Tricycle 87 Spring 2013

The Buddhist Review

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Includes: Finding True Refuge: a mindfulness tool for working with difficult emotions by Tara Brach; the Power of Forgiveness by Gina Sharpe; the Art of Being Wrong: why being wrong can be the best thing that ever happened to us, by Henry Shukman; a Special Transmission: teachings from the heart of the Chan Buddhist tradition by Guo Jun; Losing My Religion: coming to terms with the complex tapestry of real spiritual life by Marie Myung-Ok Lee; the World is Places: a discussion with Jeff Wilson about regionalism and pluralism in American Buddhism; the Fate of Mes Aynak, an ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan caught in a long drawn-out battle between culture and commerce; Buddhist Nationalism in Burma: alleged racism by Rakhine Buddhists against the Rohingya Muslims; Tricyle Retreat: Mindfulness and Difficult Emotions by Sharon Salzberg; Balancing Emotions by Lawrence Levy; Living in the Dharma: Get Real: an interview with female Pure Land Shin Buddhist Reverend Patti Nakai; the Matter of Truth: the heavy cost of literalism by Rita Gross; Talking with the Other Side: an interview with author, journalist Krista Tippett on her Civil Conversations Project; This Buddhist Life: an interview with artist Dorothy Iannone; Brief Teachings for Busy Times; Practice; Interview; Food by Noa Jones; Gardening: Vegetable Nirvana by Wendy Johnson; Animal Realm: Lost in the Wood by Rick Bass; Thus Have I Heard: Turning the Corner by Andrew Olendzki; On the Cushion: The Enlightenment Pill by Brad Warner; Why Compassion? by Ken McLeod; So the Darkness Shall Be the Light: contemplative care comes of age, a report of a symposium by Joe Loizzo; a review of the DVD documentary film When the Iron Bird Flies; What I'm Reading: In Pursuit of Kerouac's Freedom by Peter Coyote; and much more.