Illuminator Tibetan-English Electronic Dictionary [MAC]

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Author : Duff, Tony and Padma Karpo Translation Committee

Illuminator Tibetan-English Electronic Dictionary [MAC]

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A modern Tibetan-English dictionary of encyclopedic proportions; now larger in size than any other Tibetan-English dictionary. Many special features; full hypertext makes it like an encyclopedia; useful to people at all levels from beginners to experts. Contains: the most complete verb listings and explanations available anywhere; the complete Lishi'i.mgur.khang, a text on old and new terms from 1476; several Enumerations of Dharmas (Kawa Paltsheg, 8th century, Nagarjuna, various Tibetan authors); many terms and explanations of grammar not available elsewhere, especially from Situ's Great Commentary; many terms from Mahamudra and Maha-Ati; and many translations of texts with Tibetan. This is a professional product, produced from the ground up using Tibetan sources, scholars, and proper methods, etc., etc. The package contains a full version of the dictionary using Wylie transliteration. They are provided with the TibetD Reader software for easy viewing, searching, and printing. The software allows you to click on word and look it up immediately in any of our dictionaries that you have installed. Tibetan and Sanskrit diacriticals fonts included.

This product is also available in electronic format via an exclusive link through Wisdom Books Click here to download and purchase the electronic version