Discourse on the Heart Sutra [DVD]

Author : Dalai Lama

Discourse on the Heart Sutra [DVD]

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  • Published : 2006
  • Duration : 58 mins
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    DVD: Buddhist
  • Catalogue No : 16603

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The Dalai Lama discusses and explains the Heart Sutra, the succinct but profound sutra regarded as the summation of the wisdom of Buddha.

An interview with the Dalai Lama by Japanese producer Kozo Otani in which His Holiness answers questions about the Heart Sutra, its practice and meaning, including its use in daily life. The Dalai Lama explains the meaning of the mantra in the Heart Sutra and discusses emptiness, interdependence and infinite altruism. He also particularly recommends combining the study of the Heart Sutra and Prajnaparamita with the understanding of Buddha nature.

"If you gain some experience out of deeper understanding and familiarisation of the concept of emptiness, concept of inter-dependency, certainly our view, our attitude is widened. As a result in daily life when we come across some problems, because our attitude is widened we always look at the holistic picture. So as a result disturbances in our emotional level will be much less. Otherwise our mind is too much, sort of narrow, and then a small factor can disturb your mind…All the afflicted emotions essentially can be seperated from mind. All the afflictive emotions come from ignorance. The ignorance which wrongly perceived, wrongly grasped the reality - that is the main ignorance...Every sentient being has the potential to be a Buddha…every mind, every sentient being, the ultimate nature of mind is pure."

In English with optional additional English subtitles. NTSC free zone, all regions.

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