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    Featured Books

    Riding a Huge Wave of Karma Riding a Huge Wave of Karma
    Mengele, Irmgard
    Wisdom Price 22.91 (save 15%)
    An extensive and detailed study of the life and teachings of the Tenth Karmapa, Chosying Dorje (1604-1674), one of the greatest...
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    Hidden Lamp Hidden Lamp
    Caplow, Florence with Susan Moon
    Wisdom Price 10.19 (save 32%)
    The Hidden Lamp is a collection of one hundred stories and koans of Buddhist women from the time of the Buddha to the present day....
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    Path of Purification Path of Purification
    Nanamoli Bhikkhu and Buddhaghosa
    Wisdom Price 19.99
    New edition. Considered to be the most important non-canonical work of Theravada Buddhism, this is both a systematic encyclopedia of Buddhist doctrine and...
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    Life of Milarepa Life of Milarepa
    Lhalungpa, Lobsang P
    Wisdom Price 13.99
    Indian edition. A biography of Tibet's most famous yogi, which can be read on several levels - as the life of a great mystic in search of spiritual perfection, as a piece of inspirational...
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    I Am ThatDzogchen TeachingsEmotional IntelligenceChristian Insight MeditationHarvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi [Sale Edition]Healing from the Source [Sale Edition]How to Free Your Mind [Sale Edition]How to Realize Emptiness [Sale Edition]Introduction to Emptiness [Sale Revised Edition]

    New Release Books

    Love and Liberation Love and Liberation
    Jacoby, Sarah
    Wisdom Price 29.33 (save 15%)
    The autobiographical writings of one of the few Tibetan Buddhist women to record the story of her life. Sera Khandro...
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    Profound Inner PrinciplesOn the Trail of Genghis KhanBhagavad Gita [Paperback]Flight of the Eagle

    Forthcoming Books

    Wood Sheep Year [2015-16] Wood Sheep Year [2015-16]
    Wisdom Price 10.80 (save 10%)
    Due February 2015. The new Rigpa calendar diary for the Tibetan new year, or Losar, which starts in February 2015. Includes Buddhist anniversaries and...
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    More Forthcoming Books - view all
    Complete Nyingma Tradition from Sutra to Tantra [Vol 1]Royal Seal of MahamudraHeart SutraLay Buddhism and Spirituality

    Special Offer Books

    Hazy Moon of Enlightenment [Sale Edition] Hazy Moon of Enlightenment [Sale Edition]
    Maezumi Roshi, Taizan and Glassman, Bernard
    Wisdom Price 4.42 (save 66%)
    Brand new. After three decades, Taizan Maezumi and Bernie Glassman's On Zen...
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    Straight to the Heart of Zen [Shambhala Sale Edition] Straight to the Heart of Zen [Shambhala Sale Edition]
    Kapleau, Philip
    Wisdom Price 5.27 (save 66%)
    New/Red dot copy. Zen talks (teishos) by Kapleau, focusing on koans that...
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    Flowing Bridge [Sale Edition]Zen Lessons [Shambhala Sale Pocket Classic Edition]Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment [Sale Edition]Warriors Path [Shambhala Sale Edition]All is Change [Sale Edition]Sacred East [Sale Edition]Budo Secrets [Shambhala Sale Edition]Essence of Other-Emptiness [Snow Lion Sale Edition]Kindness, Clarity and Insight [Snow Lion Sale Edition] 
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