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Towards the True Kinship of Faiths [Sale Paperback Edition]

How the World's Religions Can Come Together
Towards the True Kinship of Faiths [Sale Paperback Edition]

This title has been delisted
Author(s) : Dalai Lama
Publishers Price : 9.99
Wisdom Price : 2.00(save 80%)
Availability : Currently in stock
ISBN : 0349121273
EAN : 9780349121277
Cover : Paperback
Pages : 206
Size : 234 x 154mm
Publisher : Abacus
Published : 2010
Category : Sale Books
Sale paperback edition. A hopeful yet realistic look at how humanity must step into the future. Today, in this era of globalization no one can remain untouched by what happens in the rest of the world. Technological innovation, environmental degradaition, economic gain and loss, nuclear weapons and instant communication have all created unprecedented familiarity among the world's many cultures. With this historic development, the Dalai Lama understands that the essential task of humanity in the twenty-first century is to cultivate peaceful coexistence.

Many believe in the inevitability of an escalating "clash of civilizations". Peaceful coexistence has long been problematic with religion. Now, when religious extremists can persuade followers with the immense emotional power of faith and have access to powerful technological resources, a single spark could ignite a powder keg of frightening proportions.

Yet the Dalai Lama shows how the challenges of globalization can also move us in another direction, to a deeper level where we can connect through our shared human nature. All major religions confront the same perennial questions; each has distinct forms of expression. But this marvelous diversity of insight has the potential for inspiring dialogue that can enrich everyone's pursuit of wisdom. All faith traditions turn to compassion as a guiding principle for living a good life. It is the task of all people with an aspiration to spiritual perfection to affirm the fundamental value of compassion. In this way we can truly develop a deep recognition of the value of other faiths, and on that basis, we can cultivate genuine respect.

The Dalai Lama also explores where differences between religions can be genuinely appreciated - without serving as sources of conflict. The establishment of genuine harmony is NOT dependent upon accepting that all religions are fundamentally the same or that they lead to the same place. Many fear that recognizing the value of another faith is incompatible with having devotion to the truth of one's own. Nevertheless, the Dalai Lama profoundly shows how sincere believers can, with integrity, be puralists in relation to other religions without compromising commitment to the essence of the doctrinal teachings of their own faith.

"May the effort of this book be of benefit to the emergence of a genuine understanding between the world's great religions, and may it foster in us deep reverence toward each other." The Dalai Lama.
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