sean McGovern) (1 titles)
Giles, Cheryl A and Willa B.Miller (1 titles)
Giles, H A (1 titles)
Gimello, Robert M and Gregory, Peter N (1 titles)
Ginsberg, Allen (1 titles)
Ginsberg, Allen and Anne Waldman, Diane Di Prima, and William S Burroughs (2 titles)
Glasser, Aura (1 titles)
Gleason, William (1 titles)
Glucklich, Ariel (1 titles)
Gluckman, Dale Carolyn (1 titles)
Goble, Andrew Edmund (1 titles)
Gold, Jonathan (1 titles)
Goldfield, Rose Taylor with a foreword by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso (1 titles)
Goldin, Paul R (1 titles)
Goldstein, Joseph and Kornfield, Jack (1 titles)
Goldstein, Melvyn C (7 titles)
Goldstein, Melvyn C with Ben Jiao and Tanzen Lhundrup (3 titles)
Goldstein, Rabbi Niles Elliot (2 titles)
Goleman, Daniel and Dalai Lama (1 titles)
Goodman, Charles (1 titles)
Goodwin, Robert E (1 titles)
Gooneratne, E R (1 titles)
Goswami, Shyam Sundar (1 titles)
Gozo Shioda and Hamilton, Geoffrey (1 titles)
Gozo Shioda and Yasuhisa Shioda (2 titles)
Gragnani, Carlo (2 titles)
Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang with commentary by Jan Silberstorff (1 titles)
Grant, Beata (1 titles)
Grant, Patrick (1 titles)
Green, John (1 titles)
Gregory, Peter N (2 titles)
Grieve, Gregory P (1 titles)
Grimm, George (1 titles)
Groning, Philip (1 titles)
Grossinger, Richard (1 titles)
Grover, Ramesh (1 titles)
Gruber, Elmer R (2 titles)
Grubin, David (2 titles)
Guang Guo and photographs by Ming Tan (1 titles)
Guariglia, Justin (1 titles)
Guarisco, Elio and Adriano Clemente, Jim Valby and Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (1 titles)
Guenther, Herbert V (3 titles)
Guenther, Herbert V and Kawamura, Leslie (1 titles)
Gui de Cambrai and translated by Peggy McCracken with introduction by Donald S Lopez (1 titles)
Gunaratna, V F (3 titles)
Guo Jun and edited by Kenneth Wapner (1 titles)
Gurinder Singh Mann with Paul Numrich and Raymond Williams (1 titles)
Guruge, Ananda W P (1 titles)
Gyamtso, P T (1 titles)
Gyatrul Rinpoche and translated by Allan Wallace (1 titles)
Gyatso, Janet and Havnevik, Hannah (1 titles)
Gyilung Tashi Gyatso and Gyilung Thugchok Dorji and translated by Yeshi Dhondup (1 titles)
Hakeda, Yoshito S (1 titles)
Hakuin and translated by Norman Waddell (2 titles)
Halifax, Joan (3 titles)
Hamill, Sam and Seaton, J P (3 titles)
Hamilton, Diane Musho (1 titles)
Hamilton, Sue (2 titles)
Hamilton-Merritt, J (1 titles)
Hanayama, Shinsho (1 titles)
Hansen, Waldemar (1 titles)
Hanson, Rick and Richard Mendius and performed by Alan Bomar Jones (1 titles)
Harada Roshi, Shodo (2 titles)
Hardacre, Helen (1 titles)
Hardin, Moh (3 titles)
Harding, John S (1 titles)
Harman, Michael (2 titles)
Harrington, Anne (1 titles)
Harris, Elizabeth J (6 titles)
Harris, Susan (1 titles)
Harrison, Gavin (1 titles)
Harrison, John (1 titles)
Hawkeye, Timber (1 titles)
Hawkins, Bradley K (2 titles)
Hayward, Jeremy W (2 titles)
Hayward, Jeremy W and Karen Hayward (1 titles)
Hecker, Hellmuth (4 titles)
Heine, Steven (10 titles)
Heisig, James W and Maraldo, John C (1 titles)
Herrigel, Gustie L (1 titles)
Herzog, Lena and text by Werner Herzog (1 titles)
Hesse, Hermann and translated by Hilda Rosner (2 titles)
Hewitt, James (1 titles)
Heyhoe, Kate (1 titles)
Hideo Yamashita, Samuel (1 titles)
Hinton, David (8 titles)
Hinze, Oscar Marcel and Bedekar, V M (1 titles)
Hiroshige, Ando (3 titles)
Hock, Hans Heinrich (2 titles)
Hoes, Heinz (8 titles)
Hofer, Theresia (1 titles)
Hoffman, Edward (1 titles)
Hoffmann, Yoel (1 titles)
Holecek, Andrew (3 titles)
Hood, Bruce (2 titles)
Hope, Jane and Louis Van Loon (1 titles)
Horner, I B and Jaini, Padmanabh S (1 titles)
Hsi Lai (2 titles)
Hsing Yun, Master and Graham, Tom (1 titles)
Huang, Alfred (2 titles)
Huang, Catherine and A.D. Rosenberg (1 titles)
Hubbard, Jamie and Swanson, Paul L (1 titles)
Hui Hai and Blofeld, John (1 titles)
Humphries, Jeff (1 titles)
Huther, Gerald (1 titles)
Hyers, C (1 titles)
Hymes, Robert (1 titles)
Inada, Kenneth K and Nagarjuna (1 titles)
Ingram, Daniel M (1 titles)
International Campaign For Tibet (2 titles)
Ireland, John D (6 titles)
Friedman, Lenore and Moon, Susan (1 titles)
Fryba, Mirko (1 titles)
Fuxing Zhang (1 titles)
Ganeri, Jonardon (1 titles)
Garchen Rinpoche (2 titles)
Gedun Chopel and Hopkins, Jeffrey and Dorje Yuthok (1 titles)
Gelongma Lama Palmo (1 titles)
Geoffroy-Schneiter, Berenice (1 titles)
Gesar Mukpo (1 titles)
Geshe Gendun Lodro and Hopkins, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Geshe Lobsang Tharchin (6 titles)
Geshe Lobsang Tharchin with text compiled by Trehor Kyorbon Rinpoche (1 titles)
Geshe Sonam Rinchen and translated by Ruth Sonam (7 titles)
Geshe Thubten Loden (2 titles)
Geshe Yeshe Tobden (1 titles)
Gibson, Shimon (1 titles)
Gilchrist, Cherry and illustrated by Nilesh Mistry (1 titles)
Ginsberg, Allen and edited by Bill Morgan (1 titles)
Girard, Frederic (1 titles)
Glazer, Steven (1 titles)
Glover, Judith (1 titles)
Godakumbura, C E (3 titles)
Goenka, S N (1 titles)
Goenka, S N and edited by Virginia Hamilton (1 titles)
Goldberg, Stan (1 titles)
Goldin, Paul Rakita (1 titles)
Goldstein, Melvyn C and Dawai Sherap and Siebenschuh, William (1 titles)
Good Earth Publications (1 titles)
Goodwin, Janet R (1 titles)
Goonesekere, L R (1 titles)
Gopal Bhandarkar, Ramkrishna (2 titles)
Gordon, Antoinette K (1 titles)
Goto, Seiko (1 titles)
Graham, Patricia J (2 titles)
Grant, Beata and Wilt L.Idema (1 titles)
Gray, Alex (1 titles)
Green, James (2 titles)
Grennan, Conor (1 titles)
Groner, Paul (1 titles)
Gross, Rita and Muck, Terry (2 titles)
Grotenhuis, Elizabeth Ten (1 titles)
Groves, Paramabandhu (1 titles)
Gupta, O P (1 titles)
Gyalwa Dokhampa (H.E.Khamtrul Rinpoche) (1 titles)
Gyalwang Drukpa Rinpoche (1 titles)
Gyatrul Rinpoche (1 titles)
Gyurme Dorje and Edited by Graham Coleman with Thubten Jinpa (2 titles)
Hackett, Paul G (5 titles)
Hagmuller, Gotz (1 titles)
Haidinger, Robert (1 titles)
Hajari, Dr (2 titles)
Hall, Mari (1 titles)
Hamwee, John (1 titles)
Han Shan and translated by J.P.Seaton (2 titles)
Han Yongun and translated by Owen Miller and Vladimir Tikhonov (1 titles)
Hanson, Rick (4 titles)
Hanson, Rick and Richard Mendius (1 titles)
Harrer, Heinrich (2 titles)
Harris, Clare (3 titles)
Harris, Maxine and Rochlin, Sheldon (1 titles)
Harrison, Steven (1 titles)
Hartvig, Kirsten (1 titles)
Hartzema, Robert (1 titles)
Harvey, Andrew and Karuna Erickson (1 titles)
Haskel, Peter (1 titles)
Haskew, Michael E and Christer Jorgensen, Chris McNab, Eric Niderost, and Rob S.Rice (1 titles)
Hass, Robert (1 titles)
Hatchell, Christopher (1 titles)
Haycock, Brian (1 titles)
Hayes, Stephen K (1 titles)
Hearn, Lafcadeo (2 titles)
Hedin, Sven A (5 titles)
Heim, Maria R (1 titles)
Heine, Steven and Dale Wright (1 titles)
Heine, Steven and Wright, Dale S (3 titles)
Heisig, James W (1 titles)
Heller, Peter and read by Patrick Lawlor (1 titles)
Henning, Edward (1 titles)
Henss, Michael (1 titles)
Hershock, Peter D (5 titles)
Herzog, Werner (1 titles)
Hesse, Hermann and translated by Sherab Chodzin Kohn (4 titles)
Hetherington, Ian (1 titles)
Hickman, Leo (1 titles)
Hidetoshi, Fukagawa and Tony Rothman (1 titles)
Higginson, William J and Penny Harter (1 titles)
Hiltebeitel, Alf (1 titles)
Hilton, James (1 titles)
Hipsher, Scott A (1 titles)
Hoffman, Frank J (1 titles)
Hoffman, Frank J and Mahinda, Deegalle (1 titles)
Hojsgaard, Morten T (1 titles)
Holden, Lee (1 titles)
Holder, John J (1 titles)
Holliday, Ian (1 titles)
Honervogt, Tanmaya (1 titles)
Hookham, Shenpen (2 titles)
Hopkins, Jeffrey (12 titles)
Horner, I B (23 titles)
Hosten, H (1 titles)
House, Adrian (1 titles)
Howard, Angela Falco (1 titles)
Hsing Yun, Master (2 titles)
Hsing Yun, Master and Tom Graham (2 titles)
Huber, Cheri (14 titles)
Huber, Cheri and Ashwini Narayanan (1 titles)
Huber, Toni (3 titles)
Hummel, Siegbert (2 titles)
Hutchens, Alma R (1 titles)
Hutchins, Francis G (1 titles)
Hyde-Chambers, Audrey and Hyde-Chambers, Frederick (1 titles)
Iggulden, Conn (3 titles)
Ingram, Catherine (1 titles)
Ishigami, Zenno (1 titles)
Ives, Christopher (2 titles)
Ives, Christopher and Gishin, Tokiwa (2 titles)
Jackson, Roger R (2 titles)
Jaini, Padmanabh S and I.B.Horner (1 titles)
James, Alan and James, Jacqui (2 titles)
James, Andy (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye (5 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and Ngawang Zangpo (2 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Ngawang Zangpo (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Sarah Harding (1 titles)
Jamieson, R C (1 titles)
Jampa Ludrup and foreword by Lama Zopa Rinpoche (1 titles)
Jamyang Norbu (4 titles)
Jayatilleke, J N (2 titles)
Jeffers, Susan (3 titles)
Jhampa Kalsang (1 titles)
Jigme Lingpa and translated by Lama Chonam and Sangye Khandro (1 titles)
Johansson, Rune (1 titles)
Johnson, Nathan J (2 titles)
Johnson, Tim (2 titles)
Jones, David (1 titles)
Jones, Dhivan Thomas (1 titles)
Jootla, Susan Elbaum (7 titles)
Joshi, C V (1 titles)
Joshi, Lal Mani (2 titles)
Jotow, Elena and Nicholas Ganz (2 titles)
Judge, William Q (1 titles)
Juniper, Andrew (1 titles)
Kabir and translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra with preface by Wendy Doniger (1 titles)
Kadowaki, Kakichi (1 titles)
Kakuzo, Okakura (1 titles)
Kaminishi, Ikumi (1 titles)
Kapstein, Matthew and Barbara Nimri Aziz (1 titles)
Karma Phuntsho (3 titles)
Karmapa [First] and translated by Michelle Martin and David Karma Choepel (1 titles)
Karmapa [Ninth] and Berzin, Alexander (1 titles)
Karmapa [Ninth] and translated by David Karma Choephel (1 titles)
Karmapa and translated by Katia Holmes (1 titles)
Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje (15 titles)
Karmay, Samten Gyeltsen and Jeff Watt (1 titles)
Kashiwahara, Yusen and Sonoda, Koyu (1 titles)
Kasi, Charlotte Sophia (1 titles)
Kasulis, Thomas P (1 titles)
Katagiri, Dainin (4 titles)
Katsura, Shoryu (1 titles)
Katz, Nathan (2 titles)
Kawaguchi, Ekai (2 titles)
Kaza, Stephanie and Pema Chodron (2 titles)
Kedge, Peter (1 titles)
Keenan, John P (2 titles)
Keiji, Nishitani (1 titles)
Kelly Roshi, Jun Po Denis and Keith Martin-Smith (1 titles)
Kelly, Elizabeth (2 titles)
Kensur Lekden and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins (2 titles)
Kern, H (2 titles)
Kesten, Deborah (1 titles)
Kettles, Nick and illustrated by Serena Sax Hallam (1 titles)
Khan, Noor Inayat and Le Mair, H Willebeek (1 titles)
Khenpo Jigme and Lama Kathy Wesley (1 titles)
Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche with translation by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso (2 titles)
Gampopa and translated by Ken Holmes (1 titles)
Ganeri, Anita (3 titles)
Gangaji (2 titles)
Gannon, Sharon (1 titles)
Gao Yun, Master and Bai Yin, Master (1 titles)
Gardner-Nix, Jackie with Lucie Costin-Hall and foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn (1 titles)
Garfield, Jay (2 titles)
Gates, Janice (1 titles)
Gattuso, Joan (2 titles)
Gaur, Niketan Anand (1 titles)
Geiger, Wilhelm and Mabel Rickmers (1 titles)
Germer, Christopher K (1 titles)
Germer, Christopher K, Siegel, Ronald D, and Fulton, Paul R (1 titles)
Gerstein, Mordicai (1 titles)
Geshe Jampa Tegchok (3 titles)
Geshe Jamyang (1 titles)
Geshe Lam Rim (1 titles)
Geshe Lhundup Sopa (4 titles)
Geshe Lhundup Sopa with Micheal Sweet and Leonard Zwilling (1 titles)
Geshe Thubten Jinpa and compiled by Shonu Gyalchok and Konchok Gyaltsen (1 titles)
Gethin, Rupert and Wijeratne, R P (1 titles)
Ghosh, Mallor (1 titles)
Gibran, Kahlil (1 titles)
Gilbert, Paul (3 titles)
Gilbert, Zen Master (1 titles)
Gillingham-Ryan, Sara Kate (1 titles)
Gimian, James and Barry Boyce (4 titles)
Glassman, Bernard (1 titles)
Glassman, Hank (1 titles)
Goldberg, Kory and Michelle Decary (1 titles)
Goldberg, Natalie (10 titles)
Goldman, Robert P and Sally J.Sutherland Goldman (1 titles)
Gombrich, Richard F (6 titles)
Gomes da Silva, Jose Carlos (1 titles)
Gomo Tulku with Joan Nicell (1 titles)
Gopi Krishna (1 titles)
Gorman, Cid (1 titles)
Govinda, Kalashatra (1 titles)
Govinda, Li Gotami (1 titles)
Gowans, Christopher (2 titles)
Gracian, Balthasar (2 titles)
Graf Durckheim, Karlfried (1 titles)
Gray, David B (4 titles)
Gray, James (2 titles)
Green, Cynthia R (1 titles)
Green, Ronald (1 titles)
Greene, Joshua and illustrations by Domenique Amendola (1 titles)
Greenland, Seth (1 titles)
Greenland, Susan K (1 titles)
Gregory, Peter N and Getz, Daniel A (1 titles)
Gregory, Peter N and Susanne Mrozik (2 titles)
Grey, L (1 titles)
Griffin, Kevin (2 titles)
Griffith, Ralph T H (1 titles)
Griffiths, Mark (1 titles)
Grimes, John A (1 titles)
Gross, Rita (4 titles)
Gunaratana, Bhante Henepola (10 titles)
Gutierrez-Baldoquin, Hilda (2 titles)
Gutschow, Kim (1 titles)
Guy , David (3 titles)
Guy , John (1 titles)
Gyalwa Changchub and Namkhai Nyingpo and Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Gyalwang Drukpa (1 titles)
Gyatso, Janet (2 titles)
Gyurme Dorje and Sangye Gyatso, Desi and Lochen Dharmasri (1 titles)
Hafiz and translated by Thomas Rain Crowe (1 titles)
Hagel, Sara (1 titles)
Haight, Ian (1 titles)
Hakeda, Yoshito S and Kukai (1 titles)
Halkias, Georgios (1 titles)
Hall, David A (1 titles)
Han Shan and translated by Peter Hobson (2 titles)
Handa, O C (1 titles)
Handurukande, Ratna (1 titles)
Hansen, Anne Ruth (2 titles)
Harding, Elizabeth U (1 titles)
Harding, Sarah (4 titles)
Hardo, Trutz (1 titles)
Hardy, E (1 titles)
Hargett, James M (1 titles)
Harish Johari (1 titles)
Harper, Damian (1 titles)
Harris, Clare and Tsering Shakya (2 titles)
Harris, Ian C (4 titles)
Harris, Peter (2 titles)
Harris, Russ (2 titles)
Harrison, Elle (1 titles)
Harrison, Eric (1 titles)
Harrison, Graham (2 titles)
Hartranft, Chip (1 titles)
Harunobu, Suzuki (1 titles)
Harvey, Andrew (10 titles)
Haubner, Shozen Jack and foreword by Leonard Cohen (1 titles)
Hayes, Steven C and Spencer Smith (1 titles)
Hazra, Kanai Lal (3 titles)
Heaversedge, Dr Jonty and Ed Halliwell (1 titles)
Hecker, Hellmuth and Ayya Khema (1 titles)
Hellbach, Michel (3 titles)
Hema Parekh and photographs by Tae Hamamura (1 titles)
Hendricks, Gay and Tinker Lindsay (2 titles)
Henry, Philip (1 titles)
Herbert, Jean (1 titles)
Herge (1 titles)
Herrigel, Eugen (2 titles)
Herring, Laraine (1 titles)
Hicks, Angela (2 titles)
Hillerbrand, Hans J (1 titles)
Hiremath, R C (1 titles)
Hirsch, J M and Michelle Hirsch (1 titles)
Hodges Hart, Addison (1 titles)
Holmes, Ken (1 titles)
Holmes, Ken and Karmapa (1 titles)
Holt, John Clifford and Kinnard, Jacob N and Walters, Jonathan S (1 titles)
Homer and translated by Anthony Verity (1 titles)
Hongkyung Kim (1 titles)
Honolulu Academy of Arts (1 titles)
Hopcke, R H (1 titles)
Hopcke, Roebrt H and Richard Rohr (1 titles)
Hopley, Claire (1 titles)
Horan, Paula (1 titles)
Hori, Kyotsu and Sakashita, Jay (1 titles)
Horner, I B and H.S.Gehman (1 titles)
Horowitz, Mardi (1 titles)
Hsuan Hua, Master (17 titles)
Hua Ching Ni (3 titles)
Huber, Cheri and Guyol, Melinda (1 titles)
Hume, Lotta Carswell and Illustrated by Lo Koon-chiu (1 titles)
Humphrey, Caroline and Hurelbaatar Ujeed (1 titles)
Hung Ying-ming and translated by William Scott Wilson and introduction by Bill Porter (Red Pine) (2 titles)
Hurvitz, Leon (1 titles)
Hwang Soon-Il (2 titles)
I-Tsing and Takakusa, Junjiro (1 titles)
Ichimura, Shohei (1 titles)
Idzikowski, Chris (1 titles)
Ikeda, Daisaku and translated by Burton Watson (1 titles)
Inagaki, Hisao (1 titles)
Ingram, Paul O and Streng, Frederick J (1 titles)
Invernizzi Tettoni, Luca (1 titles)
Izutsu, Toshihiko (1 titles)
Jackson, David and Rob Linrothe (1 titles)
Jacobs, Alan (4 titles)
Jacobs-Stewart, Therese (1 titles)
Jaihiun Kim (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and Commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and Hanson, Judith (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and the Fourteenth Karmapa, Thekchok Dorje (2 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Ingrid McLeod and Elio Guarisco (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Ron Garry (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye, Thrangu Rinpoche and translated by Sarah Harding (1 titles)
Jampa Thaye (6 titles)
Jamyang Wangmo (3 titles)
Jaya Sekhar, K (1 titles)
Jayawickrama, N A (7 titles)
Jenkins, Katherine (1 titles)
Jennings, Pilar (1 titles)
Jensen, Lin (5 titles)
Jerryson, Michael and Mark Juergensmeyer (1 titles)
Jest, Cornielle (2 titles)
Jhingran, Saral (2 titles)
Jigme Lingpa and translated with a commentary by Tulku Thondup (1 titles)
Jinhua Jia (1 titles)
Johnson, Charles (2 titles)
Johnson, Joyce (1 titles)
Jones, Charles Brewer (2 titles)
Jordan, Michael (1 titles)
Joshi, Himanshu (1 titles)
Joshi, L M (1 titles)
Jwing-Ming, Yang (12 titles)
Kachtick, Keith (2 titles)
Kalu Rinpoche (6 titles)
Kalyanapong, A (1 titles)
Kamalamani (1 titles)
Kamansky, David (2 titles)
Kaminoff, Leslie (1 titles)
Irigaray, Luce (1 titles)
Iseli, Peter (1 titles)
Issai Chozanshi and William Scott Wilson and adapted into comic book form by Sean Michael Wilson (1 titles)
Ittner, John (1 titles)
Iyer, Pico (5 titles)
Jackson, David (4 titles)
Jacques, Claude and Freeman, Michael (1 titles)
Jadunath Sinha (1 titles)
Jaffe, Richard (2 titles)
Jagtiani, Lata (1 titles)
Jaishree Kak (1 titles)
Jakubowski, Maxim (1 titles)
Jakusho Kwong Roshi and Levitt, Peter (2 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and translated by Rosemary Fuchs (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Elio Guarisco (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Elizabeth Callahan (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Gyurme Dorje (2 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Ken Mcleod (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Richard Barron (2 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Jamgon Mipham and translated by the Dharmachakra Translation Committee (2 titles)
Jampala (1 titles)
Jan, Emily (2 titles)
Jarmey, Chris and Mojay, Gabriel (1 titles)
Jayasundere, A D (1 titles)
Jayatilleke, K N (9 titles)
Jelusich, Richard A (1 titles)
Jenkins, Sara (1 titles)
Jerryson, Michael (2 titles)
Jiang Wu (1 titles)
Jigme Lingpa, Patrul Rinpoche, and Getse Mahapandita (1 titles)
Jin Baek (1 titles)
Jinananda (4 titles)
Johnson, Russell (1 titles)
Jones, Bill and Stephen Wong (1 titles)
Jones, J J and Khantipalo Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Jones, Ken (3 titles)
Joshi, P V (1 titles)
Jung, Carl Gustav and Anthony Storr (1 titles)
Jungnok Park (1 titles)
Kabat-Zinn, Jon and Dr.Andrew Weil (1 titles)
Kabat-Zinn, Jon and Kabat-Zinn, Myla (1 titles)
Kabatznick, Ronna (1 titles)
Kahneman, Daniel (1 titles)
Kalansuriya, A D P (1 titles)
Kale, M R (1 titles)
Kalia, Kailash Nath (1 titles)
Kalyanaraman, S (1 titles)
Kamalashila (Anthony Matthews) (1 titles)
Kamenetz, Rodger (1 titles)
Kangyur Rinpoche and translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (4 titles)
Kara, Gyorgy (1 titles)
Karma Chagme and Gyatrul Rinpoche and Wallace, B Allan (1 titles)
Karma Thinley Rinpoche (1 titles)
Karmapa [Ninth] and translated by Tyler Dewar (1 titles)
Karmapa [Third] and translated by Karl Brunnholz (1 titles)
Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje and translated by Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Karmay, Samten Gyeltsen and Yasuhiko Nagano (1 titles)
Karunadasa, Y (1 titles)
Karunaratna, Suvimalee (4 titles)
Kasamatsu, Shiro and retold by Ralph F.McCarthy (1 titles)
Kathog Situ Chokyi Gyatso and translated by Elio Guarisco (1 titles)
Kato, Bunno and Tamura, Yoshiro and Miyasaka, Kojiro (1 titles)
Kawasaki, Ken and Visakha Kawasaki (5 titles)
Kay , David N (2 titles)
Keenan, Terence (2 titles)
Keene, Donald (1 titles)
Keiji, Nishitani and translated by Seisaku Yamamoto and Robert E.Carter (1 titles)
Kemp, Hans and Tom Vater (1 titles)
Keown, Damien and Charles Prebish (2 titles)
Khan, Noor Inayat (1 titles)
Khema Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Khenpo Gawang (2 titles)
Khenpo Kathar Rinpoche (1 titles)
Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche (2 titles)
Khenpo Sherab Phuntsok and translated by Michele Martin (1 titles)
Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche (1 titles)
Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and translated by Ari Goldfield and Rose Taylor (2 titles)
Khenpo Tsuultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche (1 titles)
Kherdian, David (3 titles)
Kiblinger, Kristin Beise (1 titles)
Kim , Jaihuin (2 titles)
Kim Eng (1 titles)
Kim Ki-Duk (1 titles)
Kincaid, Jamaica (1 titles)
King, Sallie B and Ingram, Paul O (1 titles)
Kinnard, Jacob B (4 titles)
Kirchner, Thomas Yuho (1 titles)
Kirthisinghe, Buddhadasa P (1 titles)
Kittisaro and Tanissara (1 titles)
Kiyosaki, Robert and Emi Kiyosaki (2 titles)
Klemmer, Brian (1 titles)
Klimburg-Salter, Deborah (1 titles)
Klimburg-Salter, Deborah and Allinger, Eva (1 titles)
Klostermaier, Klaus K (2 titles)
Knight, Charles F and Gragnani, Carlo (1 titles)
Knight, Charles F and McAuliffe, R (1 titles)
Knight, George (1 titles)
Ko Un (4 titles)
Kohn, Michael H and Fischer-Schreiber, Ingrid (2 titles)
Koji Yagi and photographs by Ryo Hata (1 titles)
Kopf, Gereon (1 titles)
Kornfield, Jack and Robert Hall (1 titles)
Koseki, Suzoko (1 titles)
Koster, Frits (1 titles)
Kozma, Alex (1 titles)
Kraft, Kenneth (2 titles)
Kreijger, Hugo E (2 titles)
Krishnamachariar, M (1 titles)
Kristen Ma (1 titles)
Ksemendra (1 titles)
Kuang-chung Lo and Brewitt-Taylor, C H (1 titles)
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth and Kessler, David (1 titles)
Kuchler, Kai-Uwe (1 titles)
Kugle, Scott (1 titles)
Kunsang, Erik Pema and compiled by Marcia Schmidt (1 titles)
Ladinsky, Daniel and illustrated by Silas Toball (1 titles)
Ladwig, Patrice (1 titles)
Laird, Thomas (3 titles)
Lal, P (1 titles)
Lama Anagarika Govinda (6 titles)
Lama Chime Rinpoche (1 titles)
Lama Karma Drodul and translated by Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Lama Kunsang and Lama Pemo and Marie Aubele (1 titles)
Lama Lodo (1 titles)
Lama Surya Das (16 titles)
Lama Thubten Yeshe (21 titles)
Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Thubten Zopa (3 titles)
Lama Thubten Yeshe and Robina Courtin (1 titles)
Lama Thubten Zopa and Faye Wong (1 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and Dalai Lama and Hopkins, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and Dalai Lama and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins (2 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and Geshe Lobsang Tharchin (2 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and translated by Gareth Sparham (6 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa, introduction and translation by Thomas Freeman Yarnall (1 titles)
Lamaison, Jean-Louis and Jean-Marie Polese (1 titles)
Lamotte, Etienne and Leo Pruden (1 titles)
Lamotte, Etienne and Sara Boin-Webb (1 titles)
Lancaster, Lewis and Whalen Lai (1 titles)
Landsberg, G and Rhys Davids, Caroline (1 titles)
Langan, Robert (2 titles)
Lanman, Charles Rockwell (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by Gia-Fu Feng with Jane English (1 titles)
LaRocca, Donald (2 titles)
Larson, Kay (3 titles)
Lati Rinpoche and Hopkins, Jeffrey and Napper, Elizabeth (1 titles)
Lati Rinpoche and Jeffrey Hopkins (1 titles)
Lau , D C (1 titles)
Laycock, Steven W (2 titles)
Lazar, Edward (1 titles)
Le May, Reginald (1 titles)
Lee , Bruce and edited by John Little (1 titles)
Lee , Bruce and Little, John (1 titles)
Lee , Cyndi (2 titles)
Lee , Deborah and Sophie James (1 titles)
Lefebure, Leo D and P.Feldmeier (1 titles)
Fox , Jennifer (1 titles)
Fpmt and edited by Amy Cayton (1 titles)
Fpmt and guided by Kendall Magnussen (1 titles)
Francke, A H (1 titles)
Francke, Linda B (1 titles)
Frantzis, Bruce Kumar (3 titles)
Fraser, Andrew (1 titles)
Frauwallner, Eric (1 titles)
Frawley, David and Summerfield-Kozak, Sandra (1 titles)
Fremantle, Francesca (1 titles)
French, Patrick (1 titles)
French, Rebecca Redwood and Mark A.Nathan (1 titles)
Fricke, Ron (1 titles)
Fricke, Tom (1 titles)
Fronsdal, Gil (5 titles)
Funakoshi, Gichin (1 titles)
Fung Yu-lan and translated by Derk Bodde (1 titles)
Fussell, Ronald (1 titles)
Gach, Gary (3 titles)
Gail, Adalbert J and Gerd Mevissen and Richrad Salomon (1 titles)
Gandhi, Rajmohan (1 titles)
Ganguli, Kisara Mohan (1 titles)
Garfield, Jay and Nalini Bhushan (1 titles)
Garfield, Jay and William Edelgass (1 titles)
Garrett, Frances (1 titles)
Gates, Rolf and Kenison, Katrina (1 titles)
Gawler, Ian (1 titles)
Gedun Chopel (1 titles)
Gedun Chopel and translated by Geshe Thubten Jinpa and Donald S Lopez (1 titles)
Gedun Chopel and translated by Pema Wangjie and Jean Mulligan. Preface by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (1 titles)
Geiger, Wilhelm (4 titles)
Gelek Rinpoche, Ngawang (1 titles)
Gelong Karma Jiga (1 titles)
Gemmel, William (1 titles)
Gen Lamrimpa and translated by Alan Wallace (3 titles)
Gen Lamrinpa Ngawang Phuntsok (1 titles)
Gernet, Jacques (1 titles)
Geshe Lhundup Sopa and Jackson, Roger R and Newman, John (1 titles)
Geshe Lhundup Sopa with Paul Donnelly (1 titles)
Geshe Lobsang Tharchin and translated by Artimus B Engle (1 titles)
Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey and Berzin, Alexander (1 titles)
Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey and translated Allan Wallace and Richard Guard (1 titles)
Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey and translated by Allan Wallace (1 titles)
Geshe Ngawang Dragpa (1 titles)
Geshe Rabten (2 titles)
Geshe Sonam Rinchen (6 titles)
Geshe Thubten Jinpa (4 titles)
Gethin, Rupert (3 titles)
Gewitz, Isaac (1 titles)
Ghosh, Raghunath (1 titles)
Gillis Chapman, Susan (2 titles)
Gilman, Michael (1 titles)
Gilpin, Richard (1 titles)
Ginsberg, Allen and edited by Juanita Lieberman-Plimpton and Bill Morgan (1 titles)
Ginsberg, Mitchell (1 titles)
Gioi Huong, Bhikkhuni (1 titles)
Giono, Jean (1 titles)
Glass, Newman Robert (1 titles)
Glickman, Marshall (1 titles)
Glyck, Vivian Elisabeth (1 titles)
Goddard, Dwight (2 titles)
Goenka, S N and Hart, William (1 titles)
Gold, Peter (22 titles)
Goldstein, Joseph (12 titles)
Goldstein, Melvyn C and Kapstein, Matthew (1 titles)
Goldstein, Melvyn C with Gelek Rinpoche and Lobsang Phuntsog (1 titles)
Goleman, Daniel (7 titles)
Gomez, Luis O (1 titles)
Goodall, Jane with Phillip Berman (1 titles)
Goonewardene, Anil (1 titles)
Gordon, David (1 titles)
Gorer, Geoffrey (1 titles)
Gorin, Joe (1 titles)
Goto, Scott (1 titles)
Gouin, Margaret (1 titles)
Granoff, Phyllis and Shinohara, Koichi (1 titles)
Grant, Beata and Su Shih (1 titles)
Green, Jonathan (1 titles)
Green, Michael (2 titles)
Greenly, Edward (1 titles)
Greenwald, Jeff (1 titles)
Gregory, Peter N and Tsung-Mi (1 titles)
Gregson, Jonathan (1 titles)
Gribbin, John and Mary Gribbin (1 titles)
Griffiths, Paul J (2 titles)
Gross, Rita and Radford Ruether, Rosemary (1 titles)
Guang Xing (2 titles)
Gupta, Gauri Shankar (1 titles)
Gupta, Sanjukta (1 titles)
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Sivananda Radha (1 titles)
Gyalse Tokme and translated by Susanne Fairclough (1 titles)
Gyaltse Namgyal Wandue (1 titles)
Gyaltsen Lama (1 titles)
Gyre, Jason (1 titles)
Gyumed Khensur Lobsang Jampa and edited by Lorne Ladner (1 titles)
Gyurme Dorje (1 titles)
Gyurme Dorje and Tashi Tsering, Heather Stoddard, and Andre Alexander (1 titles)
Gyuto Tantric Monks (1 titles)
Ha Poong Kim (1 titles)
Haar, B J (1 titles)
Haas, Michaela (1 titles)
Habito, Ruben (3 titles)
Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky (1 titles)
Hagen, Steve (4 titles)
Hajime, Tanabe (1 titles)
Hakuin and Waddell, Norman (2 titles)
Halpern, Gina (1 titles)
Hamill, Sam (5 titles)
Hamilton, Allan J (1 titles)
Haney William S II (1 titles)
Hangin, John G (2 titles)
Happy Buddha (Suryacitta Malcolm Smith) (1 titles)
Harding, John S with Victor Sogen Hori and Alexander Soucy (1 titles)
Harper, Katherine Anne and Brown, Robert L (1 titles)
Harris, Ishwar C (1 titles)
Hart, William and Goenka, S N (1 titles)
Harvey, Peter (4 titles)
Hasegawa, Seikan (3 titles)
Haskel, Peter and Hadeka, Yoshito and Bankei Yotaku (1 titles)
Hatsumi, Masaaki (2 titles)
Hayward, Jeremy W and Varela, Francisco J and Dalai Lama (2 titles)
Hee-Jin Kim (2 titles)
Hee-Sung Keel (2 titles)
Heine, Steven and Dale S.Wright (1 titles)
Held Audette, Anna (1 titles)
Heller, Amy (3 titles)
Helminski, Kabir (2 titles)
Hemenway, Priya (2 titles)
Hendrischke, Barbara (1 titles)
Henricks, Robert G (2 titles)
Herman, Arthur L (1 titles)
Herman, Jonathan R (2 titles)
Heylin, Clinton (1 titles)
Heywood, W (1 titles)
Hildegard of Bingen and edited by Emilie Griffin (1 titles)
Hillebrandt, Alfred (1 titles)
Hiriyanna, M (2 titles)
Hirota, Dennis (4 titles)
Hixon, Lex (3 titles)
Ho Peng Yoke (1 titles)
Hodge, David and Hi-Jin Hodge (1 titles)
Hodge, Stephen (3 titles)
Hoff, Benjamin (3 titles)
Hoivik, Susan (1 titles)
Hokusai, Katsushika (2 titles)
Holden, Robert (2 titles)
Holloway, Kenneth (2 titles)
Holmes, Ken and Holmes, Katia (1 titles)
Holmes-Tagchungdarpa, Amy (1 titles)
Holt, John Clifford (5 titles)
Holt, John Clifford and translated from the Sinhala by Udaya Meddegama (1 titles)
Hongzing Zhang (1 titles)
Hoopes, Aaron (1 titles)
Hopkins, Jerry (1 titles)
Hopkins, Steven P (1 titles)
Hopkirk, Peter (8 titles)
Horsley, Kate (2 titles)
Horton, Sarah J (1 titles)
Hsiao-Lan Hu (1 titles)
Huang, C Julia (1 titles)
Hubbard, Jamie (1 titles)
Hubbell Maiden, Anne and Farwell, Edie (2 titles)
Hulskramer, George (1 titles)
Humphrey, Caroline and Onon, Urgunge (1 titles)
Humphreys, Christmas (7 titles)
Hutanuwatr, Pracha and Rasbash, Jane (1 titles)
Hwansoo Ilmee Kim (1 titles)
Hyams, Gina (1 titles)
Hyman, Mark (1 titles)
Ichikawa, Kon (1 titles)
Idema, Wilt L (1 titles)
Ikkyu and Stevens, John (1 titles)
Inder Bhan Bhasin (1 titles)
Ingram, Paul O (1 titles)
Irons, Edward (1 titles)
Issai Chozanshi and William Scott Wilson (2 titles)
Khenpo Konchog Gyeltsen Rinpoche and co-translated and edited by Katherine Rogers (2 titles)
Khenpo Konchog Gyeltsen Rinpoche and Khenmo Trinlay Chodron (1 titles)
Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang and translated by Heidi Nevin and Jakob Leschly (1 titles)
Khenpo Palden Sherab and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal (18 titles)
Khenpo Tashi Gyaltsen (1 titles)
Khenpo Yeshe Phuntsok (1 titles)
Khoroche, Peter (1 titles)
Kilham, Christopher S (1 titles)
Kirkland, Russell (1 titles)
Kirsten-Honshin, Nicholas (3 titles)
Kirthisinghe, Buddhadasa P and Amarasuriya, M P (1 titles)
Kittay, David R (1 titles)
Klippensteen, Kate and photographs by Yasuo Konishi (1 titles)
Knitter, Paul F (1 titles)
Kodera, Takashi James (1 titles)
Kohn, Livia and Lafargue, Michael (1 titles)
Kohno, Jiko (1 titles)
Kolts, Russell (1 titles)
Kolts, Russell and ven.Thubten Chodron (1 titles)
Komarovski, Yaroslav (1 titles)
Komito, David Ross and Nagarjuna and Geshe Sonam Rinchen (2 titles)
Kopan Nuns (1 titles)
Koppl, Heidi (1 titles)
Kornfield, Jack (40 titles)
Kornfield, Jack and Dr.Daniel Siegel (1 titles)
Kornfield, Jack and Feldman, Christina (1 titles)
Koryusai, Isada (1 titles)
Kozak, Arnold (2 titles)
Kragh, Ulrich Timme (1 titles)
Kramer, Jacqueline (1 titles)
Kramrisch, Stella (1 titles)
Krishna Dharma (3 titles)
Kulananda and Houlder, Dominic J (1 titles)
Kumar Joshi, Binod (1 titles)
Kumar Singh, Vijay (1 titles)
Kumuda Reddy and Kendz, Stan (1 titles)
Kuzmina, E E and edited by Victor H.Mair (1 titles)
Kvaerne, Per (3 titles)
Kwang-Ching Liu and Shek , Richard (1 titles)
Ladner, Lorne (1 titles)
LaFleur, William R (3 titles)
Laliberte, Andre (1 titles)
Lam, Jimmy and Ju K Tan (1 titles)
Lama Anagarika Govinda and translated by Maurice Walshe (1 titles)
Lama Dudjom Dorjee (3 titles)
Lama Sherab Gyeltsen Amipa (1 titles)
Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Thuten Zopa and ven.Amy Miller (1 titles)
Lama Thubten Zopa (48 titles)
Lama Thubten Zopa and Lama Thubten Yeshe (2 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and translated by Gavin Kilty and edited by Geshe Thubten Jinpa (1 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and translated by Jay Garfield with Geshe Ngawang Samten (1 titles)
Lamotte, Etienne and with English translation by Sara Boin-Webb (1 titles)
Lancaster, Brian L (1 titles)
Landaw, Jonathan and Weber, Andy (1 titles)
Langemyr Larsen, Tove (1 titles)
Lantieri, Linda and Daniel Goleman (1 titles)
Lanzetta, Beverley J (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by David Hinton (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by Sam Hamill (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by Thomas Cleary (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and Weiger, Leon and Bryce, Derek (1 titles)
Lariviere, Richard W (1 titles)
Lark, Liz (1 titles)
Larsen, Knud (1 titles)
Lati Rinpoche, Denma Locho Rinpoche and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins and Leah Zeahler (1 titles)
Laumakis, Stephen J (1 titles)
Law, Mark (1 titles)
Lawler, Jennifer (2 titles)
Le Sueur, Alec (1 titles)
Leaman, Oliver (1 titles)
Lee , Kwangsu (1 titles)
Lee , Peter H and De Bary, Wm Theodore (1 titles)
Legge, James and Fa Hsien (1 titles)
Leighton, Taigen Dan, and Shohaku Okumura (1 titles)
Leloup, Jean-Yves (1 titles)
Lempert, Michael (1 titles)
Leo , Veronica and Tashi Daknewa (1 titles)
Leonelli, Laura (1 titles)
Leoshko, Janice (1 titles)
Leslie, Charles and Zysk, Kenneth G (1 titles)
Levenson, Claude B and translated from the French by Joseph Rowe (1 titles)
Levine, Stephen and Levine, Ondrea (1 titles)
Lew , Alan and Jaffe, Sherril (1 titles)
Lewis, Dennis (2 titles)
Lewis, Thomas and Amini, Fari and Lannon, Richard (1 titles)
Lewis, Todd T (2 titles)
Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa (1 titles)
Lhamo Pemba (1 titles)
Li Po and translated by J.P.Seaton (2 titles)
Limaye, Surekha Vijay (1 titles)
Lindberg Falk, Monica (1 titles)
Lindtner, Christian and Nagarjuna (1 titles)
Lippe, Toinette (1 titles)
Lipsey, Roger (2 titles)
Little, Amanda (1 titles)
Little, Stephen (1 titles)
Liyanaratne, Jinadasa (3 titles)
Lobsang Rampa, T (1 titles)
Locke, Angela (1 titles)
Logan, Pamela (1 titles)
Loizzo, Joseph (1 titles)
Lonely Planet (2 titles)
Longchenpa (8 titles)
Longchenpa and Guenther, Herbert V (3 titles)
Longchenpa and translated by Kennard Lipman and Merrill Peterson. Introduction by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. (2 titles)
Loori, John Daido (21 titles)
Loori, John Daido and translated by Kazuaki Tanahashi (2 titles)
Lopez, Donald S (24 titles)
Lopon Tenzin Namdak and Dixey, Richard (1 titles)
Lopon Tenzin Namdak and Tachikawa, Musashi and Nagano, Yasuhiko (1 titles)
Lorenzen, David and Adrian Munoz (1 titles)
Losada, Isabel (3 titles)
Lowenthal, Martin (1 titles)
Loy , David (7 titles)
Ltwa (1 titles)
Ludowyk, E F C (1 titles)
Ludvik, Catherine (1 titles)
Luetchford, Michael Eido (1 titles)
Luisi, Pier Luigi (1 titles)
Lusthaus, Dan (1 titles)
Lyons, Jonathan (1 titles)
Macdonald, Sarah (1 titles)
Machacek, David and Wilson, Bryan (1 titles)
MacLean, Kerry Lee (2 titles)
Maclean, Rory (1 titles)
Macy, Joanna and Brown, Molly Young (1 titles)
Mahadevan, T M P (2 titles)
Mahadevi Verma (1 titles)
Maher, Paul (1 titles)
Maisel, Eric and Dr Susan Raeburn (1 titles)
Maitland, Arnaud (3 titles)
Maitreya and Asanga and Thrangu Rinpoche, Khnechen (1 titles)
Maitreya and Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and translated by Jim Scott (1 titles)
Maitreya with a Commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche (1 titles)
Major, John S and Sarh A.Queen, Harold D.Roth and Andrew Seth Meyer (1 titles)
Makransky, John (3 titles)
Malalasekera, G P and Jayatilleke, K N (1 titles)
Malone, Calvin (1 titles)
Man-Ho Kwok (2 titles)
Manners, David (1 titles)
Mansfield, Vic with a foreword by the Dalai Lama (2 titles)
Mantak Chia and Winn, Michael (1 titles)
Marlowe, Sara and illustrated by Phil Pascuzzo (1 titles)
Marpa Chokyi Lodro (1 titles)
MarshalL, S J (1 titles)
Martin, Philip (1 titles)
Martin, Samuel E (1 titles)
Martinez, Jose Luiz (1 titles)
Masica, Colin P (1 titles)
Masselos, Jim (1 titles)
Masters, John (2 titles)
Mathur, Dinesh S (1 titles)
Mattis-Namgyel, Elizabeth and foreword by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche (4 titles)
Maturana, H R and Varela, Francisco J (1 titles)
Maurer, Walter (1 titles)
Maya Tiwari (1 titles)
McAra, Sally (1 titles)
McCrea, Lawrence J and Parimal G.Patel (1 titles)
McDaniel, Justin (3 titles)
McGuckin, John Anthony (1 titles)
McHale, Shawn Frederick (1 titles)
McKendrick, Scot and Kathleen Doyle (1 titles)
McKenna, Terence (1 titles)
Lehman, Steve and Barnett, Robbie (1 titles)
Lehrhaupt, Linda Myoki (1 titles)
Leidecker, Kurt F and Kirthisinghe, Buddhadasa P (1 titles)
Leighton, Taigen Dan and Dogen, Eihei (1 titles)
Leighton, Taigen Dan, Okumura, Shohaku (1 titles)
Lenfestey, James P (1 titles)
Lettick Crotzer, Shoosh (1 titles)
Levenson, Claude B and Rowe, Joseph and Dalai Lama (1 titles)
Levey, Joel and Michelle Levey (1 titles)
Levine, Norma (3 titles)
Levine, Stephen (6 titles)
Li Po and Tu Fu and translated by Arthur Cooper (1 titles)
Lidova, Natalia (1 titles)
Lienhard, Siegfried (1 titles)
Linden, David J (1 titles)
Lindtner, Christian (1 titles)
Linrothe, Rob (1 titles)
Lipski, Alexander (1 titles)
Littleton, C Scott and Gordon, Matthew S (1 titles)
Liu, Aimee (1 titles)
Lobsang Rabgay, Dr (1 titles)
Lockhart, Maureen (1 titles)
Longchenpa and translated by Lama Chonom and Sangye Khandro (1 titles)
Lopez, Donald S and Peggy McCracken (1 titles)
Losang Thonden (2 titles)
Lowenthal, Wolfe (1 titles)
Lozang Jamspal and edited by Paul Hackett (1 titles)
Luard, Elisabeth (1 titles)
Luczanitis, Christian (2 titles)
Luo Guanzhong and Roberts, Moss (2 titles)
Lyne, Adrian (1 titles)
Mabja Jangchub Tsondru and translated by the Dharmachakra Translation Committee (1 titles)
MacCoun, Catherine (1 titles)
Macdonell, Arthur Anthony (6 titles)
Macintyre, Ben (1 titles)
Mackenzie Stewart, Jampa (1 titles)
MacWeeney, Alen and Ness, Caro (1 titles)
Macy, Joanna (2 titles)
Madhu Bazaz Wangu (1 titles)
Magliola, Robert (1 titles)
Magnussen, Kendall (1 titles)
Mahinda Deegalle (1 titles)
Main, Darren (1 titles)
Maitland, Jeffrey and Harold D.Roth (1 titles)
Maitreya and translated by the Dharmachakra Translation Committee (1 titles)
Majumdar, B (1 titles)
Majumdar, S K (1 titles)
Malkin, John (2 titles)
Man , John (7 titles)
Manaka, Yoshio and Urquhart, A (1 titles)
Manju Kak (1 titles)
Mann, Jeffrey K (1 titles)
Manski, Vitali and produced by Alexey Kucherenko (1 titles)
Mantak Chia (10 titles)
Marsden, Carolyn and Thay Phap Niem (1 titles)
Marston, John and Guthrie, Elizabeth (1 titles)
Mascaro, Juan (2 titles)
Masefield, Peter (6 titles)
Mason-John, Valerie (2 titles)
Masset, Daniele (2 titles)
Master Zhongxian Wu and Dr Karin Taylor Wu (2 titles)
Masters, Jarvis Jay with a foreword by Pema Chodron (2 titles)
Masters, Robert Augustus (1 titles)
Masunaga, Reiho (1 titles)
Matara Sri Nanarama Mahathera (2 titles)
Mathieu, W A (1 titles)
Matsuo, Kenji (1 titles)
Matthews, Caitlin (1 titles)
Matthiessen, Peter and Peter Cunningham (1 titles)
Mayank Chhaya (2 titles)
McCall, Timothy (1 titles)
McCorquoda, Robert and Orosz, Nicholas (1 titles)
McCurdy, Michael (1 titles)
McDonald, Kathleen (2 titles)
McFadden, Christine (1 titles)
McGovern, William Montgomery (3 titles)
McKay, Alex (4 titles)
McKeith, Gillian (1 titles)
McLeod, Melvin (16 titles)
McNair, Amy (1 titles)
McNiff, Shaun (3 titles)
Meade Sperry, Rod and editors of the Shambhala Sun (1 titles)
Meller, Eric (3 titles)
Metcalf, Franz Aubrey (3 titles)
Metcalfe, Daniel (1 titles)
Meulenbeld, G Jan and Wujastyk, Dominik (1 titles)
Miao You and illustrated by Yan Kaixin (1 titles)
Michael, Thomas (1 titles)
Middleton, Ruth (1 titles)
Miller, Andrea and editors of the Shambhala Sun (3 titles)
Miller, Casper J (1 titles)
Miller, Daniel J (1 titles)
Miller, Davis (1 titles)
Millman, Dan (2 titles)
Milton, Giles (2 titles)
Mingyur Rinpoche with Eric Swanson (1 titles)
Minling Terchen Gyurme Dorje and Khamtrul Rinpoche and Tsepak Rigzin (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche and Shantarakshita. Translated by the Padmakara Group (2 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and Khenpo Shenga and translated by Dharmachakra Translation Committee (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and translated by Jay Goldberg (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and translated by Thomas H Doctor (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and translated by Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Mishra, P K (1 titles)
Mitchell, David (1 titles)
Mizuno, Kogen (3 titles)
Modi, S (1 titles)
Moeller, Hans-Georg (1 titles)
Mohan, A G and Mohan, Indra (1 titles)
Moir, Martin (1 titles)
Mokshapriya, Dh. (4 titles)
Monier-Williams, Monier (3 titles)
Moore, Cyril (1 titles)
Morais, Richard C (2 titles)
Morley, Grace (1 titles)
Morrell, Robert E (1 titles)
Morrison, Robert (1 titles)
Moss, Peter (1 titles)
Mountain, J K (1 titles)
Muller, A Charles (1 titles)
Muller, E (2 titles)
Murcott, Susan (1 titles)
Murphy, Sean (1 titles)
Musashi, Miyamoto and edited by Kenji Tokitsu (2 titles)
Mustoe, Anne (1 titles)
Muth, Jon J (6 titles)
Myers, Diana K and Bean, Susan S (1 titles)
Nagaraja, Dharmachari and illustrated by Sharon Tancredi (1 titles)
Nagarjuna and Lama Tsong Khapa and Mipham Rinpoche and translated by Glenn H Mullin (1 titles)
Nagarjuna with commentary by the Third Karmapa, translated by Karl Brunnholz (2 titles)
Nagata, Seiji (1 titles)
Nagru Geshe Gelek Jinpa and edited by Carol and Dmitry Ermakov (1 titles)
Nakamaki, Hirochika (1 titles)
Nalanda Translation Committee (1 titles)
Namkha Pal and translated by Brian Beresford (1 titles)
Namkhai Norbu (18 titles)
Namkhai Norbu and edited by Kennard Lipman (1 titles)
Namkhai Norbu and translated by John Reynolds (1 titles)
Namu with Christine Mathieu (1 titles)
Nanajivako Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Nanamoli Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu Bodhi (1 titles)
Nanamoli Bhikkhu and Buddhaghosa (1 titles)
Nanananda Bhikkhu (2 titles)
Nanayakkara, Sanath (1 titles)
Napoli, Lisa (1 titles)
Napper, Elizabeth (1 titles)
Nattier, Jan (3 titles)
Nawang Khechog (6 titles)
Newell, Zo (1 titles)
Ngawang Zangpo (1 titles)
Nisargadatta, Sri and Powell, Robert (3 titles)
Nisargadatta, Sri with Stephen Wolinsky (3 titles)
Nisker, Wes and Barbara Gates (2 titles)
Niyogi, Puspa (1 titles)
Nonome, Satoshi (1 titles)
Nonomura, Kaoru (1 titles)
Norman, Alex (2 titles)
Nouwen, Henri and edited by Robert A Jonas (1 titles)
Nyanaponika Thera and Knight, Charles F and Jackson, Natasha and Oates, L (1 titles)
Nyanasobhano Bhikkhu (9 titles)
Nyunt, Peter (1 titles)
O'Brien, Jess (1 titles)
Obadia, Lionel L (1 titles)
Ogawa, Hideyo (1 titles)
Oldstone-Moore, Jennifer (3 titles)
Omvedt, Gail (1 titles)
Ontl, Petr Karel (1 titles)
Openshaw, Jeanne (1 titles)
Ophuls, Patrick (1 titles)
Ornstein, Robert (1 titles)
Orsillo, Susan M and Lizabeth Roemer (2 titles)
Osho (Rajneesh) (1 titles)
Iyengar, B K S (10 titles)
Jackson, Natasha and Edwards, Hilda M (1 titles)
Jaeger, Peter (1 titles)
Jaini, Padmanabh S (6 titles)
James, Alan (2 titles)
James, Jacqui (1 titles)
James, Simon P (1 titles)
Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and translated by Elio Guarisco and Ingrid McLeod (1 titles)
Jamling Tenzin Norgay (1 titles)
Jansen, E Rudy (1 titles)
Jaschke, H A (2 titles)
Jayatilleke, K N and Smart, Ninian (1 titles)
Jenner, Paul (1 titles)
Jennings, William Dale (2 titles)
Jeremiah, Ken (1 titles)
Jhavar, Smita (1 titles)
Jiang Rong (1 titles)
Johns, Christopher (1 titles)
Johnson, W J (1 titles)
Johnson, Wendy (1 titles)
Johnson, Will (5 titles)
Johnson, Yanling Lee (1 titles)
Johnston, Charles (1 titles)
Johnston, E H (1 titles)
Johnstone, Matthew (1 titles)
Jones, J J (4 titles)
Jordt, Ingrid (1 titles)
Joshi, Sunil V (1 titles)
Kabat-Zinn, Jon (16 titles)
Kabat-Zinn, Jon and Richard J.Davidson, and Zara Houshmand (2 titles)
Kain, John (1 titles)
Kajihama, Ryoshun (2 titles)
Kalupahana, David J (7 titles)
Kaplan, Jonathan (1 titles)
Karcher, Stephen (5 titles)
Karma Chagme and commentary by Gyatrul Rinpoche, translated by B.Alan Wallace (1 titles)
Karma Chagme and translated by Lopon Sonam Tsewang and Judith Amtzis (2 titles)
Karmay, Samten Gyeltsen (5 titles)
Karr, Andy (1 titles)
Karr, Andy and Michael Wood (1 titles)
Kasahara, Kazuo (1 titles)
Kasl, Charlotte (1 titles)
Kassof, Andrea (1 titles)
Kaufman, Stephen F and Musashi, Miyamoto (1 titles)
Kaul, Advaitavadini (1 titles)
Kaye, Les (2 titles)
Kaza, Stephanie (3 titles)
Keen, Sam (1 titles)
Keenan, John P with Linda Keenan and Harold Kasimow (2 titles)
Keene, Laura (1 titles)
Keiko Kubo (1 titles)
Kenemore, Scott (2 titles)
Kennedy, Brian L and Elizabeth Guo (1 titles)
Kent, Howard and Claire Hayler (1 titles)
Kerouac, Jack (5 titles)
Kerouac, Jack and Allen Ginsberg, edited by Bill Morgan and David Stanford (2 titles)
Kerouac, Jack with and introduction by A.M.Homes (1 titles)
Kewley, Michael (9 titles)
Khachoe Ghakyil Nuns (1 titles)
Khamtrul Rinpoche and translated by Lozang Zopa (1 titles)
Khan, Hazrat Inayat (1 titles)
Khanna, Madhu and Ajit Mookerjee (1 titles)
Khenchen Appey Rinpoche (1 titles)
Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche (17 titles)
Khenpo Konchog Gyeltsen Rinpoche (2 titles)
Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang and Dipamkara and translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Khenpo Palden Sherab (1 titles)
Khenpo Palden Sherab and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche (1 titles)
Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche (3 titles)
Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and translated by Michelle Martin (1 titles)
Khenpo Ugyen Tenzin (1 titles)
Khin Myo Chit (1 titles)
Khunu Rinpoche, translated by Gareth Sparham (1 titles)
Kieschnick, John (2 titles)
Kim , Jae Woong (1 titles)
Kimbrough, R Keller (1 titles)
King, Francis (2 titles)
King, Sallie B (3 titles)
King, Winston L (2 titles)
King, Winston L and Shosan, Suzuki (1 titles)
Kinsley, David (3 titles)
Kipling, Rudyard (1 titles)
Kiriyama, Seiyu (6 titles)
Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche and translated by Ian Coughlan and Voula Zarpani (1 titles)
Kisly, Lorraine (2 titles)
Kitagawa, Joseph M (1 titles)
Kitaro, Nishita (1 titles)
Kiyota, Minoru (2 titles)
Kjellberg, Paul and Philip J.Ivanhoe (1 titles)
Klein, Anne C (6 titles)
Klein, Anne C and Kensur Yeshe Tupden (1 titles)
Klein, Carol (1 titles)
Kloppenborg, Ria (1 titles)
Knaster, Mirka (2 titles)
Knaus, John Kenneth (2 titles)
Kobayashi, Katsuyo (1 titles)
Kohn, Richard J (1 titles)
Kohn, Richard J and produced by Franz-Christopher Giercke and Barbara Becker (1 titles)
Kohn, Sherab Chodzin and Alexandra Kamala Kohn and illustrated by Marie Cameron (1 titles)
Kornman, Robin and Lama Chonam with Sangye Khandro (1 titles)
Kotawila Sri Pemaloka Thera (1 titles)
Kraftsow, Gary (1 titles)
Kramer, Gregory (1 titles)
Kranti, Vijay (3 titles)
Krech, Gregg (1 titles)
Krishnamurti, Jiddu and Bohm, David (1 titles)
Krishnamurti, Jiddu and Bohm, David and Shainberg, David (1 titles)
Krishnamurti, U G and Ellen J.Chrystal (1 titles)
Kubo, Keiko (2 titles)
Kuhn, Aihan (1 titles)
Kuleshov, Nikolai S and Berzin, Alexander and Bray, John (1 titles)
Kull, Robert (1 titles)
Kumagai, Seiji (1 titles)
Kumar, S (1 titles)
Kumuda Reddy and Linda Egenes (1 titles)
Kumuda Reddy and Linda Egenes and Margaret Mullins (1 titles)
Kunsung Dolma with Evan Denno (1 titles)
Kunzang Pelden and translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Kurozumi, Tadaaki and Isshi Kohmoto, translated by Sumio Kamiya (1 titles)
Kusalasaya, Karuna (1 titles)
Kuzmin, Sergius L (1 titles)
Kuzminski, Adrian (1 titles)
Ladner, Lorne with Lama Thubten Zopa (1 titles)
Ladrang Kalsang (1 titles)
Lafargue, Michael (1 titles)
Lafayette De Monte, Boye (1 titles)
Lama Chonam and Sangye Khandro (1 titles)
Lama Dampa Sonam Gyaltsen and translated and edited by Cyrus Stearns (1 titles)
Lama Thubten Yeshe and edited by Nick Ribush and Josh Bartok (1 titles)
Lama Thubten Zopa and Kathleen McDonald (2 titles)
Lama Thubten Zopa, a film by Christina Lundberg (1 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and Pabongka Rinpoche and Geshe Lobsang Tharchin (1 titles)
LaMacchia, Linda (1 titles)
Lamb, Alistair (2 titles)
Lancaster, Lewis (1 titles)
Landaw, Jonathan and Brooke, Janet (2 titles)
Landaw, Jonathan and Stephan Bodian (1 titles)
Lander, John and Maggie Oster (1 titles)
Lang, Karen (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by Archie J. Bahm (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by James Legge (2 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by John C H Wu (3 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by John C.H.Wu (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and Wu, John C H (1 titles)
Larkcom, Joy (1 titles)
Larson, Jyothi (1 titles)
Lasater, Judith (6 titles)
Lattin, Don (1 titles)
Lau , Theodora (1 titles)
Laven, Mary (1 titles)
LaVora Perry, M (1 titles)
Law , Bimala Charan (5 titles)
Lawlis, G Frank (1 titles)
Le Guin, Ursula K (3 titles)
Leaming, Linda (1 titles)
Lee , Jeanna M (1 titles)
Lee , Sonya S (1 titles)
Leggett, Trevor (5 titles)
Leifer, Ron (2 titles)
Leighton, Taigen Dan (4 titles)
Leland, John (1 titles)
Lemig, Chris (2 titles)
Lepes, Naina (1 titles)
Lesser, Marc (3 titles)
Lessing, Ferdinand Deiderich and Wayman, Alex (1 titles)
Leu, Lucy (1 titles)
Levine, Marvin (1 titles)
Levine, Noah (5 titles)
Levine, Stephen and Ondrea Levine (1 titles)
Lewis, Rick (1 titles)
McLeod, Don and Debra McLeod (1 titles)
McMahan, David L (3 titles)
Meadow, Mary Jo with Kevin Culligan and Daniel Chowning (1 titles)
Meduri, Avanthi (1 titles)
Meeks, Lori (1 titles)
Meenakshi Rai (1 titles)
Mehrotra, Rajiv (1 titles)
Mehta, Gita (1 titles)
Mehta, Rohit (3 titles)
Mehta, Rohit and Krishnamurti, Jiddu (1 titles)
Mehta, Tarla (1 titles)
Melby, Caleb (1 titles)
Mendis, N K G (2 titles)
Mengele, Irmgard (1 titles)
Merton, Thomas (4 titles)
Metropolitan Museum of Art (2 titles)
Meyer, Fred H (1 titles)
Meyer, Karl and Brysac, Shareen (1 titles)
Michaelson, Jay (2 titles)
Michie, David (7 titles)
Midal, Fabrice (2 titles)
Miksic, John N and Noerhadi Magetsari, Jan Fontein, and Timbul Haryono (1 titles)
Milarepa and Lama Kunga Rinpoche, translated by Brian Cutillo (1 titles)
Miles, John (36 titles)
Miller, Andrea (1 titles)
Miller, James (1 titles)
Miller, Karen Maezen (3 titles)
Miller, Light and Bryan Miller (1 titles)
Miller, Richard (1 titles)
Miller, Willa (2 titles)
Ming-Sun, Yen and Chiang, Joseph and Chen, Myrna L (1 titles)
Mingmei Yip (1 titles)
Mingyur Rinpoche (5 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and translated by James Gentry and Erik Pema Kunsang (1 titles)
Mishra, T N (1 titles)
Misiewicz, Wladislaw (1 titles)
Missant, Frank (1 titles)
Mitchell, Chris (1 titles)
Mitchiner, John E (1 titles)
Mohr, Michel (1 titles)
Mohr, Thea and Jampa Tsedroen (2 titles)
Moore, Charles A (1 titles)
Morgan, Bill (2 titles)
Morgan, Daishin (2 titles)
Morgan, Joyce and Conrad Walters (1 titles)
Morgan, Kenneth W (1 titles)
Morningstar, Amadea with Urmila Desai (1 titles)
Morrell, Sachiko Kaneko and Robert E.Morrell (1 titles)
Morris, R and E Hardy and A.K.Warder (1 titles)
Morton Busch, Colleen (3 titles)
Muller, F Max and Fausboll, V (1 titles)
Muller, F Max and Maguire, Jack (1 titles)
Mullin, Glenn H (11 titles)
Mullin, Glenn H and Dalai Lama (1 titles)
Munenori, Yagyu and Scott Wilson, William (1 titles)
Murdoch, Alison and Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw (1 titles)
Murray, Wendy (1 titles)
Murti, T R V (2 titles)
Musashi, Miyamoto (1 titles)
Musashi, Miyamoto and Yoshiharu, Ashikaga and Brant, Rose (1 titles)
Nagapriya (2 titles)
Nagarjuna and Mipham Rinpoche and translated by Leslie Kawamura (1 titles)
Naher, Gaby (1 titles)
Nairn, Rob (1 titles)
Nakamura, Kyoko Motomuchi (1 titles)
Nanayakkara, D D P (1 titles)
Narada Thera (2 titles)
Narada Thera and Mahinda Bhikkhu (2 titles)
Narada, U and Sayadaw Mulla Patthana (1 titles)
Narada, U and Sayadaw, Mulla Patthana (3 titles)
Narasimhan, Chakravarthi V (1 titles)
Narayan, R K (1 titles)
Nazli Gellek and adapted by Karen Stone, illustrated by Rosalyn White (1 titles)
Nelson, John K (1 titles)
Nelson, Kevin (2 titles)
Newby, Eric (1 titles)
Newland, Guy (3 titles)
Ngakma Nor'dzin (2 titles)
Ngakpa Chogyam and Khandro Dechen (1 titles)
Ngawang Lhundrup Dargye and translated by Simon Wickham-Smith (1 titles)
Ngawang Shedrup Tenpe Gyaltsen Rinpoche and ven.Jamyang Wangmo (1 titles)
Nguyen Van Huy and Kendall, Laurel (1 titles)
Nichtern, Ethan (2 titles)
Nicoloff, Philip L (1 titles)
Nietupski, Paul (1 titles)
Nisargadatta, Sri and edited by Jean Dunn (3 titles)
Nisbett, Richard E (1 titles)
Nishijima, Gudo Wafu and Bailey, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Nitobe, Inazo (5 titles)
Norberg-Hodge, Helena (1 titles)
Norman, F J (1 titles)
Norman, H C (1 titles)
Norman, K R (8 titles)
Normand, Lawrence and Alison Winch (1 titles)
Normantus, Paulius (1 titles)
Nurriestearns, Mary and Rick Nurriestearns (1 titles)
Nyanaponika Thera and Bhikkhu Bodhi (1 titles)
Nyanaponika Thera and Bodhi, Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Nyanatiloka Mahathera (6 titles)
Nydahl, Ole (4 titles)
O'Brien, Kate (1 titles)
O'Connor, Mike and Johnson, Steven (1 titles)
Obermiller, E and Buton Rinpoche (1 titles)
Obeyesekere, Gananath (2 titles)
Odier, Daniel (2 titles)
Ohashi, Wataru (1 titles)
Oja, Gopesh Kumar and Oja, Ashutosh (1 titles)
Okumura, Shohaku (2 titles)
Olsen, Phillip (1 titles)
Olson, Stuart Alve (3 titles)
Onon, Urgunge (1 titles)
Ortner, Jon (2 titles)
Osborne, Linda (1 titles)
Otsuka, Julie (1 titles)
Owen, Sri (1 titles)
Pabongka Rinpoche and Geshe Lobsang Tharchin (1 titles)
Packer, Toni (4 titles)
Padampa Sangye and Chokyi Senge, translated by David Molk with Lama Tsering Wangdu (1 titles)
Padma, T V and illustrated by Baird Hoffmire (1 titles)
Padmasambhava and commentary by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye (1 titles)
Padmasambhava and translated by Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche and James Low (1 titles)
Padmasambhava and translated by Kennard Lipman (1 titles)
Pallis, Marco (3 titles)
Palmer, Martin with Jay Ramsay and Man-Ho Kwok (1 titles)
Paludan, Ann (1 titles)
Pandurangi, K T (1 titles)
Pandya, Dushyanta (1 titles)
Panikkar, Raimundo (1 titles)
Pankaj Mishra (1 titles)
Pannapadipo, Phra Peter (2 titles)
Pannyananda, Ajahn (1 titles)
Pao , Basil and Palin, Michael (1 titles)
Parker, Joseph D (1 titles)
Parkes, Simon and Udit Sarkhel (1 titles)
Parry, Robert (1 titles)
Paterson, Mary (1 titles)
Patrul Rinpoche and Padmakara Translation Group (2 titles)
Pattison, Eliot (9 titles)
Pauling, Chris (2 titles)
Payne , Richard Karl and Tanaka, Kenneth K (1 titles)
Payutto, P A (2 titles)
Payutto, Phra Prayudh and translated by Grant Olson (1 titles)
Peissel, Michel (1 titles)
Pema Chodron and read by Joanna Rotte (1 titles)
Pemberton, Delia (1 titles)
Penner, Hans H (2 titles)
Perdue, Daniel (3 titles)
Peterson, Jeanne (1 titles)
Petranker, Jack (3 titles)
Pettit, John Whitney and Mipham Rinpoche (1 titles)
Phillips, Stephen (1 titles)
Piburn, Sidney (2 titles)
Pidjass, Andrejs (1 titles)
Pilbeam, Mavis (1 titles)
Pitman, Vicki (1 titles)
Pittman, Don A (1 titles)
Piyananda, Bhante Walpola (3 titles)
Piyasilo Bhikkhu (3 titles)
Plamintr, Sunthorn (1 titles)
Plazas, Javier (1 titles)
Poceski, Mario (3 titles)
Podvoll, Edward M (1 titles)
Pomplun, Trent (2 titles)
Porter, Stanley and Gordon Heath (1 titles)
Potter, Karl H and Coward, Harold and Kunjunni Raja, K (1 titles)
Potter, Karl H and Sibajiban Bhattacharya (1 titles)
Power, Richard (2 titles)
Pozatek, Krissy (1 titles)
Pozzi, Maria (1 titles)
Preston, Craig (2 titles)
Prime, Ranchor and B.G.Sharma (2 titles)
Pruitt, William (2 titles)
Pullinger, Claire (1 titles)
Pundarika Foundation (2 titles)
Ousaka, Yamazaki (1 titles)
Owen Jones, Peter (1 titles)
Owen, Liz and Holly Lebowitz Rossi (1 titles)
Ozawa de Silva, Chikako (1 titles)
Pabongka Rinpoche, Trijang Rinpoche, and translated by Michael Richards (1 titles)
Pachow, W (1 titles)
Pagels, Elaine (1 titles)
Palin, Michael (3 titles)
Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen (2 titles)
Panchen Sonam Drakpa (1 titles)
Pandey, Rajbali (1 titles)
Pannier, Francois with Dominique Blanc and Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter (1 titles)
Paramahansa Prajnananda (1 titles)
Park, Jin Y (3 titles)
Parr, Stephen (2 titles)
Pas , Julian and Man Kam Leung (1 titles)
Paul, Diana Y (1 titles)
Payne , Richard Karl (4 titles)
Payne , Richard Karl and Leighton, Taigen Dan (1 titles)
Payne, Peter (1 titles)
Peerman, Gordon (1 titles)
Pema Dorje (1 titles)
Penguin Books and Compiled by Paul Reps (1 titles)
Penny, Benjamin (2 titles)
Percival, Harold Waldwin (1 titles)
Perera, H R (1 titles)
Perkins, Jane and photographs by Raghu Rai (1 titles)
Perry, Susan and Rubin, Ronald (1 titles)
Pesala Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Peterson, Susan Lynn (1 titles)
Phelps, Norm (1 titles)
Phillips, Kathy J (2 titles)
Phillips, Stephen H and Ramanuja Tatacharya, N S (1 titles)
Phipps, Rick (1 titles)
Phuntsok Namgyal (1 titles)
Picknett, Lynn and Clive Prince (1 titles)
Pilchick, Terry (1 titles)
Pipher, Mary (2 titles)
Pirsig, Robert M (3 titles)
Piyadassi Thera (11 titles)
Platt, Stephen R (1 titles)
Platts, John (1 titles)
Pole, Sebastian (1 titles)
Pommaret, Francois (2 titles)
Pommaret, Francois and Jean-Luc Achard (1 titles)
Power, Teresa Anne and illustrated by Kathleen Rietz (1 titles)
Powers, John (9 titles)
Powers, Sarah (1 titles)
Prasad, R C (1 titles)
Prashad, Sital (1 titles)
Pratapaditya Pal, F (2 titles)
Pratapaditya Pal, F and Heller, Amy (1 titles)
Prebish, Charles and Damien Keown (1 titles)
Prebish, Charles S (7 titles)
Pregadio, Fabrizio (3 titles)
Prendergast, John J and G.Kenneth Bradford (1 titles)
Prendergast, John J and Peter Fenner and Sheila Krystal (1 titles)
Puligandla, Ramakrishnan (1 titles)
Puri, B B (1 titles)
Pye , Michael assisted by the Eastern Buddhist Society (1 titles)
Qu Lei Lei (1 titles)
Queen, Christopher and Prebish, Charles S and Keown, Damien (1 titles)
Quintman, Andrew and Benjamin Bogin (1 titles)
Rachewiltz, I D (1 titles)
Ralston, Peter with Laura Ralston (1 titles)
Ramana Maharshi, Sri (5 titles)
Rambachan, Anantanand (1 titles)
Rambelli, Fabio (2 titles)
Rambelli, Fabio and Eric Reinders (1 titles)
Ramesh Chandra Shah (1 titles)
Ranasinghe, Dayaratne (1 titles)
Rastrapal Mahathera (1 titles)
Ratnaprabha (Robin Cooper) (1 titles)
Ravindra, Ravi (1 titles)
Reader, Ian and Esben Andreasen and Finn Stefansson (1 titles)
Reading, Mario (1 titles)
Rechung Rinpoche (1 titles)
Red Pine (6 titles)
Reiss, Michele A (1 titles)
Reynolds, Frank E and Carbine, Jason A (2 titles)
Rhie, Marylin M and Robert Thurman with photographs by John Bigelow Taylor (1 titles)
Rhodes, Constantina (1 titles)
Rhyner, Hans H (1 titles)
Rhys Davids, Caroline and Norman, K R (1 titles)
Rhys Davids, Thomas William (6 titles)
Rhys Davids, Thomas William and J. Carpenter and W.Stede (1 titles)
Ricard, Matthieu and Trinh Xuan Thuan (1 titles)
Richardson, Hugh (1 titles)
Richey, Jeffrey L (1 titles)
Richmond, Ivan (1 titles)
Richter Ushanas, Egbert (1 titles)
Rigopoulos, Antonio (1 titles)
Ritsema, Rudolf and translated by Shantena Sabbadini (1 titles)
Roach, Michael (2 titles)
Roberts, Moss and Lao Tzu (1 titles)
Roberts, Thomas (1 titles)
Robinet, Isabelle (1 titles)
Robinson, James B (1 titles)
Rockhill, William Woodville (3 titles)
Roerich, Nicholas (1 titles)
Rohsenow, John S (1 titles)
Romain, Hippolyte and Yann Romain (1 titles)
Ronaldshay, Lord (2 titles)
Ronkin, Noa (1 titles)
Ros, Frank (1 titles)
Rosenbaum, Elana (2 titles)
Rosenthal, Norman E (1 titles)
Rossbach, Sarah and Lin Yun (1 titles)
Roth, Harold D (1 titles)
Roveda, Vittoria and Yem Sothorn (1 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and edited by Andrew Harvey with photography by Lekha Singh (1 titles)
Russell, Stephen (The Barefoot Doctor) (1 titles)
Ryan, Tim (1 titles)
Ryman, Geoff (1 titles)
Rynick, David (1 titles)
Ryokan, Taigu and Stevens, John (1 titles)
Sachs, Robert (6 titles)
Sadakata, Akira (1 titles)
Sadhu Santideva (2 titles)
Sager, Bobby (1 titles)
Saigyo and William LaFleur (1 titles)
Sakya Dragpa Gyeltsen and Tatz, Mark (1 titles)
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche (6 titles)
Salguero, C Pierce (2 titles)
Salzberg, Sharon and Joseph Goldstein (2 titles)
Sandup Tsering (1 titles)
Sangye Nyenpa and translated by David Molk (1 titles)
Santo Kyoden and translated by Carmen Blacker (1 titles)
Saran Gour, Neelum (1 titles)
Sarin, Ritu and Tenzing Sonam (4 titles)
Sarvananda (2 titles)
Sasaki, Ruth Fuller and edited by Thomas Yuho Kirchner (1 titles)
Sat Chuen Hon (1 titles)
Sato, Kanzan (1 titles)
Sato, Kemmyo Taira (1 titles)
Sawyer, Ralph D and Mei-Chun Lee Sawyer (1 titles)
Sayama, Mike (1 titles)
Scharf, Peter (1 titles)
Schary, E G (1 titles)
Schatz, Mary Pullig (2 titles)
Scheff, Leonard and Susan Edmiston (1 titles)
Schenker, Daniela (2 titles)
Schiffmann, Erich (1 titles)
Schipper, Kristofer (1 titles)
Schmidt-Leukel, Perry (2 titles)
Schmieke, Marcus (1 titles)
Schopen, Gregory (3 titles)
Schwamm Willis, Jennifer (1 titles)
Schwartz, Daniel (1 titles)
Seaton, J P (3 titles)
Sekida, Katsuki and Allen, Marc (2 titles)
Seligman, Martin E P (1 titles)
Sen , Soshitsu (1 titles)
Seneviratna, Anuradha (1 titles)
Seneviratna, H L (1 titles)
Seneviratne, H L (1 titles)
Senzaki, Nyogen and edited by Eido Shimano (1 titles)
Senzaki, Nyogen and edited by Roko Sherry Chayat (2 titles)
Sethia, Tara (1 titles)
Seward-Magee, Jeanie (1 titles)
Shagan, Ofer (1 titles)
Shah, Idries (1 titles)
Shankman, Richard (1 titles)
Shantideva and translated by Stephen Batchelor (1 titles)
Shantideva and translated by the Padmakara Group (1 titles)
Shaphalya Amatya (1 titles)
Shapiro, Deb (2 titles)
Shastri, J L and Bhatt, G P (1 titles)
Shaughnessy, Edward L (2 titles)
Shaw, Maura D and Stephen Marchesi (1 titles)
Shaw, Miranda (1 titles)
Shaw, Sarah (3 titles)
Shechen Gyaltsap and Rinchen Dargye and translated by the Dharmacakra Translation Committee (2 titles)
Shechen Rabjam (1 titles)
Shepherd, Gregory (1 titles)
Lewis-Stempel, John (1 titles)
Lhatsun Namkha Jigme and Dudjom Rinpoche, and translated under the direction of Chagdud Tulku (1 titles)
Li Jingwei and Zhu Jianping (1 titles)
Liberman, Kenneth with a foreword by Harold Garfinkel (1 titles)
Liebermeister, Svagito (1 titles)
Liebler, Nancy and Sandra Moss (1 titles)
Lindesay, William (1 titles)
Ling Rinpoche, Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche and Cherok Lama Rinpoche (1 titles)
Ling, Trevor (1 titles)
Littleton, C Scott (2 titles)
Lo , Vivienne and Cullen, Christopher (1 titles)
Loizzo, Joseph with a foreword by Robert Thurman and Daniel J.Siegel (1 titles)
Lombardi, Nick (1 titles)
Longchenpa and translated by Tulku Thondup (1 titles)
Lopon Kalsang Dorje (1 titles)
Lopon Tenzin Namdak and transcribed and edited by Carol and Dmitry Ermakov (1 titles)
Lopon Tenzin Namdak and translated and edited by John Reynolds (1 titles)
Lopon Tenzin Namdak and translated by Nagru Gelek Jinpa, and Carol and Dmitry Ermakov (1 titles)
Lorius, Cassandra (1 titles)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1 titles)
Losel Gyatso and translated by Cyrus Stearns (1 titles)
Loundon, Sumi (1 titles)
Lowenstein, Tom (2 titles)
Lowry, Dave (12 titles)
Loy Ching-Yuen (1 titles)
Luanwarawat, Rungrat (2 titles)
Lussier, Mark S (1 titles)
Lustgarten, Abrahm (1 titles)
Lynn, Richard John and Wang Bi and Lao Tzu (1 titles)
Macdowell, Mark (1 titles)
Machida, Soho and Mentzas, Ioannis (1 titles)
Macinnes, Elaine (2 titles)
Mackenzie, Vicki (1 titles)
Madan, G R (1 titles)
Madhukar Gore, Makarand (1 titles)
Maehle, Gregor (1 titles)
Magee, Bill (1 titles)
Maguire, Jack (2 titles)
Mair, Victor H (1 titles)
Maitreya with commentaries by Khenpo Shenga and Ju Mipham Rinpoche (1 titles)
Maitreyabandhu (2 titles)
Makeham, John (1 titles)
Makley, Charlene (2 titles)
Mann, Robert and Youd, Rose (2 titles)
Mar, Alex (1 titles)
Mardia, K V (1 titles)
Martin, Dan (1 titles)
Martin, Greg and Zan Gaudioso (1 titles)
Martin, Jay (1 titles)
Martin, Rafe and illustrated by Richard Wehrman (2 titles)
Masih, Y (1 titles)
Masters, Jarvis Jay (1 titles)
Mathes, Klaus-Dieter (1 titles)
Matisoff, James A (1 titles)
Matus, Thomas (1 titles)
Maurice, David (2 titles)
Mazars, Guy (1 titles)
McAlpine, Ken (1 titles)
McArthur, Meher (3 titles)
McBride, Richard D (1 titles)
McClain, Gary and Adamson, Eve (1 titles)
McClintock, Sara (1 titles)
McConnachie, James (1 titles)
McCrorie, Ian (1 titles)
McFarlane, Thomas J (1 titles)
McQuaid, John R and Carmona, Paula (1 titles)
Mehta, Phiroz (1 titles)
Mengele, Irmgard and Gedun Chopel (1 titles)
Menzies, Jackie (1 titles)
Merton, Thomas and edited by Robert Inchausti (6 titles)
Mesaeus Higgens, Marie (1 titles)
Migmar Tseten (5 titles)
Milarepa (1 titles)
Millward, James A (1 titles)
Mingyur Rinpoche and Helen Tworkov (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and illustrated by Bradley Clemmons and Julia Witwer (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and translated by Lama Chonam and Sangye Khandro (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Mitchell, Donald W and Wiseman, James (1 titles)
Mitchell, Stephen (5 titles)
Moacanin, Radmila (1 titles)
Moe Min (1 titles)
Moffitt, Phillip (5 titles)
Mohan, Rocky (1 titles)
Mojdeh Bayat and Mohammad Ali Jamnia (2 titles)
Monius, Anne (1 titles)
Montag, Susan (1 titles)
Mookerji, Radhakumud (1 titles)
Moran, Peter (2 titles)
Moses, Larry William (1 titles)
Mrozik, Susanne (1 titles)
Muge Samten and translated by Sangye Tandar Naga (1 titles)
Mukhopadhyaya, Govindagopal (1 titles)
Muller, F Max (2 titles)
Mullin, Glenn H and Dalai Lama [Seventh] (2 titles)
Mullin, Glenn H and photographs by Thomas L Kelly (1 titles)
Murray, Alexander (1 titles)
Musashi, Miyamoto and translated by Thomas Cleary (5 titles)
Musashi, Miyamoto and translated by Thomas Cleary, Read by Lloyd James (2 titles)
Muzaffar, Chandra (1 titles)
Naganathan, G (1 titles)
Nagarjuna and Frye, Stanley (1 titles)
Nagarjuna and Sakya Pandita (1 titles)
Nakamura, Hajime and Wiener, P (1 titles)
Nam-lin Hur (1 titles)
Namkhai Norbu and translated by Adriano Clemente (3 titles)
Namkhai Norbu and translated by Donatella Rossi (2 titles)
Nan Huai-Chin (1 titles)
Nan Shunxun and Beverley Foit-Albert (1 titles)
Nanamoli Bhikkhu (19 titles)
Nanamoli Bhikkhu and edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi (1 titles)
Nanamoli Bhikkhu and Khantipalo Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Nanayon, Upasika Kee (2 titles)
Nance, Richard F (1 titles)
Nanxiu Qian (1 titles)
Naquin, Susan and Chun-Fang Yu (1 titles)
Narain, Harsh (1 titles)
Nathwani, Nilesh D (1 titles)
Nauriyal, D K with Y.B.Lal and Michael S.Drummond (1 titles)
Neff, Kristin (1 titles)
Nelson, Walter Henry (2 titles)
Nestorowich, Sherri (3 titles)
Neumann, Rachel (2 titles)
Newman, Bruce (2 titles)
Ngakpa Chogyam (2 titles)
Ngawang Thondup Narkyi and Liberman, Kenneth (2 titles)
Ngawang Zangpo and Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye (1 titles)
Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub (1 titles)
Nicoletti, Martino (3 titles)
Nishijima, Gudo Wafu (1 titles)
Niwano, Nichiko (4 titles)
Noma, Seiroku (2 titles)
Norbu Chophel (4 titles)
Norman, K R and William Pruitt (1 titles)
Nouwen, Henri (1 titles)
Novak, Philip (2 titles)
Nyanaponika Thera and Nanamoli Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Nyanatusita, Bhikkhu and Hellmuth Hecker (1 titles)
Nyima Dekyi (1 titles)
Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche and translated by Richard Barron (1 titles)
O'Brien, Siobhan (1 titles)
O'Halloran, Maura (2 titles)
Oguchi, Motomi and Joseph Cali (1 titles)
Okakura, Kakuzo (1 titles)
Oldenberg, Hermann and R.Pischel (1 titles)
Olendzki, Andrew (1 titles)
Olivelle, Patrick (2 titles)
Oliver, Paul (1 titles)
Olson, Carl (1 titles)
Orefjared, Curth (1 titles)
Osuchowska, Isia (1 titles)
Pabongka Rinpoche and Lama Thubten Zopa (1 titles)
Padma Publishing (1 titles)
Padma Publishing under the direction of Chagdud Tulku (5 titles)
Padmacandra (1 titles)
Padmasambhava and Chokgyur Lingpa, Jamgon Kongtrul, Jokyab Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen, Orgyen Topgyal Rinpoche (2 titles)
Paine, Jeffrey (3 titles)
Palace, Wendy (1 titles)
Palden Sherab Rinpoche and Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche (1 titles)
Palmer, Wendy (1 titles)
Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen and Jampal Lhundrup (1 titles)
Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen and translated by Robert Preece (1 titles)
Panda, N C (1 titles)
Panikkar, Raimundo and Milena Carrara Pavan (1 titles)
Paramahansa Yogananda (2 titles)
Puri, Baij Nath (1 titles)
Putnoi, Deborah (1 titles)
Quesada, Donna (1 titles)
Rabbi David A.Cooper (1 titles)
Rachen Nuns (1 titles)
Radcliff, Benjamin and Radcliff, Amy (1 titles)
Ragonnet, James L (1 titles)
Rah, Heiko (3 titles)
Rahula Basnagoda, Bhikku with a foreword by Arthur C.Clarke (2 titles)
Rajapakse, Vijitha (1 titles)
Rajendar Menen (1 titles)
Rajesh Bedi (1 titles)
Rajesh, M N (1 titles)
Ram Dass with Stephen Levine (1 titles)
Ramacandra Mahapatra Kaula Bhattaraka and translated by Alice Boner (1 titles)
Ramachandra Dikshitar, V R (1 titles)
Ramakrishna Rao, K (1 titles)
Ramanan, K Venkata and Nagarjuna (1 titles)
Ramble, Charles and Peter Schwieger and Alice Travers (1 titles)
Ramesh, Gita (1 titles)
Rao , P M (1 titles)
Rayudu, P V R (1 titles)
Reader, Ian (2 titles)
Reggio, Godfrey and presented by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas (1 titles)
Reichle, Natasha (1 titles)
Reid, Howard and Michael Croucher (1 titles)
Reinold, Michael (2 titles)
Rexroth, Kenneth (1 titles)
Reynolds, John M (6 titles)
Reza and Gies, Jacques and Feugere, Laure (1 titles)
Rhys Davids, Thomas William and Carpenter, J (1 titles)
Ricard, Matthieu and Revel, Jean-Francois (1 titles)
Richardus, Peter and McKay, Alex (1 titles)
Richmond Tsang, Carol (1 titles)
Richmond, Lewis (1 titles)
Richmond, Simon and Vorhees, Mara (1 titles)
Rigdzin Shikpo (3 titles)
Riley-Smith, Tristam (1 titles)
Rinzler, Lodro (4 titles)
Robbins, James (2 titles)
Roberts, Rosemary (1 titles)
Rochlin, Sheldon and Harris, Maxine (1 titles)
Rockwell, Irini (3 titles)
Roebuck, Valerie J (1 titles)
Roerich, George N (2 titles)
Rogers, Katherine (1 titles)
Rohrmann, Hartwig (1 titles)
Roodurmun, P S (1 titles)
Rooney, Dawn (1 titles)
Rosenbaum, Robert Meikyo (1 titles)
Rosenberg, Marshall (4 titles)
Ross, Joanna (1 titles)
Rothberg, Donald (1 titles)
Rotman, Andy (3 titles)
Rowe, W W (1 titles)
Rozman, Deborah (1 titles)
Rudy, John G (1 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and edited by Kabir and Camille Helminski (1 titles)
Russell, Jeremy (1 titles)
Ruth, Richard A (1 titles)
Sach, Jacky (1 titles)
Safran, Jeremy D (1 titles)
Sakya Trizin (6 titles)
Salgado, Nirmala S (1 titles)
Salim Michael, Edward with a foreword by Ajahn Sumedho (1 titles)
Samuels, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Sangharakshita (42 titles)
Sangye T Naga, Acharya and Tsepak Rigzin (1 titles)
Santorelli, Saki (1 titles)
Sarasohn, Eliza and Sonia Weiss (1 titles)
Sasidharan Nair, P K (1 titles)
Sasson, Vanessa R (1 titles)
Satish Kumar (1 titles)
Sativihari. Rishi (2 titles)
Saunders, E Dale (1 titles)
Sayadaw, U Pandita (3 titles)
Scaravelli, Vanda (1 titles)
Scheid, Bernhard and Mark Teeuwen (1 titles)
Schelling, Andrew (2 titles)
Schiller, David (1 titles)
Schireson, Grace (1 titles)
Schlutter, Morten and Stephen Teiser (1 titles)
Schnorrenberger, Claus C (2 titles)
Schomerus, H W (1 titles)
Schouten, George and Babeth M VanLoo (1 titles)
Schroeder, John W (1 titles)
Schumacher, Stephan (1 titles)
Schumann, Hans Wolfgang (1 titles)
Schutter, Morten (1 titles)
Scott, Gini Graham (1 titles)
Scott, Jim (1 titles)
Seager, Richard Hughes (2 titles)
Selby, John (1 titles)
Sera Khandro and translated by Ngawang Zangpo (1 titles)
Seung Sahn (3 titles)
Seung Sahn and O'Neal, David (1 titles)
Shah, Nagin J (1 titles)
Shah, Natubhai (1 titles)
Shakabpa, Tsoltim Ngima (1 titles)
Shaneman, Jhampa and Angel, Jan V (1 titles)
Shantideva and translated by Allan and Vesna Wallace (2 titles)
Sharkey, John (1 titles)
Sharma, Vishnu (1 titles)
Sharpa Tulku and Perrott, Michael (1 titles)
Sharples, Bob (1 titles)
Shastri, Yasneshwar S (1 titles)
Shelton, A L (1 titles)
Shendge, Malati J (1 titles)
Sherburne, Richard and Atisha (1 titles)
Shimada, Akira and Jason Hawkes (1 titles)
Shinjo Ito (1 titles)
Shinohara, Koichi (1 titles)
Shiro Omiya (1 titles)
Shoun Hino and Toshiharo Wada (1 titles)
Shrestha, Romio and Ian Baker (1 titles)
Shuffrey, Sandi Leir (1 titles)
Shulman, Eviatar (1 titles)
Shunsuke Fukushima (1 titles)
Si Ma Cheng Zhen and translated with commentary by Wu Jyh Cherng with foreword by Eva Wong (1 titles)
Siderits, Mark and Tom Tillemans and Arindam Chakrabarti (1 titles)
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui with Antony Gormley and Szymon Brzoska (1 titles)
Sidney, James (2 titles)
Silaratano, Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Simmer-Brown, Judith and Fran Grace (1 titles)
Simmone, Kuo (1 titles)
Simms, Peter and Simms, Sanda (1 titles)
Singh Rathore, Aakash and Ajay Verma (1 titles)
Singh, Arun Kumar (1 titles)
Singhal, Vandana (1 titles)
Sister Dang Nghiem and foreword by Thich Nhat Hanh (2 titles)
Sister Susan with Illustrations by Sister Rain (1 titles)
Sivaraksa, Sulak (7 titles)
Skidmore, Monique (1 titles)
Skilton, Andrew (1 titles)
Skorupski, Tadeusz (5 titles)
Slawek, Stephen M (1 titles)
Slawson, D A (1 titles)
Sluyter, Dean (1 titles)
Smalley, Susan L and Diana Winston (1 titles)
Smith, Houston (1 titles)
Smith, Huston with Jeffrey Paine (1 titles)
Smith, Richard J (1 titles)
Sneath, David (1 titles)
Snellgrove, David L and Richardson, Hugh (1 titles)
Snyder, Stephen and Tina Rasmussen (2 titles)
So Sahn and translated by Bope Joeng (1 titles)
Sokei-an and Hotz, Michael (1 titles)
Sokyo Ono (1 titles)
Soma Thera and Piyadassi Thera (1 titles)
Soothill, William E (1 titles)
Soothill, William E and Hodous, Lewis (1 titles)
Soucy, Alexander (1 titles)
Sounds True (2 titles)
Spears, Nancy (1 titles)
Spellmeyer, Kurt (1 titles)
Stabile, Susan J (1 titles)
Stambaugh, Joan (1 titles)
Stamm, Joan (2 titles)
Stein, Sir Aurel (1 titles)
Steinkellner, Ernst (2 titles)
Steinthal, P (1 titles)
Stewart, Gordon T (1 titles)
Storey, Robert (1 titles)
Strassberg, Richard E (1 titles)
Strauch, Barbara (2 titles)
Strober, Deborah H and Strober, Gerald S (1 titles)
Strong, John S (3 titles)
Strong, S A (1 titles)
Stroud, Rick (1 titles)
Subhadramati (1 titles)
Subramanian, V K (1 titles)
Sucitto, Bhikkhu and Scott, Nick (2 titles)
Sujata, Victoria (1 titles)
Sumana Samanera (1 titles)
Sumedho, Ajahn (3 titles)
Sumegi, Angela (1 titles)
Sun Tzu and Cleary, Thomas (3 titles)
Sun Tzu and Translated by Thomas Cleary (8 titles)
Sun Zi and translated by Victor H Mair (1 titles)
Sundqvist, Inga Britta (1 titles)
Sung Bae Park (2 titles)
Paramananda (4 titles)
Parchelo, Innen Ray (1 titles)
Pargiter, F E (1 titles)
Parrinder, Geoffrey (1 titles)
Parsons, Howard L (1 titles)
Pas , Julian (2 titles)
Patel, Sanjay (2 titles)
Patil, N B and Mrinal Kaul Martand (1 titles)
Patry Leidy, Denise (2 titles)
Pattanaik, Devdutt (1 titles)
Patten, Lesley Ann (1 titles)
Pe Maung Tin (2 titles)
Peacock, John (2 titles)
Pearlman, Ellen (2 titles)
Pecenko, Primoz (1 titles)
Peipei Qiu (1 titles)
Peltz, Laurence (1 titles)
Pema Chodron (58 titles)
Pema Chodron and assisted by Meg Wheatley (1 titles)
Pema Chodron with Carolyn Rose Gimian (1 titles)
Pema Tseden (1 titles)
Pema Tsewang, Shastri (1 titles)
Pepin Press (1 titles)
Pereira, Ananda (2 titles)
Perera, Sarath (1 titles)
Perera, T H (3 titles)
Perry, E D (1 titles)
Peterson, Susan (1 titles)
Piccus, Robert P (1 titles)
Picken, Stuart (2 titles)
Pierce, Brian (1 titles)
Pieta, Harald (1 titles)
Pind, Ole (1 titles)
Pivar, Marjorie (1 titles)
Place, Robert M (2 titles)
Polly, Matthew (1 titles)
Ponsonby, Julia (1 titles)
Popham, Peter (3 titles)
Port, Dosho Mike (2 titles)
Portal, Jane (1 titles)
Portier, Bruno (1 titles)
Postal, Susan (1 titles)
Poster, Amy G and Zuan, Frances Z (1 titles)
Pothecary, Paul (1 titles)
Potter, Karl H and Larson, Gerald James and Bhattacharya, Ram Shankar (1 titles)
Powers, John and Charles S.Prebish (2 titles)
Pragati Sahni (2 titles)
Pranab Kumar Sen (1 titles)
Pranavananda, Yogi (1 titles)
Prasad Jain, Jyoti (1 titles)
Prasad, Hari Shankar (1 titles)
Prebish, Charles S and Tanaka, Kenneth K (1 titles)
Premananda Deva and Lakshmi Devi (1 titles)
Prentiss, Chris (1 titles)
Price, A F and Wong Mou-Lam (2 titles)
Prime, Ranchor (1 titles)
Prothero, Stephen (2 titles)
Puddicombe, Andy (1 titles)
Pushpesh Pant (1 titles)
Qiancheng Li (1 titles)
Quackenbush, Robert M (1 titles)
Quintman, Andrew (1 titles)
Rafecas, Diego (1 titles)
Raghuvira and Chandra, Lokesh (1 titles)
Ragini Devi (1 titles)
Raguin, Virginia and Dina Bangdel and F.E.Peters (2 titles)
Rahula, Walpola (2 titles)
Rajendralala Mitra (1 titles)
Ram Dass (6 titles)
Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush (1 titles)
Ramakrishna Bhat, M (1 titles)
Ramble, Charles (1 titles)
Ramirez-Christensen, Esperanza (2 titles)
Rankin, Aidan (3 titles)
Ratnaguna (1 titles)
Ratsch, Christian and Muller-Ebeling, Claudia and Bahadur Shahi, Surendra (1 titles)
Ravi Ratan (1 titles)
Ravina, Mark (1 titles)
Ray , Niharranjan (1 titles)
Raz, Gil (1 titles)
Reader, Ian and Andreason, Esben and Steffanson, F (1 titles)
Readers Digest (1 titles)
Reggio, Godfrey and presented by Steven Soderbergh (1 titles)
Reichelt, Karl Ludvig (1 titles)
Reid, Daniel P (3 titles)
Renfrew Brooks, Douglas (1 titles)
Renfrew, Sita Paulickpulle (1 titles)
Reps, Paul (1 titles)
Rerukane Chandavimala Thera, Ven (1 titles)
Restak, Richard and Scott Kim (1 titles)
Reynolds, Frank E and Reynolds, M B (1 titles)
Rhode, Eric (1 titles)
Rhys Davids, Caroline and Woodward, F L (4 titles)
Rhys Davids, Thomas William and Rhys Davids, Caroline (4 titles)
Rhys Davids, Thomas William and William Stede (1 titles)
Ricard, Matthieu (21 titles)
Ricard, Matthieu and Olivier and Danielle Follmi (1 titles)
Richards, Jill (2 titles)
Richo, David (14 titles)
Ridgeway, Rick with photographs by Galen Rowell (2 titles)
Ringu Tulku (13 titles)
Risom, Jens-Erik (1 titles)
Rivero, Fernanda and James Gritz (1 titles)
Roberts, John B and Elizabeth A.Roberts (2 titles)
Robinson, Nick (1 titles)
Rocha, Cristina (1 titles)
Rocha, Cristina and Michelle Barker (1 titles)
Roebert, Donovan (1 titles)
Rogers, Benedict (1 titles)
Ronruen, Suchitra (3 titles)
Rose, Naomi (1 titles)
Rosen, Richard (5 titles)
Rosen, Steven J (2 titles)
Rosenberg, Larry (1 titles)
Rosenberg, Larry with Laura Zimmerman (1 titles)
Ross, Floyd H (1 titles)
Rossabi, Morris (2 titles)
Rossi, Donatella (1 titles)
Rowe, Mark Michael (1 titles)
Rowe, W W and Banigan, Chris (2 titles)
Rowe-Ward, Peggy and Larry Ward (1 titles)
Roy , Denise (1 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and translated by Barks, Coleman (1 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and translated by Coleman Barks (2 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and translated by Kabir Helminski with Ahmad Rezwani (3 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and translated by Raficq Abdulla (1 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and translated by Will Johnson (1 titles)
Rutt, Richard (1 titles)
Sabine Michelin Pigeon (1 titles)
Sakyapa Sonam Gyeltsen and Taylor, McComas and Lama Choedak Yuthok (1 titles)
Salomon, Richard (1 titles)
Samararatne, Godwin (1 titles)
Samaratne, Godwin (1 titles)
Samuel, Geoffrey and Gregor, Hamish and Stutchbury, Elisabeth (1 titles)
Samuel, Geoffrey and Jay Johnston (1 titles)
Sanders, Edward (1 titles)
Sangharakshita and edited by Karen Stout (1 titles)
Sanna, Lawrence J and Edward C.Chang (1 titles)
Saotome, Mitsugi (1 titles)
Sarbacker, Stuart Ray (1 titles)
Sato, Hiroaki (1 titles)
Saunders, Kenneth J (1 titles)
Savin, Olga (2 titles)
Schaller, George B (1 titles)
Scheepers, Alfred (1 titles)
Schmidt, Amy (1 titles)
Schneider, Glen (2 titles)
Schwartz, Ronald D (1 titles)
Schwartz, Stephen (1 titles)
Schweig, Graham M (1 titles)
Scott, Rachelle M (1 titles)
Seaton, J P and Maloney, Dennis (1 titles)
Segal, Zindel V and Williams, J Mark G and Teasdale, John D (1 titles)
Seike, Kiyoshi and Masanobu Kudo, David H.Engel, and Sadao Hibi (1 titles)
Sekida, Katsuki (4 titles)
Selby, Anna (1 titles)
Selig Brown, Kathryn H (1 titles)
Sengaku Mayeda (1 titles)
Seongcheol and translated by Hwang Soonil (1 titles)
Serkong Rinpoche (1 titles)
Serta Gesar Troupe (1 titles)
Seung Sahn and compiled by Hyon Gak Sunim (2 titles)
Shafir, Rebecca Z (1 titles)
Shahar, Meir (1 titles)
Shamar Rinpoche (2 titles)
Shand, Mark (1 titles)
Shanker Thapa (1 titles)
Shantideva and translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (1 titles)
Shapiro, Shauna L and Linda E Carlson (1 titles)
Sharf, Robert H (1 titles)
Sharkey, Gregory (1 titles)
Sharma, Arvind (3 titles)
Sharma, Hari (1 titles)
Sharma, Indra and James H Bae (1 titles)
Sharma, Sanghamitra (1 titles)
Sheng-Yen, Master (18 titles)
Sherab Ling Monks (1 titles)
Shi Jin Rou and illustrated by Shi Heng Fa (1 titles)
Shinohara, Koichi and Schopen, Gregory (2 titles)
Shi Xinggui (1 titles)
Shields, James Mark (1 titles)
Shifu Nagaboshi Tomio (1 titles)
Shifu Yan Lei (1 titles)
Shigaraki, Takamaro (1 titles)
Shin-yi Chao (1 titles)
Shusaku Endo (1 titles)
Siaw-Voon Sim, Davidine and Gaffney, David (1 titles)
Siegal, Daniel J (1 titles)
Siegel, Daniel J (3 titles)
Silacara Bhikkhu (3 titles)
Silk, Jonathan A (4 titles)
Sills, Franklyn (1 titles)
Silva, Mira and Shyam Mehta (1 titles)
Silverstein, A J and Cotten, Cynthia S (1 titles)
Simmons, Ben and Judith Clancy (1 titles)
Simpkins, Annellen and C.Alexander Simpkins (1 titles)
Singh, Kathleen Dowling (1 titles)
Singh, Renuka (1 titles)
Singing Bowl Orchestra with Alex Scott (1 titles)
Sirhandi, Marcella (2 titles)
Sitaramamma, J (1 titles)
Sivarupa (1 titles)
Skilling, Peter and P.Chirapravati, P.Pichard, P.Assavavirulhakarn, and S.Pakdeekham (1 titles)
Skilton, Andrew and Shantideva (1 titles)
Slater, Keith W (1 titles)
Smallwood, Vicki (1 titles)
Smith, Andrew Philip (2 titles)
Smith, Huston (1 titles)
Smith, Huston and Cousineau, Phil (1 titles)
Smith, Rodney (2 titles)
Smoley, Richard (2 titles)
Snel, Eline with a foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn (1 titles)
Snodgrass, Adrian (2 titles)
Sogen Hori, Victor (1 titles)
Sogen Hori, Victor and Hayes, Richard P and Shields, James Mark (1 titles)
Soho, Takuan (2 titles)
Sole-Leris, Amadeo (1 titles)
Som Raj Gupta (4 titles)
Soni, R L (1 titles)
Sorensen, Per K and Sonam Dolma (1 titles)
Soseki, Muso and translated by W.S.Merwin and Soiku Shigematsu (1 titles)
Soule, Amanda Blake (1 titles)
Sparrowe, Linda (1 titles)
Sparrowe, Linda and Walden, Patricia (1 titles)
Spenard LaRusso, Carol (1 titles)
Spiegelman, J Marvin and Mokusen Miyuki (1 titles)
Sri Rupa Gosvamin (1 titles)
Srivatsa Ramaswami (1 titles)
St Ruth, Diana and St Ruth, Richard (2 titles)
Stahl, Bob and Elisha Goldstein and foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn (1 titles)
Staton, Laura and Perron, Sarah (1 titles)
Stcherbatsky, Theodore and Obermiller, E (1 titles)
Steinberg, David I (2 titles)
Steinilber-Oberlin, E and translated by Marc Loge (1 titles)
Steinkellner, Ernst and Gutschow, Niels and Michaels, Axel (1 titles)
Stenhouse, Janita (1 titles)
Stevens, John and Ryokan, Taigu (2 titles)
Stewart, Frank and Tsering Shakya and Batt, Herbert J (1 titles)
Stewart, Whitney and illustrated by Sally Rippin (1 titles)
Stone, Jacqueline and Mariko Namba Walter (1 titles)
Storr, Anthony (1 titles)
Strachan, Paul (2 titles)
Stratton, Carol (1 titles)
Struthers, Jane (1 titles)
Studholme, Alexander (1 titles)
Subasinha, D J (1 titles)
Subhadra Bhikshu (1 titles)
Subhash Jaireth (1 titles)
Subramaniam, V (1 titles)
Sucitto, Bhikkhu (3 titles)
Suino, Nicklaus (7 titles)
Sumedho, Ajahn and Ajahn Amaro (1 titles)
Sumedho, Ajahn and edited by Diana St Ruth (1 titles)
Supriya Rai (1 titles)
Sutherland, G H (1 titles)
Swami Buddhananda (1 titles)
Swami Dharmananda and Santoshan (1 titles)
Swami Muktibodhananda (2 titles)
Swami Muni Narayan Prasad (1 titles)
Swami Rama (1 titles)
Swami Satyadharma (1 titles)
Swami Siddheswarananda (1 titles)
Swami Tattvavidananda Saraswati (1 titles)
Szerb, Janos and Buton Rinpoche (1 titles)
Tachikawa, Musashi and Bahulkar, Shrikant and Kolhatkar, Madhavi (1 titles)
Tai Situ Rinpoche (22 titles)
Takahashi, Banmei (1 titles)
Takashi Miike (1 titles)
Tan Acharn Kor Khao-Suan-Luang (1 titles)
Tanahashi, Kazuaki (2 titles)
Tanahashi, Kazuaki and Levitt, Peter (1 titles)
Taranatha, Jonang and translated by Willa Baker (1 titles)
Tashi Lhunpo Monks (4 titles)
Taylor, A C (2 titles)
Taylor, Cecil (1 titles)
Taylor, Jill Bolte (1 titles)
Taylor, Jim (1 titles)
Teeuwen, Mark and Rambelli, Fabio (1 titles)
Teiji Itoh (1 titles)
Teiser, Stephen F and Jacqueline I.Stone (1 titles)
Tenzin Choedak, Dr (1 titles)
Tenzin Sonam and Ritu Sarin (1 titles)
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Geshe Yungdrung Gyaltsen with Menri Lopon Trinley Nyima Rinpoche (1 titles)
Thapar, Romila (1 titles)
Thich Minh Thanh (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr.Lilian Cheung (3 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and edited by Robert Ellsberg (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Sister Jina Van Hengel (1 titles)
Thinley Gyatso and Chris Hakim (1 titles)
Thomas, Edward J (4 titles)
Thompson, Ashley (1 titles)
Thompson, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Thompson, Mel (2 titles)
Thompson, Ross (1 titles)
Thomson, Thomas (1 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen (49 titles)
Throssel Hole Priory (1 titles)
Thubten Jigme Norbu and Heinrich Harrer (2 titles)
Thuken Losang Chokyi Nyima and translated by Geshe Lhundub Sopa (1 titles)
Thupten N. Chakrishar (1 titles)
Tibetan Aid Project (1 titles)
Tift, Bruce (1 titles)
Tisdale, Sallie (2 titles)
Titaze, Kurt (1 titles)
Tola, Fernando and Carmen Dragonetti (1 titles)
Tollifson, Joan (1 titles)
Tomecko, Denise (1 titles)
Torei Enji Zenji and translated by Thomas Cleary (1 titles)
Townsend, Christine (1 titles)
Trainor, Kevin (2 titles)
Trapnell, Judson B (1 titles)
Tripathi, Ramashankar (1 titles)
Tsele Natsok Rangdrol and Kunsang, Erik Pema (1 titles)
Tsele Natsok Rangdrol and translated by Erik Pema Kunsang (1 titles)
Tsering Tashi (1 titles)
Tsering Wangmo and Houshmand, Zara (1 titles)
Tseyang Sadutsang (1 titles)
Tsunemoto, Yamamoto and adapted by Sean Michael Wilson and illustrated by Chie Kutsuwada (1 titles)
Tucker, Jim (1 titles)
Tucker, Mary Evelyn and Williams, Duncan Ryuken (1 titles)
Tuladhar-Douglas, Will (2 titles)
Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche (1 titles)
Turnbull, Stephen (2 titles)
Turner, Vernon Kitabu (2 titles)
Tyler, Royall (1 titles)
U Ba Kyaw and Peter Masefield (1 titles)
Uchiyama, Kosho (1 titles)
Uchiyama, Kosho and Zen Master Dogen (1 titles)
Udupa, K N (1 titles)
Ueda, Makoto (2 titles)
Ueshiba, Kisshomaru and translated by Taitetsu Unno (1 titles)
Ueshiba, Morihei and Stevens, John (1 titles)
Ueshiba, Morihei and translated and edited by John Stevens (1 titles)
Ueshiba, Morihei and translated, read and edited by John Stevens (2 titles)
Unno, Mark (3 titles)
Upadhya, Om D (1 titles)
Vaidya Atreya Smith (1 titles)
Valli, Eric (1 titles)
Van Alphen, Jan and Aris, Anthony (1 titles)
Vappo Thera (1 titles)
Varley, Paul and Isao, Kumakura (1 titles)
Varma, Urmila (1 titles)
Vas, Luis S R (2 titles)
Vasant G Rele (1 titles)
Vasant Lad (1 titles)
Vedeha Thera (1 titles)
Veenhof, Douglas (2 titles)
Veidlinger, Daniel M (1 titles)
Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro and edited by William Barrett (1 titles)
Svami Purna (1 titles)
Svoboda, Robert E and Lane, Arnie (1 titles)
Swami Satyananda Saraswati (13 titles)
Swami Satyasangananda (3 titles)
Swami Sivanand Radha (1 titles)
Swami Vivekananda (1 titles)
Swati Chopra (4 titles)
Swearer, Donald K and Premchit, Sommai (1 titles)
Sweet, Michael and edited by Leonard Zwilling (1 titles)
Sweetser, Wendy (1 titles)
Tabata and Nonome, S and Bando (1 titles)
Taber, John (2 titles)
Tahan, Ilana (1 titles)
Taklha, Namgyal Lhamo (2 titles)
Tanabe, George J and Tanabe, Willa Jane (1 titles)
Tanabe, George J and Willa Jane Tanabe (1 titles)
Tanaka, Fumon (1 titles)
Taranatha, Jonang and translated by David Templeman (1 titles)
Tatelbaum, Judy (1 titles)
Tatelman, Joel (1 titles)
Tautscher, Gabriel (1 titles)
Taylor, Chonyi (1 titles)
Teltscher, Kate (1 titles)
Tenga Rinpoche (1 titles)
Tenzin Choejor (1 titles)
Tenzin Palmo (1 titles)
Tenzin Palmo, Jetsunma (1 titles)
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (10 titles)
Terhune, Lea (1 titles)
Tetsu Saiwai (1 titles)
Thatcher, Cynthia (1 titles)
Thich Minh Chau, Bhiksu (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh (141 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Anh-huong Nguyen (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and edited by Melvin Mcleod (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and narrated by John Lee (1 titles)
Thich Thien-An (1 titles)
Thomas, Bryn (1 titles)
Thompson, Augustine (1 titles)
Thompson, John M (1 titles)
Thoreau, Henry David (4 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and Lama Karma Wangdu and Tai Situ Rinpoche (1 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and translated by Susanne Schefczyk (1 titles)
Thresher, Sarah (3 titles)
Thubron, Colin (4 titles)
Thurgood, Graham and Lapolla, Randy (2 titles)
Thurman, Robert A F (19 titles)
Tibet Information Network (7 titles)
Tikkanen, Bertil and Heinrich Hettrich (1 titles)
Tillemans, Tom J F (3 titles)
Tingley, Nancy (3 titles)
Tirch, Dennis (1 titles)
Tiwari, Maya (2 titles)
Tiyavanich, Kamala (3 titles)
Tolle, Eckhart (16 titles)
Tomabechi, Toru (1 titles)
Tomaino, Charlotte A (1 titles)
Tomlinson, Cybele (1 titles)
Too , Lillian (4 titles)
Topmiller, Robert J (1 titles)
Toropov, Brandon and Father Luke Buckles (1 titles)
Towler, Solala (2 titles)
Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (1 titles)
Tsepak Rigzin (1 titles)
Tsunemoto, Yamamoto and translated by William Scott Wilson (1 titles)
Tubb, Gary A and Boose, Emery R (1 titles)
Tulku Pema Rigtsal and translated by Keith Dowman (1 titles)
Tully, Mark (3 titles)
Turnbull, Stephen and illustrated by James Field (1 titles)
Turner, Samuel (1 titles)
Tweed, Thomas A and Prothero, Stephen (1 titles)
Twist, Lynne (1 titles)
U Chan Htoon (1 titles)
Uchiyama, Kosho and Shohaku Okumara (1 titles)
Ueshiba, Morihei (1 titles)
Upadhyay, Samrat (1 titles)
Upadhyaya, Kashi Nath (1 titles)
Upatissa Thera (1 titles)
Urban, Hugh B (2 titles)
Vajira, Sister (1 titles)
Van Den Bossche, Frank (1 titles)
Van den Heuvel, Cor and Nanae Tamura (1 titles)
Van Ghelue, Nadja (2 titles)
Van Gorkom, Nina (7 titles)
Van Ham, Peter (1 titles)
Van Laanen, Michael (1 titles)
Van Loon, Louis (2 titles)
Van Schaik, Sam (2 titles)
Van Waning, Adeline with a prologue by B.Alan Wallace (1 titles)
Varela, Francisco J and Thompson, Ewan and Rosch, Eleanor (1 titles)
Varsano, Paula M (2 titles)
Vatsala, P and Gokulan, T (1 titles)
Vernon, Roland and Krishnamurti, Jiddu (1 titles)
Vettam Mani (1 titles)
Vishvapani Blomfield (2 titles)
Visser, Frank (1 titles)
Visuddhacara Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Vivekananda, Rishi (1 titles)
Von Glasenapp, Helmuth (2 titles)
Von Schiefner, F Anton (1 titles)
Wade, Nicholas (1 titles)
Wakabayashi, Haruko (1 titles)
Waldman, Anne (2 titles)
Wallace, B Allan with Brian Hodel (2 titles)
Wang, Youxuan (1 titles)
Ward, Tim (1 titles)
Warren, Henry Clarke (1 titles)
Watts, Jonathan and Yoshiharu Tomatsu (1 titles)
Weaver, Rix (1 titles)
Weber, Andy with Landaw, Jonathan and Nigel Wellings (1 titles)
Webster Wilde, Lyn (1 titles)
Webu Sayadaw (2 titles)
Weeraethakul, Apichatpong (2 titles)
Wegner, Nina and Taylor Weidman (1 titles)
Wehr, Gerhard (1 titles)
Wehrheim, John (1 titles)
Wei-Cheng Lin (1 titles)
Weil, Andrew and Dr Gary Small (1 titles)
Weil, Andrew and Rosie Daley (1 titles)
Wells, Marnix (1 titles)
Whitehurst, Dr Teresa (1 titles)
Whitman, Walt and edited by Stephen Mitchell (1 titles)
Whyte, Denis and Riddell, Chris (1 titles)
Wick, Gerry Shishin (1 titles)
Wiese, Michael (3 titles)
Wilber, Ken with Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, and Marco Morelli (1 titles)
Wilhelm, Richard and Baynes, Cary F (1 titles)
Wilkinson, Philip (1 titles)
Wilkinson, Robert (1 titles)
Willemen, Charles (2 titles)
Williams, Duncan Ryuken and Queen, Christopher (1 titles)
Williams, K R (1 titles)
Williams, Mark G and Jon Kabatt-Zinn (1 titles)
Williams, Mark G with John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, and Jon Kabat-Zinn (2 titles)
Williams, Rowan (2 titles)
Williamson, Margaret (1 titles)
Willis, Michael (2 titles)
Willson, Andrea and illustrated by Andy Weber (1 titles)
Wilson, Joe B (2 titles)
Wilson, Liz (1 titles)
Wilson, William Scott (5 titles)
Wiseman, Richard (1 titles)
Wood, Frances (1 titles)
Woodman, Marion and Dickson, Elinor (1 titles)
Wriggins, Sally Hovey (1 titles)
Yamakage, Motohisa (1 titles)
Yang Cheng Fu and Translated by Louis Swaim (1 titles)
Yangchen Gawai Lodoe (1 titles)
Yeshe Tsogyal (1 titles)
Young Ho Kim (1 titles)
Young, Serinity (2 titles)
Yuejin Wang, Eugene (1 titles)
Yuen, Carmen (1 titles)
Yuji Wakiya (1 titles)
Yule, Henry and A.C.Burnell (1 titles)
Yusa, Michiko (2 titles)
Yusa, Michiko and Smart, Ninian (1 titles)
Zahiruddin Ahmad (1 titles)
Zahler, Leah (2 titles)
Zaleski, Philip (3 titles)
Zephir, Thierry (1 titles)
Zhang J and translated by Jonathan Chaves (1 titles)
Zimmer, Heinrich (2 titles)
Zimmer, Heinrich and Campbell, Joseph (1 titles)
Zimmerman, Francis and Zysk, Kenneth G (1 titles)
Zinser, Annabelle (2 titles)
Zissu, Alexandra (1 titles)
Zurick, David and Julsun Pacheco (1 titles)
Zylowska, Lidia (2 titles)
Zysk, Kenneth G (2 titles)
Shizuo Tsuji (1 titles)
Shoshanna, Brenda (3 titles)
Shrobe, Richard (1 titles)
Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche (1 titles)
Siderits, Mark (2 titles)
Siderits, Mark and Shoryu Katsura (1 titles)
Siff, Jason (3 titles)
Silananda, Sayadaw U (2 titles)
Silberberg, Daniel (2 titles)
Simmer-Brown, Judith (1 titles)
Singer, Kurt (1 titles)
Singh Khalsa, Karta Purkh and Michael Tierra (1 titles)
Singh, A P (1 titles)
Singh, G B (1 titles)
Singh, Rana P B (1 titles)
Siren, Osvald (1 titles)
Sis , Peter (1 titles)
Sister Susan (1 titles)
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres (1 titles)
Skilling, Peter (1 titles)
Skilling, Peter and Jason Carbine, Claudia Cicuzza and Sani Pakdeekham (1 titles)
Smanla T Phuntsog (1 titles)
Smart, Ninian and Frederick Denny (1 titles)
Smith, Huston and Cage, John and Prigogine, Ilya (1 titles)
Smith, Robert (1 titles)
Snell, Helle (1 titles)
Sonam Thakchoe (2 titles)
Sonam Tsemo and translated by Ngor Thartse Khenpo Sonam Gyatso and Wayne Verrill (1 titles)
Sparham, Gareth (5 titles)
Speijer, J S (1 titles)
Spuler, Michelle (1 titles)
Sree Padma and A.W.Barber (1 titles)
Srinivasa Chari, S M (3 titles)
Stadtner, Donald with photographs by Michael Freeman (1 titles)
Stanley, John with David Loy and Gyurme Dorje (1 titles)
Stcherbatsky, Theodore (2 titles)
Stein, R A and translated by John Driver (1 titles)
Sterritt, David (1 titles)
Stevens, John (9 titles)
Stewart, Chris and co-directed by Mura Rinpoche (1 titles)
Stiles, Mukunda (1 titles)
Stirling, Isabel (2 titles)
Stock, Eric (1 titles)
Storhoff, Gary and John Whalen-Bridge (1 titles)
Strauss, Rachelle (1 titles)
Streeter, D R (1 titles)
Stryk, Lucien (1 titles)
Stryk, Lucien and Ikemoto, T (1 titles)
Stuparich, Leon (1 titles)
Subhash Kak (2 titles)
Subhuti (2 titles)
Sudo, Philip Toshio (5 titles)
Sun Shuyun (3 titles)
Sun Tzu and translated by Thomas Cleary (2 titles)
Sun Tzu and foreword by James Clavell (1 titles)
Sun Tzu and translated by the Denma Translation Group (1 titles)
Sun Tzu and translated with Commentary by the Denma Translation Group (2 titles)
Supawan Pui Lamsam and Kesang Choden Tashi Wangchuk (1 titles)
Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro and edited by Dwight Goddard (1 titles)
Swami Karmananda (1 titles)
Swami Muktananda (2 titles)
Swami Shankardevananda (3 titles)
Swami Vishnu-Devananda (1 titles)
Sweeney, Michael S (1 titles)
Tagare, G V (1 titles)
Tagore, Rabindranath and translated by Mohit Chakrabarti (1 titles)
Tai Situ Rinpoche (Eighth) and Lama Sherab Dorje and Karmapa [Third] (2 titles)
Tai Situ Rinpoche and Karmapa [Third] (1 titles)
Takakusa, Junjiro (1 titles)
Takakusa, Junjiro and Nagai, M (1 titles)
Takamori, Kentetsu with Daiji Akehashi and Kentaro Ito (1 titles)
Tamdim Tsering (3 titles)
Tamdin Gyalpo (34 titles)
Tamura, Yoshiro and Gene Reeves and Michio Shinozaki (1 titles)
Tamura, Yoshiro and Hunter, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Tanahashi, Kazuaki with photographs by Alan Baillie (2 titles)
Taranatha, Jonang and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins (2 titles)
Taranatha, Jonang and translated by Lama Chimpa and Alaka Chattopadhyaya (1 titles)
Tarocco, Francesca (1 titles)
Tashi Daknewa (1 titles)
Taylor, Anthony J (1 titles)
Tedeschi, Marc (6 titles)
Teichman, Eric (1 titles)
Teiser, Stephen F (1 titles)
Tempa Dukte Lama (2 titles)
Tenzin Dolma, Lisa (1 titles)
Tezuka, Osamu (9 titles)
Thant Myint-U (3 titles)
Thay Giac Thanh (2 titles)
Thernstrom, Melanie (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and illustrated by Vo-Dinh Mai (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Sister Chan Khong (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and the Monks and Nuns of Plum Village (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Thuc Nghiem, Sister (1 titles)
Thomas, Claude Anshin (1 titles)
Thomas, Linnie and Carrie Obry (1 titles)
Thoreau, Henry David and photographs by Eliot Porter (1 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and Karmapa [Ninth] (4 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and translated by Michele Martin (1 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and translated by Peter Roberts (2 titles)
Thubten Chodron (16 titles)
Thurlow, Clifford (1 titles)
Thurman, Robert A F and Sharon Salzberg (1 titles)
Tibet Information Network and Marshall, Steven D (2 titles)
Tiso, Francis V (1 titles)
Titmuss, Christopher (6 titles)
Tobias, Michael (1 titles)
Tola, Fernando and Dragonetti, Carmen (2 titles)
Tolle, Eckhart and Robert S Friedman and illustrated by Frank Riccio (1 titles)
Tomoni Ito (1 titles)
Tong, Sumano (1 titles)
Toropov, Brandon (1 titles)
Tournadre, Nicholas and Sangda Dorje (1 titles)
Traktung Yeshe Dorje (1 titles)
Traleg Kyabgon (10 titles)
Trenckner, V and Jaini, Padmanabh S (1 titles)
Tri Thong Dang (2 titles)
Trieger, Rita (1 titles)
Tripathi, B D (1 titles)
Tsarong, Dasang Damdul (2 titles)
Tseten Norbu (1 titles)
Tsewang Gyalpo Arya and illustrated by Ngawang Dorjee (1 titles)
Tsiang, Katherine R (1 titles)
Tsuda, Nobuko (1 titles)
Tubten Khetsun and translated by Matthew Akester (2 titles)
Tucci, Giuseppe (4 titles)
Tulku Tsurlo and translated by Tulku Thondup, revised by Martin Boord (1 titles)
Tung Yueh and translated by Shuen-Fu Lin and Schulz, Larry J (1 titles)
Turner, R L (1 titles)
Tushita Publishing (2 titles)
Tweed, Thomas A (1 titles)
Ueshiba, Morihei and translated and edited by John Stevens (1 titles)
Uhl, Marianne (1 titles)
Uitz, Martin (1 titles)
Unno, Taitetsu (1 titles)
Usha Lad and Vasant Lad (1 titles)
Vajira, Sister and Francis Story (1 titles)
Vajragupta (3 titles)
Valby, Jim (2 titles)
Van Daalen, L A (1 titles)
Van De Wetering, Jan (2 titles)
Van Raab van Canstein, Florens (1 titles)
Van Straten, Michael and photographs by David Loftus (1 titles)
Van't Hul, Jean (1 titles)
Varley, Helen (1 titles)
Vasudev, Gayatri Devi (2 titles)
Vatsyayana, Mallanaga (1 titles)
Veith, Ilza (1 titles)
Velez De Cea, J Abraham (1 titles)
Venkataramanan, S (1 titles)
Vieten, Cassandra (1 titles)
Vimalo, Bhikkhu and Dharmasena, C B (1 titles)
Vinay Kumar Gupta (1 titles)
Vinding, Michael (2 titles)
Vishvapani (1 titles)
Vollbracht, James and Brooke, Janet (2 titles)
Vollbracht, James and illustrations by Janet Brooke (1 titles)
Waddell, Norman (4 titles)
Waddell, Norman and Abe , Masao (1 titles)
Wagner, Rudolf G (1 titles)
Waley, Arthur (2 titles)
Walker, Vanessa (1 titles)
Wallace, B Allan and Brian Hodel (1 titles)
Walser, Joseph (1 titles)
Verhaegen, Ardy (1 titles)
Vermeersch, Sem (1 titles)
Vidyabhusan, Satis Chandra (1 titles)
Vidyarthi, D N (1 titles)
Vissac, Thierry (1 titles)
Vitali, Roberto (2 titles)
Vitanage, Gunaseela (1 titles)
Von Effra, Wolfgang (1 titles)
Von Hinuber, Oskar (2 titles)
Von Hinuber, Oskar and Norman, K R (1 titles)
Von Schroeder, Ulrich (1 titles)
Voute, Caesar and Mark Long with Photographs by Fitra Jaya Burnama (1 titles)
Vrinte, Joseph (1 titles)
Waddell, Norman and Hakuin (1 titles)
Wadia, A S (1 titles)
Waldron, William (2 titles)
Walker, Kathryn (1 titles)
Wallace, B Allan (17 titles)
Wallis, Glenn (4 titles)
Walsh, Michael J (1 titles)
Walshe, Maurice O'C (6 titles)
Walshe, Ruth (3 titles)
Walters, Kerry S and Portmess, Lisa (1 titles)
Wang Yi'e (1 titles)
Wangyal, Sam (1 titles)
Ward, Benedicta (1 titles)
Ward, C H S (1 titles)
Warder, A K (6 titles)
Wargo, Robert J (1 titles)
Warren, Bill (1 titles)
Waterhouse, David (1 titles)
Watson, Burton (14 titles)
Watson, Burton and Ryokan, Taigu (1 titles)
Watson, Gay (3 titles)
Watson, Gay and Batchelor, Stephen and Claxton, Guy (1 titles)
Watts, Alan W (18 titles)
Waysun Liao (5 titles)
Weaver, Helen (1 titles)
Weber, Andy (146 titles)
Weeraperuma, Susunaga and Swami Ramdas (1 titles)
Wegela, Karen Kissel (5 titles)
Weil, Andrew (3 titles)
Weil, Andrew and Drs Stephen Devries, Martin Rossman, and Erin Olivio (1 titles)
Weisman, Arinna and Jean Smith (2 titles)
Weiss, Andrew (1 titles)
Welwood, John (6 titles)
Wen-Shing Tseng and Suk Choo Chang and Masahisa Nishizona (1 titles)
Werapitiya, M B (2 titles)
Westerhoff, Jan (3 titles)
Whalen, Philip (1 titles)
Whalen-Bridge, John and Gary Storhoff (2 titles)
Wheeler, Kate (2 titles)
Whichello Brown, Denise (1 titles)
White, Charles S J (2 titles)
White, David Gordon (10 titles)
Whitehouse, Maggy (1 titles)
Whitney, William Dwight (2 titles)
Whyte, Michael (1 titles)
Wickremeratne, Swarna (1 titles)
Wijewantha, Ron (3 titles)
Wilber, Ken (33 titles)
Williams, Paul (8 titles)
Williams, Paul and Anthony Tribe and Alexander Wynne (1 titles)
Williams, Paul and Patrice Ladwig (1 titles)
Willis Morton, Kathleen (2 titles)
Wilson, Sean Michael and illustrated by Akiko Shimojima (1 titles)
Wilson-Howarth, Jane (1 titles)
Witteveen, H J (1 titles)
Wong, Eva (17 titles)
Wood, Thomas E and Nagarjuna (1 titles)
Woodward, F L and Hare, E M (6 titles)
Woodward, F L and Rhys Davids, Caroline (1 titles)
Worswick, Clark (1 titles)
Wu, John C H (1 titles)
Wynne, Alexander (2 titles)
Xinzhong Yao (1 titles)
Xue Yu (1 titles)
Yamada Mumon and Sogen Hori, Victor (1 titles)
Yamada, Koun (1 titles)
Yamada, Shoji and translated by Earl Hartman (1 titles)
Yamamoto, Chikyo (1 titles)
Yamazaki, Morichi and Y.Ousaka (1 titles)
Yampolsky, Philip B and Watson, Burton (1 titles)
Yeshe Choedon and Dawa Norbu (1 titles)
Yeshe De Project (2 titles)
Yeshe Dorje and translated by Oriol Aguilar (1 titles)
Yeshe Tsondru (1 titles)
Yoshikawa, Eji (1 titles)
Yoshizaki, Kazumi (1 titles)
Young, David and Michiko Kimura Young (1 titles)
Young, Shinzen (4 titles)
Young-Eisendrath, Polly and Muramoto, Shoji (1 titles)
Younghusband, Sir Francis (1 titles)
Youru Wang (1 titles)
Zarrilli, Phillip B (1 titles)
Zhihua Yao (1 titles)
Zhiru (1 titles)
Zhou Xun and T.H.Barrett (1 titles)
Zhuge Liang and Liu Ji and Translated by Cleary, Thomas (2 titles)
Zivkovic, Tanya (1 titles)
Zukav, Gary (3 titles)
Zurick, David (2 titles)
Walshe, Maurice O'C and Jackson, Natasha and Ashby, Elizabeth (1 titles)
Walters Art Museum (1 titles)
Wang Lixiong and Tsering Shakya (1 titles)
Wang-Toutain, F (1 titles)
Wangchen Rinpoche (1 titles)
Warner, Brad (5 titles)
Washizuka, Hiromitsu (1 titles)
Watson, Burton and Yampolsky, Philip B (1 titles)
Watt, James C Y (1 titles)
Watts, Alan W and Al Chungliang Huang (1 titles)
Watts, Jonathan (1 titles)
Watts, Jonathan and Senauke, Alan and Santikaro Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Wayman, Alex and Elder, George (1 titles)
Wayne, Peter and Mark Fuerst (1 titles)
Webster, David (1 titles)
Webster-Doyle, Terrence (1 titles)
Wedemeyer, Richard and Jue , Ronald W (1 titles)
Weeraperuma, Susunaga and Krishnamurti, Jiddu (1 titles)
Weerasinghe, G D (1 titles)
Wei Wu Wei (8 titles)
Wei-Yi Cheng (1 titles)
Weil, Andrew and Mark Fenton (1 titles)
Weintraub, Amy (1 titles)
Welford, Mary (1 titles)
Wellens, Koen (1 titles)
Wen Zee, Dr (1 titles)
Werner, Karel (6 titles)
West, Elizabeth (1 titles)
Whicher, Ian and Carpenter, David (1 titles)
Whinfield, E H (2 titles)
White, Rosalyn (9 titles)
Whiteaker, Stafford (1 titles)
Whitehead, John (1 titles)
Whitman, Walt (1 titles)
Whitman, Walt and Mitchell, Stephen (1 titles)
Whitman, Walt and selected and introduced by Robert Hass and Paul Ebenkamp (1 titles)
Whitney, William Dwight and Lanman, Charles Rockwell (1 titles)
Wick, Gerry Shishin and Ilia Shinko Perez (2 titles)
Wijesekera, O H De A (2 titles)
Wile, Douglas (1 titles)
Wilfong, Cheryl (1 titles)
Williams, C V (1 titles)
Williams, J P (1 titles)
Williams, Kenneth R (2 titles)
Willoughby, Leonard (1 titles)
Wills, Judith (1 titles)
Willson, Martin and Brauen, Martin (1 titles)
Wilson, Jeff and Taylor, Mike (1 titles)
Wilson, Sean Michael and William Scott Wilson and Chie Kutsuwada (2 titles)
Wimmel, Kenneth (1 titles)
Windisch, E (1 titles)
Winfield, Pamela D (1 titles)
Wing-Tsit Chan (1 titles)
Won-Chun Kim and Christopher Merrill (1 titles)
Wong Kiew Kit (3 titles)
Wong, Dorothy (1 titles)
Wong, James (1 titles)
Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon), Sir John (5 titles)
Woodward, F L (6 titles)
Wray, William (1 titles)
Wright, Alison (5 titles)
Wright, Dale S (3 titles)
Wu Wei (1 titles)
Wu Yin, Bhikshuni and Shih, Jendy and Thubten Chodron (1 titles)
Wyatt, Don J (1 titles)
Xiaolan Zhao (2 titles)
Yampolsky, Philip B (2 titles)
Yang-Gyu An, Dr (1 titles)
Yangchen, Soname with Vicki Mackenzie (1 titles)
Yarrow, Peter and illustrated by Melissa Sweet (1 titles)
Yeshe Gyamtso (4 titles)
Yeshe Tsogyal and translated by Kenneth Douglas and Gwendolyn Bays (1 titles)
Yeshi Dhondup (1 titles)
Yin-Shun, Master (1 titles)
Yoshiko Seo, Audrey (1 titles)
Yoshizawa, Katsuhiro with Norman Waddell (1 titles)
Yu, Anthony C (1 titles)
Zen Centre (1 titles)
Zhang Guangde (1 titles)
Zhechen Gyaltsab and with instructions by Tarthang Tulku (1 titles)
Zong Rinpoche, Kyabje and chanted in English by the translator David Molk (1 titles)
Zong Rinpoche, Kyabje and edited by David Molk (2 titles)
Kanamatsu, Kenryo (1 titles)
Kapleau, Philip (5 titles)
Kapp, L and Kapp, H and Yoshihara, Y (1 titles)
Kapstein, Matthew (7 titles)
Kaptchuk, Ted J (1 titles)
Karelis, Bill (2 titles)
Kariyawasam, A G S (2 titles)
Karki, Mohan Singh and Kabir (1 titles)
Karma Chagme with Commentary by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche (1 titles)
Karma Lekshe Tsomo (9 titles)
Karma Yonten Senge (Lawrence Ellyard) (1 titles)
Katu, Genchi (1 titles)
Kawa Peltseg (1 titles)
Keay, John (2 titles)
Keido, Ippo and Stone, Kazuko G (1 titles)
Kelly, Maureen J (2 titles)
Kennedy, Robert E (2 titles)
Kent, Dale and Melissa Kent (1 titles)
Keown, Damien (8 titles)
Kesar Lall (1 titles)
Kessel, Brent (1 titles)
Ketelaar, James Edward (1 titles)
Keyes, Charles F (1 titles)
Khandro Rinpoche (2 titles)
Khantipalo Bhikkhu (18 titles)
Khedrup Norsang Gyatso and translated by Gavin Kilty (1 titles)
Khenpo Jigme and Lama Wangdu (1 titles)
Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche and Lama Karma Drodhul (1 titles)
Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche and translated by Yeshe Gyamtso (1 titles)
Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and translated by Shenpen Hookham (1 titles)
Khenpo Tusltrim Gyamtso Rinpoche (1 titles)
Khentrul Tsewang Dongyal (2 titles)
Kim , Inchang (1 titles)
King, Richard (1 titles)
Kingdom Ward, Frank (4 titles)
Kingdom Ward, Frank and edited by Kenneth Cox (1 titles)
Kinney, Ann R (1 titles)
Kistler, Brian and introduction by Robert Thurman (1 titles)
Kitaro, Nishita and translated by Jon W.M.Krummel and Shigenori Nagatomo (1 titles)
Kleeman, Terry F (1 titles)
Klein, Anne C and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (1 titles)
Klein, Wilhelm and Gunter Pfannmuller (1 titles)
Knight, Margaret Lisa (2 titles)
Knock, Tim and Kevin Redpath and produced by Gareth Mills (1 titles)
Ko I Bastis, Madeline (1 titles)
Kohn, Livia (8 titles)
Kohn, Livia and Roth, Harold D (1 titles)
Kohn, Sherab Chodzin (3 titles)
Koja, Kathe (1 titles)
Komjathy, Louis (1 titles)
Kopan Monks (2 titles)
Kotler, Arnold (1 titles)
Krishnamurti, Jiddu (26 titles)
Krishnamurti, Jiddu and edited by Mary Luytens (1 titles)
Kuan, Tse-Fu Jeff (1 titles)
Kuang-chung Lo and translated by C.H. Brewitt-Taylor (1 titles)
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth (5 titles)
Kulananda (2 titles)
Kundtz, David (1 titles)
Kurosawa, Akira (3 titles)
Kusan Sunim and translated by Martine Batchelor (1 titles)
Kuznetsova, Irina and Chakravarthi Ram Prasad and Jonardon Ganeri (1 titles)
Lama Kathy Wesley (14 titles)
Lama Thubten Zopa and Trijang Rinpoche (1 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa (6 titles)
Lama Tsong Khapa and translated by Geshe Graham Woodhouse (1 titles)
Lama Yeshe Gyamtso (5 titles)
Lama Yeshe Losal (1 titles)
Lamotte, Etienne and Boin Webb, Sara (1 titles)
Langer, Rita (1 titles)
Lao Tzu (2 titles)
Lao Tzu and Byrne, Patrick M (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and read by the translator Stephen Mitchell (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by D.C.Lau (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translated by William Scott Wilson (1 titles)
Lao Tzu and translation and commentary by Hua-Ching Ni (1 titles)
Larkin, Geri (6 titles)
Lati Rinpoche and Hopkins, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Lawless, Julia and Judy Allen with a foreword by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (1 titles)
Learman, Linda (1 titles)
Ledi Sayadaw (5 titles)
Lee , Peter H and Yongho Ch'oe and De Bary, Wm Theodore (1 titles)
Legge, James and Confucius (1 titles)
Lei Congyun and Yang Yang and Zhao Gushan (1 titles)
Leighton, Taigen Dan and Yi Wu (1 titles)
Lelung Tulku (1 titles)
Lenz, Timothy (1 titles)
Lesoine, Robert and Marilynne Chophel (1 titles)
Lester, Meera (1 titles)
Leve, Lauren (1 titles)
Levering, Miriam (2 titles)
Lhalungpa, Lobsang P (1 titles)
Li Yung-hsi (1 titles)
Lian Shou-Yu (1 titles)
Lief, Judith L (2 titles)
Lilley, M E (1 titles)
Link, Walter and Thais Corral and Mark Gerzon (1 titles)
Linn, Denise (1 titles)
Little, John (2 titles)
Little, Tias (1 titles)
Littlejohn, Darren (1 titles)
Littlejohn, Ronnie and Jeffrey Dippmann (2 titles)
Liu I-Ming and translated by Thomas Cleary (2 titles)
Liu Yanchi (2 titles)
Lobsang Gyatso, Ven. (3 titles)
Lobsang Norbu Tsonawa (1 titles)
Lobsang, Gyatso, Ven. and Geshe Graham Woodhouse (1 titles)
Lopez, Donald S and Trace Foundation's Latse Library (1 titles)
Low , Albert (3 titles)
Low , James (2 titles)
Low , James and Nuden Dorje (1 titles)
Low, James (1 titles)
Loy , David and Goodhew, Linda (1 titles)
Luk , Charles (4 titles)
Lynn, Richard John and Wang Bi (1 titles)
Ma Jian (4 titles)
Macdonald, David (1 titles)
Macdougall, Robert (4 titles)
Mace, Chris (1 titles)
Macfarlane, Alan and Iris Macfarlane (1 titles)
Mackenzie, Rory (2 titles)
Macy, Joanna and Norbert Gahbler (2 titles)
Madsen, Richard (1 titles)
Maezelle, Guy (2 titles)
Maezumi Roshi, Taizan (2 titles)
Maezumi Roshi, Taizan and Bernard Glassman (1 titles)
Maezumi Roshi, Taizan and Glassman, Bernard (1 titles)
Magee, William A (2 titles)
Magid, Barry (2 titles)
Magill, Mark (2 titles)
Mahasi Sayadaw (3 titles)
Malalasekera, G P (7 titles)
Man Jan Cheng and Lao Tzu and Gibbs, Tam C (1 titles)
Mangajin (1 titles)
Manhae and translated by Francisca Cho (1 titles)
Manjusvara (2 titles)
Mann, Charles and Maggie Oster (1 titles)
Mann, Robert (1 titles)
Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams (1 titles)
Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North (1 titles)
Mantak Chia and Tao Huang (1 titles)
Mantak Chia and Wei , William U (1 titles)
Maoshing Ni (4 titles)
Marnham, Patrick (1 titles)
Marshall, Juile G (1 titles)
Marshall, Sir John (1 titles)
Marshall, Steven D and Tibet Information Network (1 titles)
Martin, Michelle (1 titles)
Martin, Rafe (1 titles)
Martin, Rafe and Gaber, Susan (1 titles)
Martineau, Lynne (1 titles)
Maschmaun, Melita and Anandamayi Ma (1 titles)
Mason, R H P and Caiger, J G (1 titles)
Mason-John, Valerie and Parabandhu Groves (1 titles)
Master Miao Tsan (1 titles)
Master Tam Shek-wing and with a foreword by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche (1 titles)
Mathers, Dale and Melvin E.Miller, and Osamu Ando (1 titles)
Mathiessen, Peter (3 titles)
Matilal, Biman Krishna (2 titles)
Matousek, Mark (1 titles)
Matriceta and Chandragomin and translated by Michael Hahn (1 titles)
Matthews, Bruce (1 titles)
Matthews, John and Wil Kingham (1 titles)
Mayo-Smith, Ian (1 titles)
McCallum, Donald F (1 titles)
McClelland, Norman C (1 titles)
McClure, Michael and Manzarek, Ray (1 titles)
McCort, Dennis (1 titles)
McDaniel, Richard Bryan (2 titles)
McDonald, Kathleen and edited by Robina Courtin (1 titles)
McGinnis, Mark W (1 titles)
McIntosh, Steve (1 titles)
McLoughlin, Sean (1 titles)
McPhail, Mark (1 titles)
Merton, Thomas and edited by Jonathan Montaldo (1 titles)
Merullo, Roland (2 titles)
Merzel, Dennis Genpo (4 titles)
Metzger, Deena (1 titles)
Meyer, Karl and Shareen Blair Brysac (1 titles)
Michaels, Axel (1 titles)
Michihiro Ama (1 titles)
Micozzi, Marc and Donald McCown, Mones Abu-Asab, and Hari M.Sharma (1 titles)
Micozzi, Marc and Kevin Ergill, Laurel S Gabler, and Kerry Palanjian (1 titles)
Mills, Martin A (2 titles)
Mind Gym (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju (6 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju and McSweeney, Terry (1 titles)
Mipham Rinpoche, Ju with commentary by Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche, translated by Jeffrey Hopkins (2 titles)
Mirsky, Jeanette (1 titles)
Mishimoto Schinner, Miyoko (1 titles)
Mishra, Rajnish Kumar (1 titles)
Mitchell, Donald W (1 titles)
Mitter, Partha and Parul Dave Mukherjee and Rakhee Balaram (1 titles)
Mohan Makkar (2 titles)
Moksananda (1 titles)
Mollgaard, Eske (1 titles)
Moody, Raymond A (4 titles)
Mookerjee, Satkari (1 titles)
Moon, Susan (4 titles)
Moore, Dinty (2 titles)
Moore, Elizabeth and U Win Pe and Mayer, Hansjorg (1 titles)
Moran, Kerry and Johnson, Russell (1 titles)
Morandi, Bruno (1 titles)
Morgan, Diane (1 titles)
Morgan, Giles (1 titles)
Morinaga Roshi, Soko (3 titles)
Morris, Tony (1 titles)
Mouton, Lawrence and Sergio Ramazzotti with text by Catherine Bourzat (1 titles)
Moxham, Roy (1 titles)
Moyer, Donald (1 titles)
Moyne, John and Coleman Barks (1 titles)
Mu Soeng (2 titles)
Mueggler, Erik (1 titles)
Murcott, Miriam and Starks, Richard (1 titles)
Murphy, Dervla (1 titles)
Murphy, Susan (2 titles)
Murray, Zachiah (2 titles)
Myers, Lucas (1 titles)
Nagao, Gadjin M (1 titles)
Nagaraja, Dharmachari (1 titles)
Nagarjuna and translation and commentary by Jan Westerhoff (1 titles)
Nakagawa, Soen and Shimano, Eido Tai and Tanahashi, Kazuaki (2 titles)
Nakamura, Hajime (5 titles)
Namkhai Norbu and Fabio Andrico (1 titles)
Namkhai Norbu and translated and edited by Adriano Clemente (1 titles)
Namkhai Norbu and translated and edited by Elio Guarisco (1 titles)
Nanavira Thera (5 titles)
Napthali, Sarah (5 titles)
Narada Thera and Kassapa Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Narada, U (1 titles)
Nasim H Naqvi (1 titles)
Natali, Nadia (1 titles)
Nataraj, Ralph (1 titles)
Nataraja, Shanida (2 titles)
Nazli Gellek and adapted by Trudy Crofts & Ken McKeon, illustrated by Rcahel Garbett (1 titles)
Neogy, Chitra (1 titles)
Neten Chokling Rinpoche (2 titles)
Ng Yu-Kwan and Chih-I (1 titles)
Ngawang Chosjor (1 titles)
Nielsen, Bent (1 titles)
Nimalasuria, Ananda (1 titles)
Nisargadatta, Sri (3 titles)
Nishijima, Gudo Wafu and Chodo Cross (4 titles)
Nisker, Wes (2 titles)
Norris, Chuck (1 titles)
Norris, Gunilla (1 titles)
Novick, Rebecca Mcclen (1 titles)
Nyanaponika Thera (18 titles)
Nyanaponika Thera with Hellmuth Hecker and edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi (1 titles)
Nyanasatta Thera (1 titles)
Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche (2 titles)
O'Hara, Pat Enkyo (1 titles)
O'Neill, Mark (1 titles)
O`Reilly, James and O`Reilly, Sean (1 titles)
Obermiller, E (2 titles)
Obeyesekere, Ranjini (2 titles)
Odin, Steve (2 titles)
Ohayv, Ron (1 titles)
Ohnuma, Reiko (2 titles)
Okawa, Ryuko (1 titles)
Oldenberg, Hermann (4 titles)
Oldenberg, Hermann and Hoey, William (1 titles)
Oldmeadow, Peter (1 titles)
Olivelle, Patrick and Janice Leoshko and Himanshu Ray (1 titles)
Order of Shaolin Chan (1 titles)
Ortner, Sherry B (4 titles)
Ottama, Ashin U (1 titles)
Ourvan, Jeffrey (1 titles)
Ousaka, Yamazaki and K.R.Norman (1 titles)
Oxenhandler, Noelle (1 titles)
Ozaniec, Naomi (2 titles)
Ozeki, Ruth (1 titles)
Pabongka Rinpoche and Sharpa Tulku and Guard, Richard (1 titles)
Pabongka Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche and Geshe Lobsang Tharchin (4 titles)
Padhye, A M (1 titles)
Padmarajiah, Y J (1 titles)
Padmasambhava and Karma Lingpa and translated by Elio Guarisco (1 titles)
Padmasambhava, with commentary by Gyatrul Rinpoche and translated by B Alan Wallace (1 titles)
Padmasuri (1 titles)
Padwa, David (1 titles)
Palden Gyatso (2 titles)
Palmer, James (2 titles)
Pancham Sinh and Srisa Chandra Vasu (1 titles)
Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen and translated by Yael Bentor and Penpa Dorjee (1 titles)
Pandey, C B (1 titles)
Paramahansa Hariharananda (1 titles)
Parent, Joseph (1 titles)
Parimal G Patil (1 titles)
Parker Pearson, Mike (1 titles)
Parkes, Graham (1 titles)
Parks, Tim (1 titles)
Patterson, George N (1 titles)
Patwardhan, Krishnaji Shankara and Naimpally, Somashekhara Amrita (1 titles)
Pavan, Aldo (2 titles)
Pecenko, Primoz and posthumously completed by Tamara Ditrich (1 titles)
Peiris, William (1 titles)
Penor Rinpoche (1 titles)
Penth, Hans (1 titles)
Perera, Ranjith K (1 titles)
Perniola, Vito (1 titles)
Perry, Frank (1 titles)
Pesso, Tana with Penor Rinpoche (2 titles)
Phillips, Michael (2 titles)
Pickering, John (1 titles)
Pistono, Matteo (4 titles)
Piver, Susan (6 titles)
Piyatissa Thera (1 titles)
Poirier, Jean-Etienne (2 titles)
Polo, Marco and introduction by John Masefield (1 titles)
Poncar, Jaroslav (2 titles)
Pordie, Laurent (1 titles)
Porter, Bill (4 titles)
Potter, Karl H (8 titles)
Potter, Karl H and Bhattacharya, Sibajiban (1 titles)
Powell, Robert (3 titles)
Pozdneyev, A and Krueger, John R (1 titles)
Pradeep Chamaria (1 titles)
Prats, Ramon (1 titles)
Preece, Rob (5 titles)
Premasiri, P D (3 titles)
Preston, D L (1 titles)
Price, Leonard (3 titles)
Prince, Tony (1 titles)
Pristine, Nancy (1 titles)
Proser, Adriana (2 titles)
Pruitt, William and Norman, K R (1 titles)
Punset, Eduardo (1 titles)
Purperhart, Helen (1 titles)
Pye , Michael (4 titles)
Queen, Christopher (1 titles)
Queen, Christopher and King, Sallie B (1 titles)
Rabbi David Aaron (2 titles)
Radhakrishnan, Prof Sarvepalli (2 titles)
Raghunandan (1 titles)
Ram Dass and Gorman, Paul (1 titles)
Ram Kumar Ratbam, M V and Bhaskara Rao, D (1 titles)
Ranganathan, Shyam (1 titles)
Ratna Shakya, Milan (1 titles)
Ravindra, Ravi and Priscilla Murray (1 titles)
Rawson, Philip (3 titles)
Ray , Elena (1 titles)
Ray , Reginald A (14 titles)
Red Pine and Mike O'Connor (1 titles)
Reepah Gud Wan and Japikse, Carl (1 titles)
Reeves, Gene (3 titles)
Reymond, Lizelle and Sri Anirvan (1 titles)
Reynolds, David K (1 titles)
Rhys Davids, Caroline (10 titles)
Rhys Davids, Thomas William and Debes, Paul (1 titles)
Riddell, Chris (1 titles)
Riegert, Ray and Moore, Thomas (1 titles)
Rizzetto, Diane (2 titles)
Roach, Michael and Christie McNally (1 titles)
Roach, Michael with McNally, Christine (1 titles)
Roberts, Peter Alan (4 titles)
Robertson, David (1 titles)
Robinson, Richard H and Johnson, Willard L and Thanissaro Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Robson, James (1 titles)
Rock, E Raymond (1 titles)
Rock, Sheila (2 titles)
Rodriguez del Alisal, with Peter Ackerman and Dolores P.Martinez (1 titles)
Rome, David I (1 titles)
Rosen, Jeremy (1 titles)
Rosenberg, Larry and Guy , David (1 titles)
Rotne, Nikolaj and Didde Flor Rotne (1 titles)
Rowe, S C (1 titles)
Rowthorn, Chris and Bartlett, Ray (1 titles)
Roychaudhuri, Bimalkanta (1 titles)
Ruegg, David Seyfort (2 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and edited by Kabir Helminski (1 titles)
Rumi, Jallaludin and Moyne, John and Barks, Coleman (1 titles)
Russmann, Edna (1 titles)
Ryokan, Taigu and translated by Dennis Mahoney and Hide Oshiro (1 titles)
Sacharoff, Shanta Rimbark (1 titles)
Saddhatissa, Hammalawa (4 titles)
Sadler Hamilton, James (1 titles)
Saibaba, V V S (1 titles)
Sakya Pandita and Rhoton, Jared Douglas (1 titles)
Sakya Pandita and translated by John Davenport (1 titles)
Salzberg, Sharon (10 titles)
Samtani, N H (1 titles)
Samuel, Geoffrey (3 titles)
Sandell, Klas (1 titles)
Sangharakshita Bhikkhu (1 titles)
Sangye Gyatso, Desi and translated by Gavin Kilty (1 titles)
Sangye Tandar and Guard, Richard (1 titles)
Santina, Peter Della and Lozang Jamspal and Ngawang Samten Chophel and Nagarjuna (1 titles)
Sapiro, Izaokas (1 titles)
Saraha and translated by Lara Braitstein (1 titles)
Sarony, Neville (1 titles)
Sarukkai, Sundar (1 titles)
Sasaki, Genjun H (1 titles)
Saso, Michael R (1 titles)
Sayadaw, U Thittila (1 titles)
Sayagyi U Ba Khin (1 titles)
Schaeffer, Kurtis R (3 titles)
Schaeffer, Kurtis R and Matthew Kapstein, and Gray Tuttle (1 titles)
Schell, Orville (1 titles)
Schettini, Stephen (1 titles)
Schipper, Kristofer and Verellen, Franciscus (1 titles)
Schober, Julianne (2 titles)
Schoberlein, Deborah (1 titles)
Schrama, Ilse and Birgit Schrama (1 titles)
Schubert, Olaf (5 titles)
Schuon, Frithjof (2 titles)
Schwartz, Barry and Kenneth Sharpe (1 titles)
Scobie, Claire (1 titles)
Scorsese, Martin (1 titles)
Scott Peck, Dr M (1 titles)
Segall, Seth Robert (1 titles)
Seike, K (1 titles)
Senzaki, Nyogen and McCandless, Ruth Strout (1 titles)
Seow, David and illustrated by L.K.Tay-Andouard (1 titles)
Sestito, Joseph (1 titles)
Seung Sahn and Mitchell, Stephen (1 titles)
Shainberg, Lawrence (1 titles)
Shakabpa, Tsepon W D (1 titles)
Shakya Chokden (1 titles)
Shamar Rinpoche and translated by Lara Breitstein (2 titles)
Shaneman, Jhampa and Jan V Angel (1 titles)
Shantideva (2 titles)
Shantideva and Sharma, Parmananda (1 titles)
Shantideva and translated by Kate Crosby and Andrew Skilton (1 titles)
Shapiro, Eddie (1 titles)
Sharf, Robert H and Sharf, Elizabeth Horton (1 titles)
Sharma, B G (1 titles)
Sharma, Nirmala (1 titles)
Sharma, Ram Karan (1 titles)
Shashibala (3 titles)
Shastri, J L (1 titles)
Shaumian, Tatiana (1 titles)
Shaw, Maura D and Marchesi, Stephen (1 titles)
Shaw, Scott (2 titles)
Shear, Jonathan (1 titles)
Shearer, Alistair (1 titles)
Shechen Gyaltsap and Kunkyen Tenpe Nyima and translated by the Dharmachakra Translation Committee (1 titles)
Shen Congwen (1 titles)
Sheppard, Christopher (1 titles)
Shozo Sato and Roshi Gengo Akiba (1 titles)
Shrestha, Romio and Shresta, Sophie (1 titles)
Shukla, Usha Devi (1 titles)
Sidisunthorn, Pindar and Simon Gardner and Dean Smart (1 titles)
Siegal, Ronald D (1 titles)
Siegel, Daniel J and foreword by Daniel Goleman (1 titles)
Sifu Yeshe Gyatso and Pavel Simon (1 titles)
Silburn, Lilian (1 titles)
Silver, Gail and Illustrated by Christiane Kromer (2 titles)
Silver, Gail and illustrated by Christine Kromer (1 titles)
Simpkins, C Alexander and Simpkins, Annellen (2 titles)
Singh, Jaideva (4 titles)
Siriwardhana, Eileen (1 titles)
Sister Chan Khong (2 titles)
Sithamparanathan, J (1 titles)
Smith, Aloka David (1 titles)
Smith, Brian K (1 titles)
Smith, David (11 titles)
Smith, F Harold (1 titles)
Smith, Helmer (3 titles)
Smith, Huston and Novak, Phillip (1 titles)
Smith, Jean (4 titles)
Smith, Larry and Mei Hui Lui Huang (1 titles)
Smith, Warren (2 titles)
Smyer Yu, Dan (2 titles)
Smyth, David (1 titles)
Snellgrove, David L (8 titles)
Snelling, John (2 titles)
Snodgrass, Judith (1 titles)
Snow, Kimberley (1 titles)
Snyder, Gary (9 titles)
Sogen, Omori (1 titles)
Sogyal Rinpoche (6 titles)
Soma Thera (7 titles)
Soma Thera and Dhammadinna, Sister (1 titles)
Sonam Dhondup (7 titles)
Sorensen, Per K and Guntram Hazod (2 titles)
Sparrowe, Linda with Yoga Sequences by Patricia Walden (1 titles)
Sponberg, Alan and Helen Hardacre (1 titles)
Sri Swami Satchananda (1 titles)
Srimala (2 titles)
St Ruth, Diana (1 titles)
Staal, Frits (1 titles)
Stearns, Cyrus (6 titles)
Stede, W (1 titles)
Stein, Mari Garatri (1 titles)
Steinberg, Eden (1 titles)
Stoddard, Heather (1 titles)
Stone, Michael (5 titles)
Storey, John Andrew (3 titles)
Stormer, Chris (1 titles)
Story, Francis (16 titles)
Strand, Clark (2 titles)
Stryker, Rod (1 titles)
Subba, Tanka B (1 titles)
Subhuti and Subhamati (1 titles)
Suheil Bushrui (1 titles)
Sullivan, Anne Marie and Chen Jian-Jiang (1 titles)
Sumano, Ajahn (6 titles)
Sun Tzu (6 titles)
Sunthorn Na-Rangsi (1 titles)
Suryanarayana Sastri (1 titles)
Sutin, Lawrence (2 titles)
Suzuki, Beatrice Lane (1 titles)
Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro (16 titles)
Suzuki, Shunryu (8 titles)
Svoboda, Robert E (6 titles)
Swami Ambikananda Saraswati and with an introduction by Thomas Cleary (1 titles)
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati (3 titles)
Swami Sivananda (9 titles)
Swami Tyagananda and Pravrajika Vrajaprana (1 titles)
Swami Venkatesananda (1 titles)
Swami Vishnudevananda (1 titles)
Swanson, Paul L (1 titles)
Swanson, Paul L with Clark Chilson (1 titles)
Swearer, Donald K (3 titles)
Tachibana, S (1 titles)
Tachikawa, Musashi (1 titles)
Tagore, Rabindranath and Chakrabarti, Mohit (1 titles)
Tai Situ Rinpoche and translated by Rosemary Fuchs (2 titles)
Takeyama, Michio and Hibbett, Howard (1 titles)
Talty, Stephan (2 titles)
Tan, Amy (1 titles)
Tanabe, George J (2 titles)
Tanaka, Kenneth K (1 titles)
Tao Jiang (1 titles)
Taranatha, Jonang (2 titles)
Taranatha, Jonang and translated by Templeman, David (1 titles)
Tarrant, John (2 titles)
Tarthang Tulku (31 titles)
Tashi Daknewa and Liberman, Kenneth (1 titles)
Tashi Tsering and Melvyn C Goldstein, Melvyn C and William Siebenschuh (2 titles)
Taub, Ken (1 titles)
Taungpulu Sayadaw and edited by Anne Teich (1 titles)
Taylor, Philip (1 titles)
Tenzin Dakpa (1 titles)
Thakar, Vimala (5 titles)
Thelle, N R (1 titles)
Theroux, Paul (2 titles)
Thesbjerg, Marie Veno (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Berrigan, Daniel (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Chan Khong (2 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and compiled and edited by Melvin McLeod (2 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and illustrated by Nguyen Thi Hop (2 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Logan Payne (2 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Maida, Gaetano Kazuo (1 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village Community and illustrated by Wietske Vriezen (2 titles)
Thich Nhat Hanh and Vo-Dinh Mai (1 titles)
Thinley Norbu (6 titles)
Thomas, Steven M (1 titles)
Thompson, Hunter S (2 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and Gampopa (1 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and Holmes, Ken and Holmes, Katia (3 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and Karmapa [Third] and translated by Peter Roberts (1 titles)
Thrangu Rinpoche, Khenchen and translated by David Karma Choephel (2 titles)
Thubten Dhondrub (1 titles)
Tibet Foundation and narrated by Michael Wood (1 titles)
Tikhonov, Vladimir and Torkel Brekke (1 titles)
Tilakaratne, Asanga (1 titles)
Tin-Yu Lam (1 titles)
Tkacz, Virlana with Sayan Zhambalov and Wanda Phipps (1 titles)
Todd, Warren Lee (1 titles)
Tokitsu, Kenji (4 titles)
Tournadre, Nicholas and Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa, Gyurme Chodrak, and Guillaume Oisel (1 titles)
Towers, Jacqueline (1 titles)
Trenckner, V and Chalmers, Lord R and Rhys Davids, Caroline (1 titles)
Trigilio, Tony (2 titles)
Trinlay Chodrak and Kesang Tashi (1 titles)
Tromge, Jane (1 titles)
Tropper, Kurt (1 titles)
Truman, Sarah E (1 titles)
Tsangnyon Heruka and translated by Andrew Quintman (1 titles)
Tsering Gyalbo, Guntram Hazod, and Per K Sorensen (1 titles)
Tsetan Chonjore and Abinanti, Andera (1 titles)
Tsoknyi Rinpoche with Eric Swanson (1 titles)
Tsoltim Ngima Shakabpa (1 titles)
Tsuji, Shizuo and Kaoichiro Hata (1 titles)
Tucci, Giuseppe and translated by Geoffrey Samuel (1 titles)
Tulasidasa and Prasad, R C (1 titles)
Tulku Damcho Rinpoche (1 titles)
Tulku Thondup (10 titles)
Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and Trulshik Adeu Rinpoche, translated by Erik Pema Kunsang and Marcia Schmidt (1 titles)
Tuttle, Gray (1 titles)
Tuttle, Gray and Kurtis Schaeffer (1 titles)
U Chit Tin, Sayagyi (1 titles)
U Maung Maung (2 titles)
Uddiyan, Saber (1 titles)
Ueshiba, Kisshomaru (2 titles)
Ueshiba, Morihei and translated by John Stevens (4 titles)
Unschuld, Paul U (2 titles)
Vahali, Honey Oberoi (1 titles)
Vajiranana Nayaka Thera, Medagama (2 titles)
Vajiranana, Parawahera and Story, Francis (1 titles)
Van Gelder, Kiera (1 titles)
Van Gulik, R H (1 titles)
Van Leeuwen, Gert (1 titles)
Van Lommel, Pim (1 titles)
Varma, Pavan K (1 titles)
Vaziri, Mostafa (1 titles)
Vessantara (6 titles)
Victoria, Brian Daizen (2 titles)
Vidagama Maitreya (1 titles)
Vidyadevi (1 titles)
Vikram Gandhi (1 titles)
Vipassana Research Institute (2 titles)
Von Schroeder, Ulrich and Heidi Von Schroeder (1 titles)
Vose, Kevin (1 titles)
Vyner, Henry Miles (5 titles)
Wallace, Vesna A (3 titles)
Walleser, M and Kopp , H (1 titles)
Walsh, Roger (1 titles)
Wandee Young and Byron Ayanoglu (1 titles)
Watson, Burton and Santoka, Taneda (1 titles)
Watters, Thomas and Rhys Davids, Thomas William (1 titles)
Wayman, Alex (2 titles)
Wayman, Alex and Lama Tsong Khapa (1 titles)
Wayman, Alex and Tajima, R (1 titles)
Weatherford, Jack (2 titles)
Webb, Russell and Bhikkhu Nyanatusita (1 titles)
Wedemeyer, Christian K (4 titles)
Weeraperuma, Susunaga (3 titles)
Wei , Lindsay (1 titles)
Weidner, Marsha (2 titles)
Weinstein, Stanley (1 titles)
Weiss, Richard S (1 titles)
Weissman, Steve (1 titles)
Welter, Albert (3 titles)
Westbrook, Adele (1 titles)
Whalen-Bridge, John and Pattana Kitiarsa (1 titles)
Whitbread, Henry (1 titles)
White, David (1 titles)
Wijayaratna, Mohan (2 titles)
Wijesekera, O H De A and Jayatilleke, K N and Burtt, E A (1 titles)
Wijeyeratne, Roshan De Silva (1 titles)
Wilber, Ken and Rothberg, D (1 titles)
Wilding, Anna (1 titles)
Wiley (1 titles)
Willard, Christopher (2 titles)
Williams, Duncan Ryuken (2 titles)
Williams, Mark G and Danny Penman (2 titles)
Willis, Janice Dean (6 titles)
Wilson, Jeff (5 titles)
Wilson, Michael Henry (1 titles)
Winston, Diana (1 titles)
Winternitz, Maurice (1 titles)
Wintle, Justin (1 titles)
Witwer, Julia (1 titles)
Wolff, Diane (2 titles)
Wolinsky, Stephen (2 titles)
Wolter, Doris (2 titles)
Woods, J H and Kosambi, D and Horner, I B (1 titles)
Wright, Chris (1 titles)
Wright, Laura (1 titles)
Wu Ch'Eng En and translated by Arthur Waley (1 titles)
Wu Jing-Nuan (1 titles)
Wujastyk, Dagmar and Frederick M.Smith (1 titles)
Xinran (1 titles)
Yamazaki, Morichi and Y.Ousaka (1 titles)
Yangbum Gyal and Dr Tenzin Namdul (1 titles)
Yangsi Rinpoche (1 titles)
Yangzom Brauen (1 titles)
Yangzom Brauen and translated by Katy Derbyshire (2 titles)
Yeh, Emily T (1 titles)
Yeshi Dorjee and edited by John S.Major (3 titles)
Yifa, Ven. (3 titles)
Yin Shi Zi (1 titles)
Yogis, Jaimal (2 titles)
Young, David (2 titles)
Yu Dan (2 titles)
Za Rinpoche with Ashley Nebelsieck (1 titles)
Zasep Tulku (2 titles)
Zasep Tulku and translated by Martin Willson (1 titles)
Zimmerman, Robert and John Miglietta (1 titles)
Ziporyn, Brook (2 titles)
Znamenski, Andrei (2 titles)

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