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Theravada is the Doctrine of the Elders, the form of Buddhism that developed in India after the death of the Buddha and later spread to Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Its collected volumes of scripture such as the Sutta Pitaka and Abidhamma Pitaka are listed under the Pali Canon.
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    Featured Theravada
    In The Buddha's Words In The Buddha's Words
    Bodhi, Bhikkhu
    Wisdom Price 8.39 (save 30%)
    A new concise single-volume collection of the Buddha's discourses, making this the definitive introduction to the Buddha's teachings - in...
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    Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha
    Nanamoli Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu Bodhi
    Wisdom Price 24.50 (save 30%)
    This invaluable collection of the original words of the Buddha contains 152 discourses...
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    Turning the Wheel of Truth Turning the Wheel of Truth
    Sucitto, Bhikkhu
    Wisdom Price 15.74 (save 25%)
    Immediately after his enlightenment, the Buddha gave a discourse that contained within it the foundation for all further Buddhist...
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    Long Discourses of the Buddha Long Discourses of the Buddha
    Walshe, Maurice O'C
    Wisdom Price 22.40 (save 30%)
    A new translation of the Digha Nikaya, a collection of thirty-four long discourses given by the Buddha.
    "Dr Walshe's . .....
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    SatipatthanaConnected Discourses of the BuddhaTeachings of a Buddhist MonkPractical Insight MeditationPath of PurificationLife of the BuddhaSatipatthana VipassanaProgress of InsightHeart of Buddhist Meditation

    New Release Theravada

    Monks and Magic [Paperback] Monks and Magic [Paperback]
    Terwiel, Barend Jan
    Wisdom Price 18.99 (save 5%)
    New revised paperback edition. First published in 1975, Monks and Magic remains a widely cited text....
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    Postcards from Beyond

    Forthcoming Theravada

    Dhamma Reflections Dhamma Reflections
    Bodhi, Bhikkhu
    Wisdom Price 9.45 (save 5%)
    This volume brings together fifty-three essays of Bhikkhu Bodhi that were earlier published by the BPS in newsletters and other publications.These essays...
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