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Diamond Sutra

The Perfection of Wisdom
Diamond Sutra

Author(s) : Red Pine
Publishers Price : 13.99
Wisdom Price : 11.19(save 20%)
Availability : Usually available in 7 day(s)
ISBN : 1582432562
EAN : 9781582432564
Cover : Paperback
Pages : 472
Size : 212 x 140mm
Publisher : Counterpoint
Published : 2003
Category : Chinese Buddhism
Category 2 : Mahayana Buddhism: General
A wonderful new translation from the Chinese and Sanskrit with extensive commentaries intended to present this important text in a new light. The result is a work of inspiration and guidance, a text of spiritual practice for all seekers.

"The Diamond Sutra may look like a book, but it`s really the body of the Buddha. It`s also your body, my body, all possible bodies. But it`s a body with nothing inside and nothing outside. It doesn`t exist in space and time. Nor is it a construct of the mind. It`s no mind. And yet because it`s no mind, it has room for compassion. This book is the offering of no mind, born of compassion for all suffering beings. Of all the sutras that teach this teaching, this is the diamond. It cuts through all delusions, illuminates what is real, and cannot be destroyed. It is the path on which all Buddhas stand and walk. And to read it is to stand and walk with Buddhas." Red Pine.

"They shall be the most remarkably blessed of bodhisattvas, Bhagavan, who hear what is said in this sutra and give birth to a perception of its truth." The Diamond Sutra.
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