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Time, Space and Knowledge
Invitation to participate in England

"A focus on time, space, and knowledge fits well with the Western mind, for time and space are objective factors in our lives, and knowledge is central to all that we do. Without time, we could not be alive; without space, we could not be embodied. Experience, appearance, and action all depend on time, space, and knowledge. Yet these fundamental facets of being are not widely appreciated or discussed; indeed, for the most part they are taken for granted." Tarthang Tulku

A liberating Vision for our times.a timely Vision, whose time has come.Such descriptions could be applied to a series of works by Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku, a revelation which began with the publication, in 1977, of Time, Space and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality. Translated into six languages, and adopted by over 100 colleges, this book and the five that followed are still relatively unknown in the UK.

TSK (as it is generally and affectionately known) does not put in place any belief system, religious or otherwise. Instead, it invites us to challenge every aspect of our existence and being. In so doing, it opens the density and complexity of our habitual and long-established modes of perceiving, being and acting; established by generations of social, biological and family patterns. Graciously, gracefully (miraculously, some may say) it reveals, opens, dissolves, and releases, allowing us unprecedented access to what Tarthang Tulku calls Great Time, Great Space and Great Knowledge.

The TSK vision invites us to pay attention to what we habitually ignore, both in terms of what we perceive and in terms of the 'I' who apparently does the perceiving. The results are liberating. They enrich every aspect of our experience beyond description, allowing access to entirely new kinds of knowledge and ways of knowing previously unavailable to us.
The resulting potential for beneficial transformation, personally, at all levels of society, and literally within every field of human endeavour, is of inestimable value. It demands serious consideration in these turbulent times.

Ways to get involved:

TSK is available through the Center for Creative Inquiry and the Nyingma Institute, both in California, and through Nyingma Centrum in Holland. There are also online programmes and a comprehensive home-study programme, 'When it Rains Does Space Get Wet?', prepared by long-time TSK teacher Jack Petranker.

I am exploring the possibility of introducing the TSK Vision into the UK - in the form of a short residential retreat. It's too soon to give you dates or duration, or details of venue or cost. I expect it will be towards the end of 2012 and around 5-7 days in length. Once 20 people have expressed firm interest in taking part, we can proceed to practicalities.

If you would like to participate in a retreat of study, practice and discussion, please contact Caroline Sherwood: info[at]carolinesherwood.co.uk, putting TSK in the subject field.

For the books of the TSK Vision, please see: http://www.dharmapublishing.com/
All available from Wisdom Books

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