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Featured Fine Art Giclees

Eight Medicine Buddhas [Small] Eight Medicine Buddhas [Small]
Beer, Robert
Wisdom Price £70.00
The assembly known as the ‘Eight Medicine Buddhas’ shows the principal form of the Medicine Buddha, or the ‘Medicine Guru’ Bhaisajyaguru, surrounded by his ‘Six...
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Shiva Nataraja [Large] Shiva Nataraja [Large]
Beer, Robert
Wisdom Price £180.00
Shiva, the great ascetic lord, is shown here in his dynamic and cosmic aspect as Nataraja, the ‘Lord of the Dance’. In tandava, or ‘bow-and-arrow’ posture, he dances upon the...
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Yoga Chakra Diagram [Small] Yoga Chakra Diagram [Small]
Beer, Robert
Wisdom Price £75.00
This diagram illustrates the six principal chakras of the Hindu kundalini-yoga system, which are represented here within the ‘subtle-body’ of a naked yogin with matted hair...
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Amitabha in Sukhavati [Large] Amitabha in Sukhavati [Large]
Beer, Robert
Wisdom Price £200.00
Amitabha, the red Buddha of ‘Boundless Light’, sits on his peacock throne at the centre of his western paradise of Sukhavati, the ‘Blissful Realm’. Sukhavati is believed...
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New Release Fine Art Giclees

Sixteen Arhat Mandala [Medium] Sixteen Arhat Mandala [Medium]
Beer, Robert
Wisdom Price £130.00
This mandala is an accurate copy of a thangka from the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, and it shows Shakyamuni Buddha and his two disciples on the central dais, with...
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Sarvavid Vairocana Mandala [Large]Shiva Nataraja [Medium]Sixteen Arhat Mandala [Small]Paradise of Amitabha Buddha [Small]
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