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Heart is Noble

Changing the World from the Inside Out
Heart is Noble

Author(s) : Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje
Publishers Price : 18.99
Wisdom Price : 12.53(save 34%)
Availability : Currently in stock
ISBN : 1611800013
EAN : 9781611800012
Cover : Hardback
Pages : 210
Size : 222 x 150mm
Publisher : Shambhala Publications
Published : 2013
Category : Self-Help
Category 2 : Tibetan Buddhism: Kagyu
Focusing on developing an open heart toward all others, the Karmapa, a youthful Tibetan Buddhist leader, offers encouragement to look at the causes of the world's problems and to take small steps toward changing systems and ways of thinking that seem immovable. Speaking from his experience growing up as a nomad on the Tibetan plains, and then living in monasteries in Tibet and India, he shares his perspectives on habits of consumption in different parts of the world, and how wealthy societies subjugate impoverished societies without being aware of it. The book is based on intimate conversations held during a month long session where a group of American college seniors met with the Karmapa. The guidance presented here is timely and inspiring for anyone who feels helpless in the face of global changes.

Topics addressed by the Karmapa include the importance of healthy, honest relationships; exposing the causes of greed and consumerism; how to find meaningful livelihood; protection of the natural environment; the meaning of social justice, as well as justice in food and fuel production; and how to sustain a lifetime of kind and compassionate activity.

"This is not a book about Buddhism. I don't want to talk about Buddhist theory or practice, but about our experience of life. The shared ground we all meet on is our shared concern about our lives and our world, rather than philosophical views. On that ground, we can meet as friends." Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

"The teachings in this book are tools for clearing away everything that keeps us from recognizing and connecting with our own noble heart, and for opening that heart to others in the most radical way. I am most grateful to His Holiness the Karmapa for offering these transformative teachings, and I recommend this book to everyone who wants to change the world, beginning with themselves." Pema Chodron.

"The Seventeenth Karmapa shares his deep wisdom and compassion as a lens on topics ranging from global hunger to healthy relationships and to the meaning of life. His message shows how we can each be heroes in daily life in ways large and small, and that bringing a noble heart to whatever we encounter enriches everyone." Daniel Goleman.

"The result is not so much a presentation of a Buddhist point of view, but an example of the contribution Buddhist ideas can make to contemporary convsersation. Rinpoche repeatedly explains how we can tap into our basic good human qualities, the noble heart of the title, as a source of good motivation and positive action. The important thing is to go beyond mere good wishes to actually taking action, whether it concerns dealing with emotions and transforming the mind or steps to protect the natural environment." The Dalai Lama.
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