Pali Tipitaka [42 Vols Complete Set]

The Pali Canon

Pali Tipitaka [42 Vols Complete Set]

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The complete set of English translations from the Pali canon comprising 42 books. The Tipitaka or 'Three Baskets' (also Tripitaka) of the Buddha's teaching is divided into Suttas (discourses), Vinaya (monastic rules) and Abhidhamma (analysis and psychology).

It comprises: Gradual Sayings set (5 vols), Kindred Sayings set (5 vols), Middle Length Sayings set (3 vols), Dialogues of the Buddha set (3 vols), Minor Anthologies, Jataka set (3 vols), Book of Discipline set (6 vols), Conditional Relations set (2 vols), Group of Discourses, Book of Analysis, Path of Discrimination, Points of Controversy, Buddhist Psychological Ethics, Designation of Human Types, Discourse on Elements, Word of the Doctrine (Dhammapada), Elders Verses (2 vols), Vimana Stories, Peta Stories, Udana, Itivuttaka, and the Minor Readings and Illustrator.For non-UK customers please note a postage supplement will be applied to orders for this title due to it's heavy weight and size. For UK customers postage will be charged at £6.95 for the item to be sent on an Express Courier Delivery service.