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Matrix of Mystery

Scientific and Humanistic Aspects of Dzogchen Thought
Matrix of Mystery

Author(s) : Guenther, Herbert V
Publishers Price : 25.00
Wisdom Price : 20.00(save 20%)
Availability :
ISBN : 1570626499
EAN : 9781570626494
Cover : Paperback
Pages : 318
Size : 228 x 152mm
Publisher : Shambhala Publications
Published : 1984
Category : Tibetan Buddhism: Dzogchen
Category 2 : Tibetan Buddhism: Nyingma
Renowned Buddhist scholar Herbert Guenther here offers the first comprehensive and philosophical study of the Dzogchen tradition of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Matrix of Mystery explores man's ability to preserve as well as transmit essential insights into the structure of reality.

Utilizing a key root Buddhist tantric scripture, the Guhyagarbha tantra ("Matrix of Mystery"), along with dozens of commentarial Tibetan textual sources, Guenther presents the most profound teachings of the Buddhist tradition, which represent the culmination of religious thought and practice in Tibet. In relating these teachings in modern scientific and humanistic perspectives, he demonstrates how, in many cases, the traditional religious and modern secular perspectives on the nature of reality interface.

Professor Guenther discusses the mandala and the deities that reside therein; the organizing principles of body, speech, mind, quality, and action, the three bodies of the buddha (trikaya); the inseparability of prajna and skillful means; and the complex field of Buddhist iconography. Throughout, quotations from numerous Tibetan sources are used to illustrate various teachings.
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