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You Are the Eyes of the World [New Edition]

You Are the Eyes of the World [New Edition]

Author(s) : Longchenpa and translated by Kennard Lipman and Merrill Peterson. Introduction by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.
Publishers Price : 16.99
Wisdom Price : 11.89(save 30%)
Availability : Currently in stock
ISBN : 155939367X
EAN : 9781559393676
Cover : Paperback
Pages : 114
Size : 230 x 152mm
Publisher : Snow Lion Publications
Published : 2011
Category : Tibetan Buddhism: Dzogchen
Category 2 : Tibetan Buddhism: Nyingma
New edition. An introduction to the Dzogchen teachings by one of the greatest Nyingma masters, demonstrating how everyday experience is in actuality nothing more than the dance of awareness.

Longchenpa's Jewel Ship: a Guide to the Meaning of Pure and Total Presence, the Creative Energy of the Universe`, presents a method for discovering awareness everywhere, all the time. This book does not discuss how to turn ordinary life off, it does not describe how to create beautiful spiritual experiences, but it does show how to live within the source of all life - the unified field where experience takes place. It includes an introduction by Namkhai Norbu.

Just as the images on television are nothing more than light, so are our experiences merely the dance of awareness. Often we form attachments to, or feel enslaved by, these experiences. Their power fades as easily as the pictures vanish when the channel is changed, if we penetrate to the heart of reality - the light of the natural mind within everyone.

The title of the book is taken from a song by the Grateful Dead: "Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world, wake now, discover that you are the song that the morning brings."

Longchenpa's work, Jewel Ship, is a guide to the kun byed rgyal po, the fundamentally important Dzogchen text dealing with the state of pure and total presence, which is the actual basis of any individual - the nature of mind.

"Our experience of life is in large part determined by our conditioned belief system: we believe in certain things, cherish particular hopes, entertain specific fears, and generally point ourselves in some direction based on this focus. The teachings in this text advise us to relax our focus and allow the wider perspective of total openness to flood through us and light our world from within. When we are able to relax like this, the energy we invest in maintaining our usual focus is released, freed into its natural condition. In the process of letting go of a specific focus, however, we tend to let go of one thing, only to replace it with another - something we believe to be more "true" or perhaps more "spiritual"...We usually think of experience in dualistic terms: good or bad, enjoyable or painful, dull or enriching, desirable or awful. Even in a spiritual context experiences are evaluated according to how beneficial, transcendent, calming, or powerful they may be. This text points to experience that is unqualified yet includes and is at the heart of all possible experiences..." Merrill Peterson.
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