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Bloody White Baron [Sale Hardback Edition]

Bloody White Baron [Sale Hardback Edition]

This title has been delisted
Author(s) : Palmer, James
Publishers Price : £18.99
Wisdom Price : £3.80(save 80%)
Availability : Currently in stock
ISBN : 0465014488
EAN : 9780465014484
Cover : Hardback
Pages : 288
Publisher : Basic Books
Published : 2008
Category : Sale Books
Sale hardback edition. This is the extraordinary story of the Russian nobleman who became the last Khan of Mongolia and his quest for Buddhist redemption. A minor aristocrat by birth, he rose through the ranks of the counterrevolutionary White Russian army to briefly conquer Mongolia. However, it was the Baron's motivation that distinguished him from any number of sword-wielding European contempories - he mounted this campaign in the name of Buddhism.

Roman Ungern von Sternberg was an Austrian born Baltic aristocrat, a very violent, headstrong youth posted to the wilds of Siberia and Mongolia before the First World War. After the Bolshevik revolution, the Baron - now in command of a lethally effective rabble of cavalrymen - conquered Mongolia, the last time in history a country was seized by an army mounted on horseback. He slaughtered everyone he suspected of irreligion or of being a Jew. In a short-lived but violent campaign to win a kingdom from which to overthrow the Bolsheviks, Ungern sought to reestablish a monarchial order that he would follow to the Pure Land or death.

This book is an epic recreation of a forgotten episode in history.

"The Bloody White Baron exhumes a historical figure who ended up as a casualty of his own grand scheme: a man who dreamed up a new world order and then chased it across the desolate steppes of northern Asia only to meet his own miserable demise…The Baron's alchemic mix of spirituality and anticommunist passion inspired his storming of Mongolia. He assumed the role of Shambalan saviour from the north, charging to defend the Bogd Khan - Mongolia's Buddhist political figurehead - against the recently vanquished Chinese and growing Bolshevik and Japanese threats…Baron Ungern-Sternberg was undoubtedly psychotic...As the Baron's story unfolds, the margins of both history and human psychology take centre stage in a work that unravels more comfortable accounts of modern nationhood and spirituality." Tricycle.
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