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Green Tara with Amoghasiddhi [Medium]

Green Tara with Amoghasiddhi [Medium]

Author(s) : Beer, Robert
Publishers Price : £120.00
Wisdom Price : £120.00
Availability : Usually available in 7 day(s)
Size : 530 x 349mm
Publisher : Robert Beer Website
Category : Newar Buddhist Art
This beautiful oil painting by Devendra Man Sinkhwal shows Green Tara standing gracefully in triple-bend (tribhanga) posture upon the seed-head of a pink lotus that arises from a lotus-lake. Arya Tara, the goddess of compassion, mercy and salvation, is beautiful, youthful, and emerald green in colour, with a sweetly smiling face and two lotus-like eyes. Her black hair is piled up into a topknot above her five-jewel crown, with curved strands hanging freely behind her back. Her breasts are firm and aroused, and she wears a long billowing red silk scarf around her shoulders and upper body, a yellow silk underskirt, a blue upper skirt that is embroidered with golden patterns, and gold and pearl ornaments. The stems of two wish-fulfilling vines define the shape of her luminous aura and bright golden halo. These golden-red vines appear like scrolling ‘makara-tails’, with clusters of leaves curving gracefully outward around their main stems to terminate in a yellow and pink lotus, which blossom at each side of Amoghasiddi above. With her lowered right hand Tara makes the varada-mudra of supreme generosity. With her left hand she holds the stem of a blue utpala lotus that blossoms at the level of her ear, with her hand making the abhaya-mudra of giving refuge in front of her heart. Green Amoghasiddhi Buddha, the ‘Lord of the Karma or Action Family’, of which Green Tara is his female counterpart, appears in raised perspective on the pink lotus above. He sits in vajra-posture wearing an inner blue robe and the outer red robes of a Buddhist monk, and the golden light of his aura and halo radiate from his noble body. With his raised right hand he makes the abhaya-mudra of fearlessness, and with his left hand resting upon his lap in the dhyana-mudra of meditation he holds his blue alms-bowl.
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