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Beyond Meditation

Expressions of Japanese Shin Buddhist Spirituality
Beyond Meditation

Author(s) : Pye , Michael
Publishers Price : 19.99
Wisdom Price : 17.99(save 10%)
Availability : Currently in stock
ISBN : 1845539192
EAN : 9781845539191
Cover : Paperback
Pages : 308
Size : 234 x 156mm
Publisher : Equinox
Published : 2011
Category : Japanese Buddhism: General
Category 2 : Pure Land Buddhism
In the wide range of Buddhist meditation and spirituality a very special place is held by the practice of calling on the name of Amitabha, or in Japanese Amida Buddha, using the simplest of formulas, the nenbutsu. Japanese masters such as Honen, Shinran and others made this the core of a profound spiritual experience which has fascinated numberless followers ever since. The deeper meaning of the nembutsu has therefore become a major topic in Buddhist thought which has been reflected on by various thinkers and teachers to this day, especially in the context of Shin Buddhism.

In this book, which draws on classic articles first published in The Eastern Buddhist, major historic proponents and masters of the nembutsu are introduced, in particular Shinran, Shoku, Ippen and Rennyo. Further contributions, which set the work of these masters into the wider context of Buddhist tradition, are in fact some of the earliest Buddhist voices to emerge from modern Japan into global view. Yet the presentations of writers such as Sasaki Gessho, Yamabe Shugaku and Sugihara Shizutoshi have a freshness and an immediacy which speaks to us today.

Includes: Honen Shonin and the Jodo Ideal by Beatrice Lane Suzuki; a Study in the Pure Land Doctrine of Shoku by Shizutoshi Sugihara; the Teaching of Ippen Shonin by Shizutoshi Sugihara; the Religion of Shinran Shonin by Gessho Sasaki; Rennyo Shonin: a Great Teacher of Shin Buddhism by Shizutoshi Sugihara; Mahayana Buddhism by Sensho Murakami; the Buddha as Preacher by Chizen Akanuma; the Triple Body of the Buddha by Chizen Akanuma; Philosophical Foundations of Shin Buddhism by Gessho Sasaki; the Unfolding of the Nenbutso Teaching by Shizutoshi Sugihara; What is the True Sect of the Pure Land? by Gessho Sasaki; Amida as Saviour of the Soul by Shugaku Yamabe; Way to the Land of Bliss by Shugaku Yamabe; the Enlightened Mind of the Buddha and the Shin Teaching by Gessho Sasaki; the Buddha and Shinran by Shugaku Yamabe; the Teaching of Shin Buddhism and the Religious Life by Gessho Sasaki; Shin Buddhism as the Religion of Hearing by Kensho Yokogawa; My Socialism by Kenmyo Tagaki; the Shinran Revival of 1922 by Kogetsu Mino; the Shinran Shonin Celebration by Beatrice Lane Suzuki; and In Memory of Sasaki Gessho by the editors of the Eastern Buddhist.
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