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Manjushri with Consorts B/W [Small]

Manjushri with Consorts B/W [Small]

Author(s) : Beer, Robert
Publishers Price : £70.00
Wisdom Price : £70.00
Availability : Usually available in 7 day(s)
Size : 345 x 255mm
Publisher : Robert Beer Website
Category : Newar Buddhist Art
In this black and white composition Manjushri, the bodhisattva of wisdom, is shown dancing with his two consorts on an ornate communal throne. Manjushri is youthful and stands in dancing bow-and-arrow posture upon a moon disc and lotus wearing the divine silks and jeweled bodhisattva ornaments. With his right hand he wields aloft his fiery wisdom sword, which is known as chandrahasa, the ‘moon-derider’; and with his left hand he holds the stem of a lotus that bears a text on the ‘Perfection of Wisdom’ upon its seed-head. To his right and left are his two consorts, Kesini and Upakesini, who are also known as Varada and Mokshada. They both stand gracefully on moon discs and lotuses in symmetrical dance postures, with the fingers of their hands making two of the main gestures of classical India dance. Their ornate throne is adorned with two lions and the eight auspicious symbols on its central façade, its steps are embellished with the scrolling motifs of flowers, roundels and petals, and its upper plinth with roundels that contain small images of swans, lions, elephants and deer. The sculptural torana that encircles Manjushri’s aura displays the traditional Newar emblems of two fierce makaras with long scrolling tails, two jewel-grasping dragons, two rearing griffins or garuda-lions, and two serpent-crested naginis with human bodies and long serpentine tails. The torana is crowned by the triumphant image of Garuda, who grasps the coils of the naga-serpents with his sharp talons.
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