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Indian Esoteric Buddhism
A Social History of the Tantric Movement

Extract :

Maps and Illustrations
Pronunciation and Orthographic Guide

1 Introduction: A Plethora of Premises
Habits of the Heart, Deductive Premises, and Buddhist Inhibitions
Petrarch's Method: Artes Historicae in the Renaissance
Tropes, Heuristics, and Other Dangerous Things

2 Prayers in the Palace, Swords in the Temple: Early Medieval India
The Occlusion of the Medieval
Early Medieval Political and Military Events
The Culture of Military Opportunism 6z Aesthetics and the Apotheosis of Kingship
Feudalization of Divinity
Conclusion: Early Medieval Vitality

3 The Medieval Buddhist Experience
Guilds, Commerce, and Political Legitimacy
Politics, Patronage, and Ethics-The Loss of Kuntala and Andhräpatha
Medieval Women's Buddhism-Hidden from View or Missing in Action?
A Loss of Footing: The Agenda of Skepticism
Looking Elsewhere for Direction: The Turn to Epistemology
Big Important Monasteries-Administrators in Maroon Robes
Conclusion: A Tradition Under Duress

4 The Victory of Esoterism and the Imperial Metaphor
Chronology: The Seventh-Century Beginning
Becoming the Rajadhiraja-The Central Mantrayana Metaphor
Mandalas and Fields of Plenty
Becoming the Institution
Monks and Their Rituals
Sacralization of the Domain
Conclusion: Esoteric Buddhism as Sacralized Sämanta Feudalism

5 Siddhas and the Religious Landscape
Some Siddha Social Models
First Moments in Siddha Identity
Saiva and Sãkta Ascetic Orders
Marginal Siddha Topography
Religious Relations: The Agonistic Landscape
Buddhist Siddhas and the Vidyadharas
Chronological Concerns and Saiva Exchanges
Indian Sacred Geography
Siddha Divinities-Bhairava and Heruka
Käpalika-Buddhist Conversions
The Other Saivas: The Pasupatas
Siddhas in the Tribal Landscape
Conclusion: A Complex Terrain

6 Siddhas, Literature, and Language
Regional Towns and the Lay Siddha
The Hidden Scriptures
From Transmission to Reception
The Buddha's Talking Skull Excites Women, Kills Snakes, and Belches a Book
Everything You Know Is Wrong
The Magic Decoder: The Construct of Coded Language
Coded Language as Secret Ritual Words
Secret Sacred Sociolinguistics
Extreme Language and Comedy in the Tantras
Conclusion: The Literature of Perfection

7 Siddhas, Monks, and Communities
Siddha Mandalas, Circles of Goddesses
Siddhas in a Circle, Siddhas in a Line, Siddhas in a Mob
Hagiographical Communities: Buddhajananapäda's Travels
Gatherings and Ganacakras-The Ritual Community
Rules of Order
Self-Criticism and Correction
The Imperial Metaphor Reconsidered: Becoming the Vidyadhara-Cakravartin
Conclusion: It's a Siddha's Life

8 Conclusion: The Esoteric Conundrum

Appendix: Probable Pasupata Sites
Indic and Ostensibly Indic Tibetan Sources
Chinese Sources
Indigenous Tibetan Sources
Archaeological and Epigraphic Materials
General Modern Sources
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